What a woman needs from a partner in a serious relationship?

What does a woman need from a partner in a serious relationship with a man? At the first focus, everything seems simple, in a relationship with my mother hebe, I want you and mutual understanding, what is that what you want? After all, development in a couple depends on both of you.

You enter into any relationship based on your psychological trauma and life experience (this is proven by psychiatry). Therefore, if you want to see a certain man next to you, and your partner does not have the qualities that you would like, you need to think: “Why did you choose such a man?”

What does a woman need from a partner in a serious relationship with a man? “Ideal” relationship for a woman

The word “IDEAL” is deliberately put in quotation marks, because there are no IDEAL relationships. If we consider them as relationships in which there are no conflicts, disputes, there is complete mutual understanding. That doesn’t happen. There are two personalities in a couple, so with their own values ​​and beliefs, principles and outlook on life. No other prices are normal, if this is not:

  • You can trust him with your dreams and secrets.

This means that you are confident in your man. Namely, that “having opened the soul”, he will not laugh at your dreams and fears.

So in your own orimimaet your partner, without jokes, in the hell of dreams we will meet.

  • Prospecting the interests of the drugs.

He may want to travel to Lake Baikal, with tents for a week. And that’s what you’re about to do. You can honestly tell your man about this, and on will treat this with understanding. Maybe you will even agree to go with him to try, or maybe not. No such thing as a stop in front of the conflict between the two.

  • You are working on romance as a couple.

Why does a woman need a man?

You and your man make time for each other. Because you have rods and what you have to say, you have to wait for a doctor

  • Both of you are in an adult position.

Each person has three roles: parent, child, and adult. So, harmonious relations can only be between an adult. Forget about other roles also little, and it’s so easy to get down to it. Release your inner child. No, before this is done without reclaiming the drug on the drug.

  • You know how to negotiate.

Again, back to the fact that you are both adults. And yes, you may have arguments, but you resolve them constructively. I explain my position to each other. And at the same time you hear your partner. Ego opinion is not devalued, it is also important.

  • But you should say “I want”, not “should”.

Your relationship is not built on codependency. You can be together or not, but at the same time you choose to be together, simply because you feel good together. And you respect your own choice.

How can you achieve such a relationship?

As long as it is the same as in the stomach, it is only possible to say that it is in par. And it’s not just about the financial component, but about how much you know yourself.

When young girls get into a relationship, they haven’t really explored themselves yet. On the other hand, it is not possible to visit this country. Therefore it is necessary:

  • Get to know yourself.

What do you want in this process is to treat therapy with the psychologist. At the consultation, you will be able to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a person. Analyze your past parent-child experience (after all, as you know, we take a lot from the experience of our parents and transfer it to our relationships). You will be able to understand what is really important to you in a relationship.

  • Be honest with yourself.

To your desires and feelings. If you’re comfortable with narratives in a relationship, don’t norks it to hush it up and hope it’s in a Spanish house. You must first admit to yourself that something is wrong, and then discuss with your man.

  • Engage in self-development.

In other words, it is of interest to the person who is interested in it. You will have something to talk about. And also you can be more attentive to his hobbies. Because you yourself will be filled and carried away.

  • Have your own environment.

You definitely have mutual friends. No still can be only your girlfriends. This does not mean that you need to forbid them to communicate with each other, it means that you can have your own circle of acquaintances with whom you can unwind and chat.

  • Learn to care.

Don’t put that point on “Byt’m a mom to her man”. Remember that you should be the adult in the relationship, not the parent. No showing care when asked is very important. Your m0therf@cker < like lost, and you have a great breakfast in bed

What hasn’t been said yet?

There are still a few points left that were mentioned, but which are very important

  • Feel protected.

It may be important for you that your man can take responsibility for your family. At some point, you will become a mother and it will be important for you to be like behind a stone wall. Inside every woman lives a “little girl” and it so happened historically that a woman follows a man. Yes, nowadays, a woman can handle everything herself, but a man is more pleasant and should be easier.

This point, I’m sure, is important not only for you, but also for your partner. You want to be sure that you are loved. That there is a person next to you for whom you are special. That your man likes to wake up with you in the morning and fall asleep in the evenings in an embrace. He wants to make you happy and see a smile on your face.

  • Hear nice words in your address.

Compliments can be important to you. You like to charm a man, inspire him. Put on a beautiful dress and cook delicious food, but your partner should appreciate it. This will give you confidence that you are special to him and that he sees how much you love him.

  • Share responsibility.

It is difficult to be in a relationship when a partner acts only out of his “I want” and is guided by the principles. No matter how romantic your relationship is, in any couple there are situations when you need to resolve issues. And the responsibility must be shared equally.

The relationship between a man and a woman is an amazing union of two people. Everyone in a couple comes into a relationship with certain expectations, sometimes they can be met, and sometimes not. But what is very important, in a relationship you need to talk. If there are conflicts and not enough, you can see them in the dialog. A dialogue can only be built when you get to know yourself.

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