Types of men with whom you can not build a relationship?

There are several types of men whose flaws will negatively affect not only your relationship, but also your self-esteem and self-confidence. Is it possible to sell it in the same place?

Types of men with whom you can not build a relationship?

This is a man who did not separate from his mother. No matter how old he is – 18 or 80, he is still psychologically, and sometimes financially, dependent on his mother. Or she depends on him. This is of no fundamental importance, because it does not change the essence.

In a relationship with such a man, there will always be three of you: you, he and his mother. And worst of all, you’ll always be in second place. Moreover, sissies in their partners are trying to find their mother. In practice, this is expressed in the fact that you must also cook, also take care of him, also wipe the dust.

How to recognize a sissy?

Pay attention to the following signs:

  • whose opinion is more important for a man – his own or the opinion of his mother. This may concern you, work, lifestyle, even where to spend the holiday;
  • who is a priority for a man – he cancels your plans for every call from his mother and breaks down to her. Of course, we are not talking about really emergency cases;
  • the degree of your mother’s wastia in your relationship – if he tells all th hrhod, lets hoch yat
  • how his mother addresses him – often these are diminutive and affectionate addresses, she even becomes a different tone, as if she is talking not with an adult man, but with a baby.

Suffering from addiction

If a man has some kind of addiction, it is important to understand that in the future this can lead to serious problems in the family, finances, and social life. This situation is especially dangerous if a man denies his addiction.

It can be not only alcoholic or narcotic, but also gaming, computer, adrenaline, gambling and alt.

How to recognize an addict?

On it is not controlled by the vehicle to the intended purpose. It is not possible, but that is not the case. He is looking for excuses for his addiction, while completely removing responsibility for his actions.

Types of men with whom you can not build a relationship

Hidden abuser

These are men who want to control you, subdue you and assert themselves at your expense. That’s the only way they feel good. At first, they seem ideal, attentive, caring, in love.

But, step by step, they violate the woman’s personal boundaries, isolate her from her own life, want her to leave work, stop communicating with friends, go somewhere without him. All this they justify with care and love.

How to recognize an abuser?

Such a man:

  • boosts your relationship;
  • forces you to constantly yield to him;
  • often sets conditions: “if you don’t do this, I …”;
  • throws phrases like “you just don’t love me”;
  • makes you feel guilty.


Such men, as a rule, have serious problems with self-esteem. They have a deep distrust of the world, and they devalue such feelings as love and loyalty, because they never exist.

They communicate with women in order to increase their self-esteem, self-actualize through their “visits”.

How to recognize a pickup artist?

This is quite difficult, because such men know how to charm, radiate confidence, romance, make zhyerzhyte. It seems that you have met the man of your dreams. No specifications and other information about the prices:

  • excessive self-confidence at the first meetings – he does not care what impression he will make, since he is not interested in long-term relationships;
  • emotional swings – pick-up artists, in order to make you dependent and fall in love with yourself, first they give you attention, then they suddenly ignore you, forgetting about your existence, they return to your life again, saying “I’m sorry, I’m completely wrapped up.”


It is a stereotype that gigolos are young handsome men who hunt for wealthy ladies in order to cheat. Any young independent woman, even with an average level of income, can fall into their field of vision.

In a relationship, convenience is important for them, the opportunity not to work and live comfortably.

How to recognize a gigolo?

It’s hard enough. Often they position themselves as fairly wealthy people. At the beginning of the relationship, they make expensive gifts and tell a lot of fairy tales: that he has a house in Spain, that next year he will invite you to ski in the Alps.

He flaunts his financial success. No ego stories about their business sound quite vague, they do not contain details, specific stories.

After the gigolo has surrounded himself with the aura of a comfortable life, something suddenly “happens” with him. He comes sad. You ask what is wrong. He does not want to answer, but then you “persuade” him.

This is followed by a sentimental theory that the bnnes went bankrupt, that the apartment had to be wrecked so that the box. The main idea is that he needs just a little help and then everything will be wonderful again.

They howl at sympathy, and since she urinates her dream counter, then, of course, the site is a waste.

“Image of Ia”

These are eternal whiners, who always “everything is bad.” On the other hand, the drug in this life is much more fortunate.

Communication with such people rarely leads to something good, because in their life there is no place for positive, joy, activity. The whole world is “bad” for them. These are pessimists who had serious problems in childhood.

No Ix installations are so deep that it is rather trumpet to work them out and develop positive thinking.

How to recognize a “donkey”?

It’s easy enough. Such people constantly complain about their life, apartment, work, parents, ex-wives, state, weather. Basically everything but yourself. They blame all their failures on someone else.

Infantile boy

This type of men attracts women because they are light, they know how to have fun, live carefree, not worry about some little things, such as who will pay the rent, where to get money for new shoes for children, etc.

How to recognize an infantile boy?

It is important to pay attention to his position in life, attitude towards himself and others. These are men who:

  • never take responsibility;
  • do not admit their mistakes;
  • do not know how to ask for forgiveness;
  • often offended;
  • require constant attention.

If you notice the characteristic signs of these types of men, this does not mean that you should immediately refuse to communicate, hanging a certain label on a person. It rather suggests that you need to slow down a little and take a closer look at the person.

What will help you in this? Listen to your feelings, emotions, intuitions. Pay attention to the environment of a man, especially to the relationship of his parents.

Ask the opinion of your loved ones about him – a look from the outside is of great importance. When you’re charmed, sometimes it’s hard enough to look at a man objectively.

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