Types Of Love Relationships

Types of love relationships. Everyone builds love relationships, but each couple is different. What types of relationships and communication styles exist? Which ones should you strive for and which ones should you avoid? What do you need to do to create the perfect relationship? Find your type to determine where to move. Learn how to build a long and harmonious union.

What is a love relationship?

A love relationship is a sexual and emotional connection between two people. In practice, this is the period before marriage, when partners get to know each other, experiencing love and attraction.

Types of love relationships.

Depending on the nature, experience and formed ideas about relationships, partners subconsciously (or not) take a certain role in them. There are several most striking types of relationships.

  • romantic love – this is the type of relationship that almost all couples go through, just starting to meet. It is characterized by mutual care, relative equality, interdependence. Both partners show initiative, influence each other’s behavior, and are mutually afraid to make a mistake.
  • friendship-love – partnership relations, which are built not so much on mutual attraction as on respect. It is easy and safe for both men and women to speak their thoughts or opinions. In such an alliance, it is not customary to reproach or force something. People here are used to negotiating, helping each other, refusing gender stereotypes. For them, it does not matter who washes the dishes, and who drives a car or pays off a loan.
  • Charismatic love – in this type of relationship, one is attached to the other much more. It is in this case that it is customary to say that someone loves, and someone allows himself to be loved. The first partner is ready to fulfill any requirements, just to get approval. The second one, out of habit, uses power and “gets out on his head.” Relationships are considered codependent and need to be corrected.
  • Love without obligations – this type is chosen by free individuals who do not want to burden themselves with duties, conventions, and responsibilities. They pronounce the rules, but everyone has the right to communicate on the side.
  • Love-submission It is a manipulative type of love relationship. One of the partners loves, and the other pursues some of his personal motives and goals. For example, is in a relationship for sex or an apartment in the city center.
  • Love-calculation chosen by people who are not bound by feelings or emotional attachment. Someone is held by financial gain, someone by status or other compelling facts. In such a union, there may be bright sex, common property or business, but not love.

Types of love relationships.

5 communication styles in love relationships.

In every type of love relationship, there is also a different style of communication. Psychologists distinguish 5 groups.

1. Silent couple.

Partners discuss news, weather, neighbors and other superficial topics. They don’t go deeper. Personal experiences, intimate thoughts, childhood traumas, real emotions remain under lock and key. It may be comfortable for one of them, or perhaps both. Their worlds practically do not intersect: different interests, worldview, aspirations. They become on the same axis only at common get-togethers, family holidays or in bed. Which is also not always true. There is no emotional connection between partners.

2. Non-quarreling couple.

Partners, by all means, avoid conflicts. At the slightest problem, they move away from each other, closing in on themselves. It is better for everyone to hold a grudge than to go into conflict.

There is a danger of a “big bang” when the unspoken, like a snowball, will cause a real scandal. However, a couple with this type of communication has an emotional connection, but it is not deep enough for a stable love relationship.

3. A conflicting couple.

All attempts to talk turn into a battle. The danger is that partners become personal, constantly pointing out the shortcomings of the other. As a result, there are only claims and no solutions. If the situation is not changed, the emotional connection will weaken, connections “on the side” appear. Sometimes even pregnancy does not protect against separation.

4. Friendly couple.

Communication takes place on any topic. Partners are free to conduct a common business and joint leisure. They are friends, respect each other, know about the personality of each. To maintain emotional intimacy, they do not need to be constantly in the physical. A special bond is formed between a man and a woman, which can last for a long time, becoming the basis of a lasting marriage.

5. Intimate couple.

Partners share secrets with each other, trust reaches its maximum, they are extremely close emotionally and physically. A man and a woman openly talk about their desires, former lovers, experienced psychological trauma.

It seems like the perfect union. But, not quite – there are side effects. For example, personal space is lost, both get tired quickly. You need to constantly keep in touch, putting a lot of effort.

Couples may adopt different communication styles. If the partners are flexible, this happens painlessly. The main thing is that desires coincide.

Types of love relationships.

Love and relationships: 6 steps to the ideal.

There are some simple tips on how to make love relationships comfortable, long-lasting, almost perfect. There is no universal recipe, but there are tips that you can definitely listen to.

1. Break tradition.

Almost all relationships suffer from routine, routine, predictability. And when it gets boring, someone else meets. It will not come to this if you add fuel to the fire at the right time. For example, surprise. Didn’t take out the trash again? Hide the trash can in the closet. Are you half an hour late again? Sing stupid songs for the next half hour. And about how you can diversify your leisure time, write – do not rewrite.

2. Touch.

Oddly enough, sex, kissing during a meeting and hugging goodbye are not enough to create a special connection. Gentle stroking of the hand while watching a movie or cooking dinner is quite another matter. Magic appears when we remove an eyelash from the cheeks of loved ones, cover it with a blanket at night or give a foot massage.

3. Look for a compromise.

Even the most harmonious couple does not agree on everything. And it’s great, because it’s not boring, interesting, always unpredictable. The main thing is to find a compromise. For example, he is used to spending Saturday evening watching an interesting movie, and she is doing stand-up surfing. You can alternate entertainment or converge in the middle: a woman is engaged in an active sport on the water, and a man watches his favorite blockbuster on the shore.

4. Listen and hear.

Psychologists have proven that most conflicts are due to misunderstanding. People seem to be talking but not hearing each other. Partly it is. During the replica of the partner, we think over what we will say to him in response. A simple rule will help you get out of a dead corner – always repeat the words of the interlocutor, ending with the phrase: “Did I understand correctly?”.

5. Maintain.

It’s not about saying, contrary to your opinion, “you did the right thing.” But emotional support is priceless, so you should always stand on the side of the stalls. That is, listen to his arguments, feelings, try to understand. Mutual support gives a sense of security, confidence, it brings together.

6. Endure.

Every time you want to make a remark to the parterre about scattered socks or intemperance in statements, it is worth remembering your sins – an unwashed cup or the habit of singing in the shower. As we show patience with those we love, we implicitly ask for patience with ourselves.

These five types of mutual and the five communication styles in them are not the only possible options. Each couple builds a unique love relationship. The main thing is that both partners feel comfortable and cozy. Getting out of stereotypes, inadvertent touches, patience, support, the ability to hear, compromises – this is the right path to the ideal.

Types of love relationships.

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