What a woman wants: 21 win-win options

What a woman wants: 21 win-win options. Girls are unpredictable personalities, their mood constantly changes depending on the weather, a broken nail, well-being, or a friend’s new dress. What do girls love? How can you conquer a proud beauty and what needs to be done for this?

No wonder there is a joke: for a man to be happy, you need to feed him a delicious dinner and give him an unforgettable night. What does a girl need to be happy?

  1. compliments. Compliment your woman regularly, and she will feel irresistible and will try to look 100%;
  2. Present. Make your girlfriend a little surprise and see how affectionate and gentle your companion will become;
  3. Attention. Try to pay attention to your girlfriend every day, do not forget to call her. A small wish in the form of SMS “Good morning, sunshine!” or “Good night, honey!” will give your girlfriend a positive mood and cause a sincere smile on her face;
  4. Stuffed Toys;
  5. Go shopping and buy a lot of clothes (“Because there is nothing to wear” while the closet is bursting with excess clothes);
  6. Pets (especially fluffy white cats);
  7. Sweet (porous milk chocolate) or ice cream in chocolate;
  8. romance (romantic dinner by candlelight);
  9. Tasty to eat. Girls love when they are invited to a restaurant or cafe and treated at your expense. If your girlfriend wants to pay for herself, do not let her do this, but pay yourself and you will see how pleased she will be;
  10. Watch love melodramas and cry while watching;
  11. Chat on the phone with friends;
  12. Spending time with friends;
  13. Pleasure and variety in bed. Many men in a bed think only about how to satisfy their whims and do not think at all about how their partner feels;
  14. Do sport (fitness, figure skating, going to the skating rink);
  15. Entertainment (attractions, cinemas, bowling, boat trips, etc.);
  16. Cry. Girls love to cry for several reasons: when she needs something from you when something doesn’t work out for her, or just for no reason she needs to shed a tear. In this regard, the girl is very similar to a child. This is due to the physical characteristics of her body. But in fact, crying is even a very useful thing, because all the negative energy leaves with tears and the body is discharged. You should think about the “wet business” only when your girlfriend has tantrums and sobs regularly. Perhaps you should take her to a psychologist, but you need to do this very carefully and tactfully so as not to offend or offend your beloved.
  17. To be loved. The main thing for a girl is to be loved by her boyfriend, her husband, but she will not refuse the attention and interest of other men, because this increases her self-esteem;
  18. What woman doesn’t love to be given flowers? Each woman has her own individual taste, but if you come on a date with a bouquet of red roses, she will undoubtedly appreciate it, because the rose is the queen of all flowers, and the red color will tell her about your love, passion, delight;
  19. nature. Any girl loves to enjoy the beauty of nature, breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunset and sunrise, walk barefoot on the grass. Pay attention to her and give her an unforgettable weekend outside the city. You can take your friends with you and go to barbecue.
  20. Trips a girl can bring many benefits: New impressions will make your companion lively, happy. In addition, your girl will get a beautiful tan, and sea salt will make her skin soft and smooth. Traveling will also help refresh your senses.
  21. Get yourself in order. Your girlfriend will be happy if you allow her to take care of herself and go to a beauty salon once a week. Moreover, it will be beneficial for you, as your companion will become more attractive.

You can not judge that all girls are the same and love only money. But think for yourself, why does she need you if you can’t provide her with a normal existence? You can’t give her even elementary gifts: flowers, sweets? Of course, you can find yourself for a while a girl with an ordinary appearance, a narrow-minded mind, without education from a distant Khatsapetovka, who has gone crazy from loneliness and who doesn’t care if you have money or not.

But everyone wants to choose a beautiful, elegant, smart lady as a companion – a lady who can also be an ideal hostess. The conclusion follows, the more beautiful the girl, the more she will have monetary needs for personal care and her entertainment. Accordingly, she needs a wealthy life partner who can take care of her. But besides money, the girl needs other joys of life, with the help of which she can be surprised and rise in her eyes.

What a woman wants: 21 win-win options.

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