What Are Love Languages ​About?

Love languages ​​are the way we show our feelings to that person we love and can be given in different ways.

They have been called that because they are the way or the nuance with which we give that touch that is so ours to the way we express ourselves, in addition, they are part of the keys to conquer.

In this specific case, we have our own style of loving through a language that represents us. So we can all have different ways of saying what we feel, it’s like our way of communicating in the romantic relationships.

Then, we can use expressions, acts, attitudes, words, behaviors, etc., that will help us outline our feelings.

As, perhaps, you did not know this or, perhaps you know very little, I have decided to illustrate you from this article on the love languages. You just have to keep reading to find out what I’m talking about specifically.

Similarly, do not forget that these can be combined and are not exclusive to one person, in fact, they can be shared and mixed.

What are love languages ​​about?

express your feelings

1. Physical contact

In case you did not know, for us as human beings, contact with other people is essential to relate to each other.

For this reason, from our birth we always look for that type of connection, for example, with our mother, since it is our first interaction with the world; It is our first form of communication and sentimental expression as human beings and we are marked for life.

So it is not surprising that touch and skin are part of our way of showing affection towards the person we love. Even, The importance of body language also called kinesics, lies in physical contact and its communicative power.

So, this being a way of expression of emotions and feelings it is not uncommon for us to practice it with our partner.

If you are a person who feels comfortable, for example, with massages or caresses, giving them or receiving them, surely you are someone who communicates with physical contact.

At least, it is something that predominates in your way of being, for which it is part of the love languages.

2. Detail language

Well, this type of language may seem somewhat controversial because it can be confused with materialism and mere interest. However, this type of affective code is quite different from those acts mentioned above.

That is, when you are with someone out of interest, you only expect things in return and only think of your benefit. On the other hand, when a relationship is based on materialism, everything revolves around money and everything that is achieved with it.

But, when we express ourselves with the language of detail, we are more creative and we make the simplest thing special.

In addition, gifts and surprises are constant, but they do not necessarily involve money, that is, we could be special with little notes, reminders, good service, etc.

Better said, the details love turns into that expression of love That shows how much we love that person.

3. Acts of service

Acts of service are also a show of affection that also becomes a love language.

There are many people for whom it is much easier to express what they feel through actions, especially those that are caring.

For example, being aware of your partner with aspects such as his health, his mood, or successes in general.

Who really identifies with this type of love language feels that he generates a connection with his partner through acts of service.

Now, you have to know how to differentiate this type of affective communication with emotional dependency. The difference lies in the frequency, the objective, and the way you provide that service.

For example, it is one thing to collaborate with your partner and pamper him with good care after he comes home from work so that he can rest.

It is very different to repeat this action daily without fail and feel that it is an obligation that, if you do not fulfill it, you feel bad or they argue about it.

The truth is more than anything a matter of empathy and willingness, but without going overboard in this regard, it is more like a form of subliminal seduction and token of love.

So do not worry if you are a person who identifies with this way of loving, just try to give it the right balance.

4. Be present

languages ​​of love

Another way to tell our partners how much we love them is through our support and presence at almost every moment.

On different occasions, many people find it difficult to express with words how much they love to your couple. But, in return, they are there at all times, especially when their partner needs them most, so this becomes their way of loving.

Loyalty and presence are that special touches that these people have because, although they don’t say it with words, they say it with actions.

Surely with this kind of affective communication many feel identified, especially introverted people.

So, next time before you think that your partner may be cold, it would be good if you first ask yourself if their love language It is different.

You could even be the one who feels comfortable with this way of express your love for which it would be good to let your partner know to avoid misunderstandings.

Remember that the true love It manifests itself in different ways and there are no particular steps to follow.

5. Words of affirmation

Another way to show how much you love your boyfriend is through confident, affirming words.

What does this mean? Simple! It’s about fearlessly expressing everything you feel for that person, saying all those love words pretty.

Do not show doubts and uncertainty when it comes to tell him why you love him this melts anyone who hears it.

Imagine that, for some reason, you feel that this man shows you insecurity and, in addition, that he tells you that he is confused and things like that.

This unstable attitude will affect you over time and make you feel that something is not right and that, perhaps, that person does not want to be with you. Now the affective language through words of affirmation are the antidote to the above example.

Who makes use of this form of express love without a doubt it will make that person you are with feel quite comfortable.

Because, who doesn’t like to be told how much they love him? Precisely this constant affirmation allows love to stay alive.

So, if this is your way of loving, good time! You are a person who is not afraid of Express your feelings and this will be noticed by your partner.

6. Trust as a language of love

express what they feel

Similarly, trust can be considered another way of showing love, since it is a way of respecting the freedom of the other.

When trust is placed in the couple, both feel calmer and happier, they are honest and know how to dialogue.

Furthermore, when there is this form of healthy couple communication doubts are not generated and, on the contrary, the bond becomes stronger.

But why is it so beneficial to practice this type of love language? simply because it reflects what we really want.

It is a forceful form of the affective intentions that we have, so it is a good fertilizer to cultivate that union.

Oh, and let’s not forget that trust as the primary language in the relationship keeps us away from toxic practices that deteriorate the bond.

7. Admiration

Last but not least, there is the language of admiration whose objective is to bring out the best in the couple.

This is something rather spontaneous that arises thanks to the enthusiasm and feelings of love that the other produces in us.

So, as we want to make our partner feel good, we appeal to compliments, to how well the other does things, we say true love quotes, etc., all because that is a way of affective language.

In this case, it is very advantageous to take this form of expression since obviously our partner will feel quite loved and supported. There is nothing more beautiful than that person we love feels admiration for us because we feel that correspondence with what we feel.

Usually, people who take this language praise and compliment their loved one to keep the flame of love alive.

Can several love languages ​​be implemented at the same time?

show your love

Of course!

As I told you much above, these languages ​​are not exclusive to one person or for single use. Fortunately, we are all free to implement them as we like and benefit us.

They can even be enhanced with other tricks or with the techniques of the Magnetic Desire Methodwhose action is powerful.

So don’t miss it and discover what it has for you!

So, if you want, you can start experimenting with all the languages ​​or with the one that catches your attention, the important thing is that the love messages for a man or woman who will receive them with happiness.

Surely the other person will feel grateful and their love for you will level up.

So don’t miss out and get to work! Good luck with your attempt!

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