Watching romantic comedies can strengthen a marriage

A new study gives a reason to drag a spouse to watch a rom-com. How many times have you heard complaints: “These films are not realistic – they create distorted ideas about love!” It’s easy to assume that romantic movies create inappropriate expectations from a relationship. Whether we envy the characters or despise them, are these films really such a negative influence?

According to a number of studies, the answer is: not at all – rather, they are beneficial. It is commonly believed that the rom-com genre creates inappropriate relationship expectations for women, but a University of Illinois study found that this is a misconception – both sexes are affected equally by these films.

Another stereotype: such films idealize relationships. The study dispelled this myth – the 52 most popular rom-coms present mainly the idea that relationships require a lot of dedication.

Ironically, another study from Rocher University shows that watching rom-coms can be helpful in improving your marriage. Researchers say that discussing five films a month halves the risk of divorce for young couples (up to 3 years of marriage).

One of the lead authors of the study, Ronald Rogge, professor of psychology, said: “The results showed that husbands and wives are already quite aware of what they are doing right or wrong in a relationship. It is enough to make them want to think about their behavior.

All this only confirms that romantic comedies can serve as an effective tool in relationships. Viewing them encourages emotional experiences and analysis of one’s own behavior in a couple, and does not at all impose erroneous views. Rom-coms cause laughter, tears and can be considered as a form of therapy – enough reason to spend an evening together in front of the screen!

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