What annoys women in men – 24 important aspects!

What annoys women in men – 24 important aspects! Regardless of the social or financial status, age and education of the fairer sex, they voice similar reasons about what annoys women in men. Men are much more willing to forgive women for certain weaknesses.

But women are emotional and do not agree to calmly accept some things. I am sure you will find it very useful and interesting to know which ones.

4 men’s phrases that infuriate women

1. “We’ll talk later”
– if you end the conversation with such a phrase, then the girl will understand that something is clearly wrong and will begin to build a million guesses in her head: “Why is he ignoring me?”, “I don’t interest him anymore?” “Why did he say that, he wants to get off quickly? Does he have another?

If you are very busy and don’t have time, just say so. Interrupting a person and his desire for you in mid-sentence is a sign of indifference.

2. “How many boyfriends have you had?” – even if this idle curiosity, the girl will think that you do not trust her and will feel insecure with you. Such questions are only appropriate when you have been in a relationship for a very long time and her answer will not affect anything.

3. “Do you like me?” already on the second date. And how do you answer, so as not to offend? Any person needs time to understand their feelings, and you can openly talk about them only to the person you trust. What kind of trust can we talk about if you know each other for a week without a year?

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4. Any insults disguised as jokes. “And you went to your dad with your breasts” and others.

What annoys women in men: behavior

5. Playing Sherlock Holmes. As soon as she doesn’t answer the phone, start bombarding her with messenger messages and calling her friends to see if she’s with them. A person can be busy with work, family or sleep. Your actions will scare her away. Have patience and allow for personal time and space.

6. Jealousy.
Women are repelled when they are treated like prisoners, with every move and word watched. This betrays your insecurity and fear of being alone. You shouldn’t open up like that. Yours will always stay with you, and someone else’s will leave.

7. Little jealous.
The cognitive dissonance? And then! How to understand that a girl bothers about insufficient attention:

– the man shows low interest in her life;

– does not regret and does not approve of her actions;

– rarely calls and does not write in instant messengers;

– stingy with compliments;

– does not want to hug and kiss.

Basically, you don’t care about your girlfriend.

8. The desire to be the best in everything and rivalry. The weaker sex is not the one with whom you need to constantly compete and win. Your whole male life is a cycle of constant victories and defeats. Women in this are more forgiving and prone to cooperation and peaceful existence. Do not strive to be better, higher, stronger than us.

9. Demonstrative communication with the former. This makes the girls very angry, they immediately begin to feel threatened from the other side. And you yourself plunge her into this stressful state. Yes, and it’s a shame to know that someone else is preferred to you. You can communicate, but you don’t need to report what your former passion thinks about this or that, or remember her constantly out of place.

10. A man does not share plans, does not trust and does not want to discuss joint topics. Stealth. Are you a couple or just a couple of times? Relationships involve understanding, support, and the ability to rely on each other.

7 bad habits

This is not about smoking and alcohol, of course, few people like it. Men also have other, no less unpleasant inclinations:

11. Criticism of every step. “You don’t stand like that, you don’t fly like that, you don’t whistle like that.” So she cooked dinner for you, and instead of saying the elementary: “Thank you, it was delicious,” you start:

“Oh, there’s not enough salt,”
“And I like it when potatoes with a crust are fried,”
“There would be more pepper.”

Do you recognize?

It’s annoying. They tried for you, but you start showing a goat’s face. If this has already become a habit for you, then you will not want to try for you and please you very quickly.

12. Negative assessment of the girl’s appearance.

“You should lose weight”
“Maybe you should wear smaller heels? You walk with your knees bent,
“Why are you wearing so bright makeup?”

Learn delicacy. Well, for yourself, understand what you want to achieve by saying this muck? And such remarks are a real muck for a girl. Want to make her slimmer? So set an example and invite you to the gym or pool. Do you want big breasts? Hmm… Change the girl. We humiliate you for your physical features.

Don’t like makeup? Say that natural looks sexier and you like it more.

