What are the advantages of an open relationship compared to true love?


Modern society introduces new attitudes and adjustments into love relationships. In the old days, virginity was deeply valued; in recent times, chastity and “purity” are considered old-fashioned and out of date.

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Earlier, the girl waited for the guy from the army, remained faithful to him, so that later she could marry. The 21st century has gradually transformed this line of behavior of the young. Cohabitation without stamps in the passport is considered the norm, and couples cohabit who have an affair ranging from two days to five years. But this is not the limit of modern trends.

Humanity is progressing and each time it never ceases to amaze. Such a quivering feeling, glorified by poets, love undergoes a lot of changes every year, of which the decision to live together without legal grounds is a rather harmless fact.

“Relationships without obligations” – when a guy and a girl agree to have sex, without participating in each other’s life, and “open relationships” – the position of a loving couple, which does not prohibit having sexual relations on the side.

“Old-fashioned” love

When young people do not experience mutual feelings and from time to time have sexual intercourse “for the sake of health” – this is not so difficult to understand. However, in many cases, physical intimacy generates sexual desire, a sense of “ownership”, sympathy and affection. But “open” relationships that promote polygamy, and the principles based on it, have recently taken a strong lead compared to “eternal love” and devotion.

And supporters of the theory of a glass of water do see in relationships only sexual thirst that needs to be satisfied.

Monogamous partners, who are an example of faithful and in love with Romeo and Juliet, assure that there is nothing more important than a sense of trust and devotion to a partner. Knowing that only you own your loved one fills you with a feeling of warmth and calmness. A man and a woman, overflowing with love for each other, and remaining faithful, have many advantages of such a relationship:

  • They have unlimited trust in their soulmate, knowing that he will not seek solace after a quarrel in the arms of another person.
  • They try to diversify their sex life with the help of role-playing games and intimate toys. There is no question of any third parties in their bed.
  • Sex safety and security. One healthy sexual partner is a guarantee of the health of another lover. No sores and worries on this topic. In addition, a long relationship in a couple provides protection against an unplanned pregnancy. Partners agree on how to protect themselves, on what days you can “relax”, and on which days you can “tighten up”.

Monogamous relationships preach eternal love and no desire to get involved with another person.

“Modern” relations

Open relationships hold opposing views and vehemently oppose traditional love relationships. Polygamous partners will cite many virtues of a love affair with “minor characters.” The beauty of “open” modern relationships is called the following points:

  • First of all – the variety of sexual partners. The man meets with Angela, but on Friday he sleeps with her friend Marina, on Wednesday with her neighbor Svetka or employee Maria Pavlovna. At this time, his beloved also does not spend time in vain: she sleeps with Serezha, kisses Styopka, and on warm evenings the partners gather in the kitchen and share their experiences with each other over a cup of tea.
  • It looks something like this: “Fyodor doesn’t kiss as well as you, dear, but he’s pretty good in bed,” and the guy replies: “Ah, I slept with Lilka yesterday. So skinny, unpleasant, not like you, my plump ”- (they kiss, and holding hands go to sleep).
  • Openness, the ability to realize the most daring sexual desires. No need to come up with excuses when you have passionate scratches on your back, or hickeys on your neck. There is no need to worry that someone will report to a partner about “leftist sprees”. The couple is equal in front of each other and does not feel a sense of infringement or remorse.
  • Admire other guys as much as you like, pinch other girls by the buttocks – no one forbids anything. At the same time, polygamous partners most often agree to group sex, or to bedding with the participation of a third party: girlfriend or friend. The embodiment of sexual fantasies fills partners with a sense of satisfaction.

Is there love?

However, pitfalls lie in wait for lovers of “free relationships”. At one fine moment, the realization comes that the beloved man, or the desired woman, does not want to be shared with anyone.

True love and jealousy walk hand in hand, and if a couple has real feelings, they will begin to demand fidelity from each other. In addition, polygamous partners always wander along the “razor’s edge”: a large number of partners and unprotected sex carry the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Details about the true reasons for the fidelity of a man and a woman can be found in the article at the link.

No matter how modern youth tends to revelry and polygamy, true love is found only where the value of feelings, fidelity and trust flourish.

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