Ways to text and make him fall in love more?

Ways to text and make him fall in love more? Every day, millions of acquaintances are made with the help of the World Wide Web. Someone finds a companion for one night, while others find true love. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of the Internet, because it was thanks to him that communication over a long distance became possible. You can easily find a life partner, living thousands of kilometers away from him.

With the help of correspondence, you can gain trust, show your best sides and guarantee yourself a personal “happily ever after”. For girls, virtual communication sometimes becomes the only way to somehow improve their personal lives. There are fail-safe ways to chat and make him fall in love more, which will allow you to find a boyfriend in a short time and win his heart.

Good manners rules

In any communication, it is extremely important that the interlocutor is adequate. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to make new friends or looking for serious feelings – you must behave correctly so as not to offend anyone and not seem boring. If you follow these tips, you will never be alone and will be able to find personal happiness even online.

  • Literacy. No one likes it when the interlocutor constantly makes mistakes. If in speech this is sometimes hidden and not so conspicuous, then in a letter it will not work to hide one’s ignorance. If you are not sure how a particular word is spelled, then it is better to look into the spelling dictionary. This will avoid mishaps. The same goes for the meaning of many words. Don’t flash your fancy vocabulary if you’re not completely sure what your phrases mean. And do not forget about punctuation – the lack of commas and periods is very annoying. However, as well as their excessive presence.
  • Emoticons. Supplementing your text with funny emoticons is normal. It is not normal when you try to put almost all the information in these pictures. In a hodgepodge of images, it is difficult to catch what exactly you meant, so the interlocutor most likely does not want to continue the conversation. Do not try to cram a lot of emoji everywhere, because it will seem that you are not an adult, but a 13-year-old child who was allowed to access the Internet.
  • Flood. There are people who seem to be physically unable to form a thought into a full-fledged sentence. And then they start to split it into pieces and send dozens of messages with one word. It is difficult to describe how annoying this option of presenting information is, because it is so impossible to understand where one sentence ends and another begins. If you can’t write a message right away, think it over before you sit down at the keyboard. Otherwise, you simply will not have interlocutors.
  • Mat. In ordinary life, many of the people sometimes resort to obscene vocabulary. There is nothing terrible in this if it happens rarely. However, it is bad if you cannot do without these dirty words, not only in speech, but also in writing. Correspondence on the Internet is the only place where it is not necessary to scribble huge messages, supplementing them with obscenities. The absence of obscene words will only cause respect for you and increase interest from the interlocutor.


These are the basic rules, thanks to which you will never get into an awkward position when texting online. There are other tips that are more obvious, but every Internet user knows about them. No need to send advertising spam, send links and downloaded pictures – all this calls into question your literacy and makes you look like a teenager.

Virtual marathon

Very often, many girls are eager to find a pen pal and completely forget about how their profiles look. If you communicate on social networks, then you certainly have an avatar. It is best if you choose a good full-length photo – this will make it easier for a potential partner to assess your appearance. Avoid a lot of photoshop, because no one wants to be fooled. Drawing yourself big breasts or plump lips is at least stupid, because if you eventually meet, this deception will quickly be revealed.

Another point to consider when choosing an avatar is no vulgarity. Even if you look as erotic as possible in a photo in underwear, it is better to save such materials for personal correspondence. Looking at a profile with a half-naked girl on the avatar, the guy may decide that you are too windy and accessible. Create some intrigue, a mystery – all this is very fond of the opposite sex.

Review your account carefully. If there are photos with ex-boyfriends or pictures from parties where you do not look very presentable, then it is better to delete them. However, you should not leave the profile completely empty, as this may lead to the idea of ​​a fake. Post more photos where you are doing something interesting and useful: sports, cooking, reading, work. Such a portfolio will make it clear that you are a versatile person.

Don’t forget to see if the list of communities you’re a part of has anything provocative. For example, groups with erotic films are best hidden. This, of course, is an interesting topic for conversation, but it’s not worth the risk. In order for the ways to correspond and fall in love with him to work more, you must take into account all the details.

Also, information about yourself. Perhaps you almost did not fill out this column or did it at random for a long time. In this case, spend a little time and do the marathon of your page. Indicate your interests, views, hobbies. This will make it easier to find common ground in the future. Now that your page is completely ready, you can go on an “assault” and look for interlocutors.