13. Putting your mom on a pedestal. Your mother is one person, and your woman is another. Never compare or draw parallels. If you have such a wonderful mother that everyone should look up to, then live with her. Don’t get on our nerves because she’s superior to us in some way. Why do we need this information at all?

14. Diving into your phone in the middle of a conversation. This looks very disrespectful. “Meli Emelya, your week, and for now I’ll take care of my own business here.”

15. Don’t keep your promises. To be honest, optionality and a cool man are antonyms for me. That is, there are no serious and successful men who fail and do not fulfill what they promise. As soon as a girl encounters such a situation, steam from her ears and disappointment in a man are guaranteed.

Can’t do it the way you planned? Just be warned. This is not difficult.

16. Laziness. A man reads magazines, hangs out in public, watches TV and lies on the couch day after day. There is no desire to improve your life, the life of your family, or start earning decent money.

17. Take her phone. Yes, you will get a phone, but you may lose the girl. Each person must have his own life, so as not to dissolve in another. Would you like this behavior?

4 stamps and labels

Surprisingly, it is common for women to see themselves as underappreciated, underserved, underfunded by men. Therefore, try to avoid stupid stereotyped judgments, they further exacerbate misunderstandings.

18. Your driver’s license is real, and the girl’s license is bought. Well, of course. We studied in the same way, passed the theory and the driving test, drove into the “garage” and stopped on the overpass. According to statistics from insurance companies, in relative terms, women are much less likely to get into an accident.

And in general, enough to perform feats and drive a car for 5 hours in a row, give us the opportunity to drive some distance, to help you on a long journey.

19. If a girl sits at home, then she does nothing.. This is especially true for women on maternity leave and housewives. The child takes care of himself, is brought up and goes to bed, the dust itself is wiped off together with the floors, the dishes are washed, and breakfasts, lunches and dinners are printed by themselves on a 3-D printer.

Is someone doing all this? I wonder who?

20. Your expenses are a necessity, and a girl’s expenses are wasteful.

Recognize her right to the same weaknesses as you. You want a new spinning rod, she wants a new dress. You get high on powerful new bass speakers, she gets new manicures and spa treatments. Everyone is equal.

21. If your woman is in a bad mood or is upset about something, then this is PMS.. Yes, hormones play a huge role in a woman’s life and can control her emotions. But the constant poking of this factor is annoying.

No, it’s not PMS, it’s just a bad day, or your behavior before that was disgusting and caused such a reaction.

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3 positive qualities of a man who sometimes bring to a boil

22. The desire to solve any problem. The girl had a bad day, in the morning she didn’t take an umbrella and got wet, the boss found a mistake and scolded for a long time, an important deal fell through, and in the evening they cut her off on the way home. All she needs are sympathetic ears. There is no need to reprimand us and teach us what should have been done and how. Just listen and be sorry. Bend your shoulder.

When we need your help, we will let you know. And when we complain, just listen, shake your head and sometimes comment:

“My poor you”
“Well, how is it?”
“Yes, it happens”
“Wow, you had a hard time.”

23. Use our cosmetics for other purposes. For example, with our fabulously expensive face cream, start smearing your elbows. An explosion of emotions is guaranteed. Ask what you can use or finally read what is written on the tube.

In general, girls treat men who take care of themselves with respect and even some admiration. Well, within reason: if you start painting your nails with varnish (colorless, what’s wrong?), She won’t understand it.

And simple caring procedures (proper washing, moisturizing and skin protection) – why not?

24. Dependence on the opinion of friends and work colleagues. Dear men, remember that they are your potential rivals for a place in the sun. And often their advice is not caused by the best of intentions, but by jealousy and envy, the desire to be better than you. Do not blindly follow their advice, think 10 times and weigh all the options. And so, good relations with others is a big plus.

What about intimacy?

You noticed? The issue of sexual relations was not included in the rating of the most unpleasant things that annoy women in men. But for you, such claims to young ladies (coldness in bed, lack of desire to have sex more often) always come first. This is because it is important for us to feel a caring attitude towards ourselves, attention to our feelings and experiences, and not physical manifestations. Funny difference. What annoys women in men – 24 important aspects!

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