Types of people who are disgusting in relationships

Types of people who are disgusting in relationships. Now, in the era of active dating through social networks, people can behave in certain ways. In this regard, in the English-speaking culture, special definitions were invented to describe this or that type of behavior on a date. In the article, they are arranged from the most harmless type to the most vile. So, let’s take a closer look at these classifications!

“Trickle ghosts”

Translated from English, it means something like “disappearing ghost.” And this word perfectly describes a person who seems to be pleased with a date or communication, but at the same time slowly and carefully retreats. Such people are slowly losing ground: they are less likely to answer calls or messages. At first, they may not call for a day, and then a week, and so on. This is also called slow decay. The person slowly disappears from your life, and soon cuts off contact with you altogether.

“Pocketingers” and “Cloakingers”

People of the first type do not want to introduce you to their inner circle, and in every possible way protect you from communicating with him. All for one simple reason – they do not see you as a life partner. They come up with all sorts of excuses, and do not say it directly. Cloakers can chat with you, pretend that they like your company, and then just block you on all social networks without explanation. Wow, what an abomination.

Flexers and Cookies Jerringers

One of the most annoying and superficial types. You know those people who save up for five years for a new iPhone, and then brag about it on every corner after purchase? Unfortunately, now there are more than enough such shots. So, they constantly brag about expensive purchases, their “coolness” and wealth, which does not cause admiration (as they count on it), but irritation and contempt. People of this type are self-satisfied, which is often disgusted by this arrogance.

People of the “Cookie Jerring” type expect only one thing from dates – delicious food. It may even be their ulterior motive for going on a date. They like to meet in cafes, restaurants or even McDonald’s. Food is more attractive to them than any partner, and they go on a date with a delicious dinner rather than with a person who pays for it.


Remember that old pesky Microsoft Clippy assistant who showed up out of nowhere, just at the very moment when you most strongly didn’t want him to appear? Well, after artist Samantha Rothenberg shared an illustration comparing Clippy to people, i.e. “inappropriate, insecure and not particularly interested in you”, there is now a definition that accurately characterizes people who appear out of nowhere, disappear for half a year, and then reappear as if nothing had happened.


Oh ghosts! Probably the most cowardly and vile type of people. They act like everything is fine, kiss you, make love, joke and smile in your presence. But be prepared for the fact that after a while these people may disappear, not call, not write, as if they were not at all in your life. They disappear like a magic wand because they are afraid of that very unpleasant breakup conversation. It is easier for them to break contact abruptly, and without explanation.


Omnipresent type. Have you had such that the relationship has already been finally terminated, but the former partner continues to monitor your social networks, call, write, or even pursue on the street? These are the so-called hunters (hunters) who cannot let you go. Moreover, they may no longer love you, but feel the need, constantly monitor.


Oh, those benchers! They won’t let you get close to them, but they won’t let you go either. In other words, they are interested in you, but not enough to take and start a relationship. Such people simultaneously give hope, but at the same time, move away from you. Benchers keep you on the bench until they get desperate. If their main love interest is compromised, you’re in the game! But until then, you can’t even count on something.


Bredcrambers support communication, give a spark of hope that something can work out between you, but that’s all. They do not plan to build a serious relationship with you – they just need to flirt with someone and tease with unfulfilled hopes. You can count on SMS with quirky epithets, a bunch of emoticons and hearts – but this is the maximum.


One of the most disgusting types. At one fine moment, they cut off contact with you, and at the very moment when you have already got used to the absence of this person, he suddenly rises from the “dead”, and begins communication, as if this disappearance did not exist at all. Certainly, these people will repeat something from this category more than once, and therefore limit yourself from such scoundrels.

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