What can not be done for a man in a relationship and at their beginning?

What can not be done for a man in a relationship and at their beginning? Many women believe that there are amazing secrets that will reveal the secrets of seduction to them and allow them to build a strong relationship with a man. Let’s not hide the fact that enrollments are now open for schools of seduction and a family institute, that every second wife of a successful man believes that she can give out advice and recommendations on how to get married successfully and build a strong family. No, I want to say stop. All this is just PR and attempts to make money on naive and gullible customers.

All people, in particular men, are different and not all of them think the same way, now there is a trend towards more conscious and healthy relationships, where harmony and respect reign in a couple, where both build their family, and not one woman. This is good, as talk about toxic relationships has become fashionable, even if not everyone understands their essence to the end, but still, they strive to plunge into this topic and draw conclusions for themselves.

What can you do for your man?

In a healthy relationship, a man and a woman take on different roles in the family, these are responsibilities and a mutual contract. Not everyone succeeds in concluding, so to speak, an agreement, after a couple of months of living together, difficulties, conflicts arise, and all because people live, each according to his own scenario, without coordinating his role with a partner.

If you are interested in knowing what to do and what to talk about with your partner in advance, then you should familiarize yourself with the following recommendations:

  • A woman must always remain a woman.

This is the main postulate that should not be violated, as soon as a girl takes on the role of a man, she will lose, she will lose. Namely, she will solve family problems, earn a living and organize trips, that’s all, rolych is amassed.

Here you don’t need to be a psychologist and understand the complex problems of the family, you just have to ask yourself one question, what will a man do, what role will he play? Subconsciously, for a strong and strong-willed guy, such a turn will not be appropriate, and if the problem is not solved, then he will look for the one with whom he can realize his role.

A woman can’t do it for a man

  • It is impossible to devote your life to another person, sooner or later it will turn into a tragedy.

It is necessary to keep your inner boundaries even with your husband. Where there is a complete dissolution in the Other person, a strong dependence is created. There is no room for personal desires, the “I” disappears, and only “we” and “he” appear.

Surely now many will say that this is selfishness, but in an adequate dosage it is simply necessary. It is stupid to give yourself without a trace and live in the interests of a man, since he goes his own way according to his own goals and plans for self-realization, and the woman remains at the same level.

  • It is always worth talking with your man about problems in the family, about what does not quite suit you.

Open dialogue always leads to honest relationships. If you accumulate discontent in yourself, then sooner or later it will come out in the form of a breakdown or negative communication.

  • In addition to the previous point, it is worth saying that in women the imagination is much more pronounced than in men.

Often a woman thinks out and turns on her imagination, where her fantasies can create simply unrealistic pictures regarding a particular situation in life. It is best to ask a man and tell about his thoughts.

  • Now you can attend trainings to reveal your feminine sides, but, in fact, there a woman is driven into her head that she should be a bitch and demand increased attention to herself.

Bitchiness is needed where there is a kind of game between a man and a woman, where he must achieve it with all his might, and she plays an impregnable queen. This scenario is good only for those who do not intend to start a serious relationship. Most often, bitchiness wants to develop in themselves girls who, by their nature, are more docile and decent. No one wants to see it and the mask is first, which is not the case, but it is still possible to see it.

  • As soon as a man begins to criticize your appearance, you should immediately think about whether the person is reliable with you.

A girl should not follow the lead of those who believe that she is not beautiful enough, and she should resort to plastic surgery. To this decision, if it is really and is going to take place, the Girl must come herself and consciously, and not under pressure and manipulation.

By adhering to these recommendations, a woman will avoid most relationship problems and create a real family with her beloved man. For those who do not want to stay after long years of living together in complete solitude and at a crossroads, and what should I do without him, you should always remember that you can’t lend your own life and devote it to anyone.

What men can’t stand in partners?

According to social surveys conducted between men in different countries, not one of them will tolerate competition with the woman he loves.

If the game isn’t there, it’s not possible to say that it’s one of those partners:

  • Competition for the place of the strongest and most successful in the family.

It is very difficult for a man to admit and accept that, especially financially, a woman can be more successful. This almost always acts as an annoying factor.

  • But they tolerate men when a woman is also prone to new things and criticizes it to the post office.

Such an attitude is not tolerated by women in relation to themselves, therefore it is worth respecting your partner and, respectively, with.

  • When a woman adapts to her partner and loses her own personality.

Unfortunately, girls are often mistaken when they seek to imitate their lovers. Do not pretend and pretend that you like football or fishing as much as you, turning away, quietly curse all the inhabitants of the pond and with a frenzy kill 105 mosquitoes on your delicate skin. Most often, opposites attract, and sometimes it’s even useful to share hobbies and relax separately.

  • No man will enjoy talking about his beloved about her past romances.

A big mistake is when a girl starts comparing her partner with her ex and telling him about it. Now it is, it is necessary, on the list of books, on the other hand, the list is so great. It’s not easy to say that it’s “baggy” in the new world, but that’s why it’s not so easy.

Of course, for every man it is important that his chosen one is attractive and feminine. Style in one place, in order to improve the way it is done, it is possible to see it in different cultures and in other countries.

How to become real and build harmonious relationships?

In order for the relationship to go on the right path and bring partners a sense of calm and happiness, it is necessary to be honest with each other. They are not shy about talking about common problems, sharing their opinions and feelings, this is important, because men most often do not even know what is going on in the head of their beloved.

To be real, for a woman, is first of all to understand herself, her emotions, feelings and desires. If there are problems with this and you become addicted in a relationship, then you should contact a psychologist who will help you figure out why you chose this particular scenario. Only by changing your own attitudes, there is a chance to build a healthy and harmonious relationship.

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