Love workshop

Communication on the Internet is significantly different from the usual conversation. You do not have the opportunity to evaluate the reaction to certain words, to see facial expressions, looks and sighs. You don’t have physical contact. So all you can do is act intuitively. It is worth remembering that all people are by nature selfish. Even if the nice guy in the world is kind, he will be happy if attention is focused on his interests and hobbies. The more you get to know him, the more he will want to know you. This rule works flawlessly in any situation. That is why it is important that you remember the most common tricks that all girls use in virtual correspondence.

  • Be unpredictable. No need to follow the tradition and start the dialogue with the phrase “hello, how are you.” Most likely, he has already heard this more than once. Reach out to your surroundings, tell about what you are doing at the moment, share your impressions of the new film. All this will make your communication more personal and intimate. Just don’t go too far with intimacy – it’s still not worth talking about your sexual preferences at the initial stage.
  • Don’t go too far ahead. Plans are good. They can inspire hope that you have a lot of interesting and exciting things ahead of you. But you don’t need to leave the guy in an awkward position, talking right away about the family, children, his own home and repairs. You will still have the opportunity to face everyday moments, but for now, enjoy complete freedom. In addition, many men are immediately frightened when ladies have such perseverance and initiative.
  • Don’t stay online for long periods of time. If you are constantly online, the guy may decide that you simply do not have any other life, and you are sitting, waiting for his message. All representatives of the stronger sex are hunters by nature. They like it when the “victim” moves away for a while. To then again let you in. Disappearing from the network, you will make him worry and worry, maybe even a little jealous. The main thing is not to overdo it with this, so that he does not decide that you do not care.
  • Find common interests. It can be favorite TV shows or music, habits or incidents from the past. However, you should not lie to achieve your goal, because if you say that you love football, then he will certainly start asking you about it. And then your lies will be revealed. Remember that your task is to look like an attractive and desirable girl, and not “your boyfriend”. That’s why he has friends.
  • Share secrets. Choose secrets that you can actually solve without damaging your reputation. You should not tell him about how you slept with three different guys in one week. It is better to choose something cute and a little spicy. For example, that you love panties with cute designs. This is interesting, inflames the imagination and pushes the guy to reciprocate frankness.
  • Ask for advice. This will let him know that you care about his opinion. Send a photo of yourself in the dress and ask if it suits you. Needless to say, the photo should be beautiful and successful.
  • Come up with an interesting message. Just not “bunny”, “cat”, “baby”. All this can be used in the future, but very few guys are loyal to such displays of tenderness. Use more unusual expressions like “my light”, “the delight of my eyes”, “the luxury of my heart”. On the one hand, this is a slightly playful format, and on the other hand, it shows your special attitude towards it.
  • Flirt. Normal friendly communication is relevant only at the beginning of an acquaintance. Flirt with him, make him imagine you as a couple. Any means of texting and making him fall in love will work better if you show a little imagination. The most important thing is not to slide into the usual flirting all the time. Because of this, you can simply turn into a pervert who is only interested in sex.
  • Direct hint. Leave in your status the phrase that you like someone. You can even write the first letter of the name to make sure it sparks undisguised interest. Any man is an owner by nature, even if it is a question of what does not belong to him. Do not answer him directly when he asks you about the object of your love. Better play with him, let him get a little nervous and feel the competition. The same effect can be caused if, in a conversation, casually or casually mention male friends and acquaintances.

Virtual romance is a reality that every girl can find. Even if you’re not sure if you can charm a guy online, it’s never too late to try. Be extremely frank, but at the same time keep some mystery inherent in all representatives of the weaker sex. After all, if you reveal all the cards before the start of the game, then further communication will no longer be so interesting. Sometimes just a couple of hints are enough for an online fan to desire a real relationship on an ongoing basis.


When you are in anticipation of love, the mind often fades into the background, giving way to feelings. At such moments, it is easy to make a reckless mistake worthy of one’s own reputation. For example, girls often send their intimate photos to guys they barely know, hoping to get admiring comments. And as a result, they become victims of scammers who manipulate victims and extort money. Do not plunge into the pool of love with your head and soberly assess the situation, so that later you do not rack your brains over solving the problem.

The best ways to text him and make him fall in love with him more are to avoid making untimely promises. On the web, people most often look for ease and lack of commitment. Therefore, if from the first moments you start to burden your interlocutors with your feelings and oaths, this can be repulsive. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but often novels on the Internet do not begin with flirting, but with jokes and jokes. Take it easy that your acquaintance with a future boyfriend may be extraordinary. It will not be like excerpts from romantic melodramas, but it may well lead to a serious result. And then it will not matter where you started your communication, it will be much more important that you are together.

Ways to text and make him fall in love more?

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