What can not a man do after 20 years of married life?


By the age of 40, it seems that life has already been lived and it’s time to take stock, but it wasn’t there: a second youth appears, blood boils where gases are usually present, adrenaline, makes you feel like a boy again, and bored married life , painted in a dull palette.

Your mother-in-law will tell you what is going on in your head, but you can find out how to establish harmony in the family in order to avoid divorce from the following list:

  1. You can’t bring up old grievances to your wife. Everything that was before must be forgotten, because life is so short to spend it on quarrels. Pick up what is left and make peace with your tormentor, because, according to the experience of experienced grandfathers, you will not find anyone better than her anyway.
  • It is forbidden to ignore joint holidays. As practice has shown, in families where husbands tolerate relatives, there are more disagreements than if the spouse is more loyal to relatives. Find at least something good in these usurpers in order to come to them at least for a tasty meal. Your wife is pleased, you are calm, your relatives are satisfied.

  • Be sure to write down all important dates. The forgetfulness of men often becomes a cause for scandal, although you just simply earned yourself like a horse in your two jobs. But women are not interested in the reason – they see the result, and, therefore, it is better to play it safe, because the vixen will always be supported by her mother – an older vixen and with a serious record of family squabbles.
  • Stop throwing your socks around. It would seem that a trifle, namely she, gives a lot of trouble to all family members. Rise above your weaknesses or otherwise, with a quality lawyer taking over, socks are the only thing you will have left after a divorce.

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