virtual love with a girl and its consequences!

virtual love with a girl and its consequences! The rest of the story will be written in the first person. The author wished to remain anonymous.

This story began when I was 17 years old. Still green and naive, I spent all my time on social networks, communicating with representatives of the opposite sex. Either I was boring, or the ladies were looking for a prince on a white horse – I don’t know. The fact remains that at that time I was not popular with girls. That’s when I got hooked on the online game, not suspecting how much it would change my life.

virtual love with a girl and its consequences!

gamer flirting

I don’t even remember the name of the game I developed a strong habit of playing. I only remember that it was a project with a difficult-to-pronounce name that had Korean roots. But I, at that time, did not care at all about either the developers of the game or its outdated graphics. Even a shareware system that first rewards players and then punishes those who don’t deposit real money into it didn’t stop me. And as soon as I began to get used to this madness, she appeared before me: a sweet and sociable girl, inexplicably wormed her way into this sewer.

Her name was Rita. She texted me first and asked for help with the game boss, which I did. After that, we started talking in the in-game chat, and she told me about her life. As it turned out, my new friend is 26 years old, and she is married. As a person of high morals, I was embarrassed by the fact of her marriage, but I did not intend to stop communicating. She, in turn, behaved quite liberated, and so much so that I did not notice her flirting. Thus, after 3 days of continuous communication, and the joint passage of game dungeons, I realized that I fell head over heels in love.

virtual relationship

At first, I was afraid to confess my feelings to my new girlfriend, and there were several reasons for that. Firstly, she lived 1,200 kilometers from my city, and given the hopes my parents placed on me, a trip to an Internet friend was excluded.

Secondly, in my entire life I have practically never had a romantic relationship with the opposite sex. And then there is virtual communication, which complicates everything.

Well, the third reason why I was afraid to even hint about my sympathy is her husband. On Rita’s page on social networks, I found a lot of joint photos with her husband. On the one hand, I was scared, because this man was almost twice as old as me. On the other hand, I felt sorry for him, because he certainly would not have been happy to learn about the adventures of his wife. Nevertheless, I gathered my will into a fist and told Rita about my feelings.


In response to my confession, I expected to receive any reaction: from ridicule to rudeness. However, to my surprise, I learned about similar feelings on her part. Joy and worries were mixed inside me, because now I did not know how to proceed. Rita and I decided not to rush things, and continue to communicate in the game, as well as on the social network. After a month of communication, I finally talked to her via video link and realized that this girl is my destiny.

Mutual misunderstanding

Six months have passed since I managed to confess my feelings to Rita. All this time, I considered her the ideal girl: she sang and drew well, often took part in events, attracting admiring glances, and was also very well-read. Communicating via video link, I often listened to her reasoning about the meaning of life, about human nature and love, but due to my age I could not maintain a dialogue. Also, she often talked about problems at work, about relationships with her spouse and other experiences. I tried my best to support her, and at the time I felt like I was good at it. And only now I understand how strange it all was: I was in love with a girl who talked about her relationship with her husband, at the same time telling me about her feelings.

My eyes began to open when our virtual relationship with Rita turned a year old. The developers introduced into the game the ability to marry a character of the opposite sex, which we took advantage of. At first, I thought that this would only strengthen our bonds, but my passion, apparently, thought otherwise. She appeared less and less in the game, and sometimes for several days did not respond to my messages on social networks. In cases where we still managed to play as before, Rita left the game at the most unexpected moment, arguing that her husband had returned from work. By the way, he knew about our relationship with Rita, and even deleted the game, but this did not stop us.

While clearing another dungeon in an online game, Rita and I started chatting. Unexpectedly for myself, I asked what caused her rare appearances in the game. She began to talk about difficulties at work, about quarrels with her parents and husband. Thus, my role as a victim of circumstances turned into the role of an aggressor, clinging, in her words, to trifles. Rita decided that I was too demanding of her, although I was only trying to get to the bottom of the truth. That evening ended sadly: the girl, as usual, unexpectedly left the game, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Predictable Outcome

Months dragged on, and our second “anniversary” was already behind us, and my missus practically ceased to appear on the network. The excuses were different: a trip to the parents to the country, moving, changing jobs. At the same time, she asked not to send messages containing declarations of love, or indirect allusions to my feelings. All this time, resentment against her and the current situation accumulated in me. I still loved her, and hoped that everything would be the same as before. I wanted her to turn her attention back to me, and more than once challenged her to a frank conversation, from which she constantly evaded. But one day, I was able to get her consent by starting a dialogue with frank questions.

I wrote lengthy messages to Rita asking how she feels about me, if she misses me, and if she wants to get back what was once lost. The answer to all my questions was in the affirmative: Rita was affectionate, and tried to convey to me that all my experiences had no basis. She said she loved me and asked me to wait. And I believed her…

The denouement of our story took place in a hot summer. Shortly before that, our relationship with Rita turned 3 years old. As before, I met this date alone, running around the locations of the online game that I had studied like the back of my hand, and remembering the old days.

My message to Rita on the social network hung unread for two weeks, and on July 12, on the eve of my birthday, she read it. This message contained a question about where she disappeared to, and I received a standard answer to it. Again work, relationship difficulties and some trips. Then I could not stand it and asked Rita if she loves me or considers me a friend. And in response he heard: “I thought we were friends. I’m having a baby in October.” For a moment, I felt the ground escaping from under my feet. I realized that I had lost my love, and did not even make any attempts to stabilize the situation. I understood that the child is the point in our relationship. Or maybe there was no relationship at all.

My conclusions

Now I am 25 years old, and remembering this story, I still feel uneasy. Not because I miss you – not at all, because two years ago I met a girl who appreciates and respects me. It creeps me out knowing that people are capable of manipulating each other’s feelings for their own gain. Moreover, I did not understand what benefit Rita was pursuing by constantly talking to me about love. I sincerely hope that she has found her place in life, and her loved ones are happy to be with her. I, in turn, do not regret what happened, because this story taught me to look at the world with different eyes. virtual love with a girl and its consequences!

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