What are the weaknesses of men in terms of psychology and how they are formed?

What are the weaknesses of men in terms of psychology and how they are formed? The strength of a woman is in her weakness, and the weakness of a man is in his strength. From childhood, boys are brought up in a Spartan way: tears, discontent and whims are not welcome. “Don’t act like a girl!”, “when you grow up, will you cry too?” and “You mustn’t show that you’re in pain” are well-known and already tired labels.

A real man should be a reliable support, he is not allowed to show emotions over trifles. Therefore, most male weaknesses are fears that society will find a knight in an “inappropriate” form.

TOP 10 male weaknesses

Even the most confident men understand that time is against them. Despite the fact that society forces women to torment themselves with gyms and diets, and, at first glance, treats male appearance more loyally, in fact, this is not so.

The main fear of a man is to look down and see that the entire view covers the stomach. The stronger sex is forced to compete among themselves for the best position, the best woman, the best place in social chi And all the benefits cannot go to the mattress.

  • Financial position.

He met a gorgeous long-legged blonde, and after a series of offerings, she finally agreed to a date in one of the most fashionable establishments in the city. Dinner went great, the lady hints at a sequel. He orders to bring the bill, looks into it, grows cold with horror … and wakes up in a cold sweat.

Any man is very hard going through the blow that he cannot give his beloved woman a better life. And to admit that his earnings are not enough for trips abroad is an unforgivable weakness.

Society believes that the more hearts a man conquers on the way to his only love, the better. A real knight cannot defame his honor by confessing to insufficient experience on the love front. Remember how the boys in your class vying with each other lied about losing their innocence and boasted about their fictitious girlfriends.

Because if a man is not interesting to anyone, no one seeks to get his attention, it means that he is defective, something is clearly wrong with him. Although, in fact, the Strong Sex, Just like the weak one, is afraid to do something wrong and is not always happy to go Towards a new experience.

  • emotionality.

A man is forced to hide his emotions. Society continues to perceive him as a Neanderthal who can afford to violently express the joy of victory or anger and aggression if his interests are hurt, but no tears and lisping. This does not fit in with the imposed image of the hero, any manifestation of emotions is a weakness.

Therefore, when you again feel the desire to tell your faithful that he is a cracker and does not love you at all, remember that patterns of behavior have been formed in people’s heads for centuries, and it is impossible to quickly destroy them.

  • Loss of prestige.

One of the greatest weaknesses for a man is to allow anyone to doubt his masculinity. From childhood, boys are taught that they should work and provide for their families. If suddenly a man is seriously injured or cannot find a livelihood for a long time, he loses authority not only in the eyes of society, but also in his own. What kind of owner is this, who sits at home while his wife plows at work?

What men are talking about. Men’s fears. What is the way out?

Therefore, any man is afraid of old age and weakness. As in Wildlife, no one can afford to be a burden to their family, even if there are adequate or temporary reasons for this.

Many men go into a stupor at the mere thought of baby food and diapers. To Kozhaleniya, Russia is famous for “Same-sex” families – most often the upbringing of children falls entirely on the shoulders of women: Mothers, Grandmothers and sisters. Men live less, die earlier, change old wives for young and beautiful ones.

A boy who has grown up with his father is afraid to repeat his path and prefers not to bind himself to obligations. He does not want anyone to depend on him, and at the same time, he desperately needs it. Therefore, when the long-awaited offspring is born, the man tries not to show his feelings.

  • Bad luck in bed.

Not a small street, so that it is broken in the light of the lack of communication. That he may not be as long or as fast as a woman would like. Insults that affect the size of a man’s dignity are still considered unforgivable. Newness in the sea, as in a lover, can hit the psyche very hard and leave an imprint on life.

Therefore, men are in no hurry to consult a doctor with existing problems, so that even a specialist does not dare them. And some machos take quantity, not quality.

  • Request for help.

On and off you want to see, and it’s not like that. But under no circumstances will he ask for help from his woman, who a priori should be weaker than him and look at him as his master. All men remember about competition and are in no hurry to cooperate.

A call in the spirit of “listen, this is the case, could you come” is an expression of extreme trust. Men do not want anyone to witness their difficulties. In this case, their weakness is pride – if he is able to solve his problems himself, then what can he do in principle?

  • Woman and her past.

Love is a wonderful feeling, but no one wants to become dependent on the object of their affection. When that same woman comes into a man’s life, she brings chaos and uncertainty with her. It is terrible that another person will not justify trust, but it is even more terrible to make a mistake in it yourself.

If a woman had many partners before meeting him, he in a sense has to compete with their “prize”. What they promised her, how they cared for her and how they hurt her. And in the case when a man cannot boast of great experience, his insecurity turns into anger. This is where and comes from sl@t shaming.

  • Need for approval.

No where we live and when the trophies aren’t there, it’s because of this little thing. Men need public recognition of their merits. He didn’t just get a promotion, but he did it for you so that you understand that he is ready for anything for the sake of your future. Men need compliments. Their weakness is vanity. Therefore, it is not enough for them to know about the gratitude of loved ones, they want to hear it regularly.

Understanding a man’s weaknesses is the key to healthy relationships, not manipulation as you might think. Each person is individual, but the statistics are relentless: most men react painfully when their ego is hurt. Therefore, treat with due respect the weaknesses of your beloved, and it will be easier for you to find a common language in conflict situations.

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