Voltaire Quotes – 40 inspirational sayings & words of wisdom

Are you looking for inspirational Voltaire quotes? Then you’ve come to the right place! Voltaire, whose real name was François-Marie Arouet, was considered a rebellious thinker and a champion of reason and against religious fanaticism. Voltaire is one of the most widely read and influential authors of the Enlightenment.

Here I would like to give you his most valuable wisdom, sayings and quotes. Here we go!

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40 valuable sayings and quotes from Voltaire

François-Marie Arouet was a notorious critic of the abuses of absolutism and the monopoly of the Catholic Church. This is another reason why he always lived dangerously with his opinions in 18th-century France. But his rebuke ultimately made it one of the decisive ones Pioneers of the French Revolution. For example, use the following quotes and sayings by Voltaire as constant inspiration for love, enlightenment, freedom, happiness and health.

Voltaire Quotes 1 – 10

  1. “Time heals all wounds.”
  2. “Everything you say should be true. But you shouldn’t say everything that’s true.”
  3. “Prejudice is the reason of fools.”
  4. “The secret to being bored is to say it all.”
  5. “Whoever makes you believe absurd things also makes you do outrageous things.”
  6. “He who tames his desires is always rich.”
  7. “Every man is guilty of whatever good he has not done.”
  8. “Because it is very beneficial for health, I decided to be happy!”
  9. “One day everything will be fine, that’s our hope. Today everything is fine, that is our illusion.”
  10. “What is tolerance? She is humanity at all. We are all made of weaknesses and mistakes; therefore it is a law of nature that we mutually forgive our stupidities.”

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Voltaire Quotations 11 – 20

  1. “God is a comedian performing to an audience too afraid to laugh.”
  2. “Habit, custom, and custom are stronger than truth.”
  3. “Faith is believing when it exceeds the power of reason to believe.”
  4. “Everyone just tries in their own way to get ahead in the world.”
  5. “Self-love is the instrument of self-preservation.”
  6. “That much is certain; Traveling is always good.”
  7. “If you want to know who’s controlling you, find out who not to criticize.”
  8. “Change your pleasures, but never your friends.”
  9. “All people are clever – some before, others after.”
  10. “It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.”

Voltaire Quotations 21 – 30

  1. “Reading strengthens the soul.”
  2. “Nothing is more dangerous in the world than size.
  3. “Chance is a word without meaning; nothing can exist without a cause.”
  4. “It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to convict an innocent man.”
  5. “Wanting to be reasonable in an insane world is madness in itself.”
  6. “The infinitely small have infinitely great pride.”
  7. “Sir, I don’t share your opinion, but I would risk my life for you to express it.”
  8. “Dare to think for yourself!”
  9. “Everything turns out for the best in the best of all possible worlds.”
  10. “It is hard to free fools from the chains they worship.”

Voltaire Quotations 31 – 40

  1. “I know of many books that have bored their readers, but I know of none that have done any real harm.”
  2. “The heart has its reasons that the mind does not know.”
  3. “Love the truth, but forgive error.”
  4. “Man is born without principles, but with the ability to assimilate them all.”
  5. “Let’s read and let’s dance, these two pleasures will never harm the world.”
  6. “Life is a shipwreck, but let’s not forget to sing in the lifeboats.”
  7. “Nothing is harder than fighting a myth.”
  8. “Think for yourself and let others have the privilege of doing the same.”
  9. “The more one knows, the less one speaks.”
  10. “A long argument proves both sides wrong.”

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Use Voltaire’s most valuable wisdom as a constant source of inspiration

It is not without reason that Voltaire is one of the most important philosophers and writers in history. I hope I was able to sway you with this list of his most important quotes.

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