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What can you and your partner do besides unbridled sex? - LovePsychologys

What can you and your partner do besides unbridled sex?

What can you and your partner do besides unbridled sex? A couple of lovers do not have to roll around in bed all day to express love and passion for each other. In addition to sexual pleasures, there are many interesting activities that strengthen feelings, intimacy and passion between a man and a woman.

“What are we having for dinner, honey?”

What could be more romantic than a meal cooked together? The girl busily conjures at the stove, in a short apron, the guy helps to clean vegetables or butcher meat. Music plays softly, the frying pan hisses and the partners enjoy mutual work.

While the dish is being cooked, the young lady has the opportunity to “inadvertently” bend low, adjusting the temperature of the stove, and chopping onions, showing her open shirt. Meanwhile, a man enjoys a beautiful view: the curves of a woman’s back and elastic ass. Time spent in the kitchen will bring great pleasure to both. It helps to combine business with pleasure, cooking, with winks, light slaps and pinches on soft spots, mutual assistance and sweet conversations.

The sweetness of silence

How nice to sit in the dark and silence with your loved one! When young people understand each other perfectly, they do not have to talk. But even if they like to chat, one fine evening is worth spending in silence, reveling in the presence of a soulmate. Partners lie embracing, gently stroking each other, experiencing strong happy emotions.

Drunk on each other

In defense of alcoholism, it is worth noting that the joint drinking of a strong strong drink perfectly brings people together, especially lovers. You can get drunk together with close friends, at a party or together, at home. Red wine, champagne or other strong drink disperse blood and heat throughout the body.

From the drunk alcohol, and the presence of a loved one, the cheeks turn red and the eyes light up. Wakes up sensuality and fun. The couple makes interesting jokes and laughs out loud like children. They help each other to stay on their feet, hug and stretch blissfully on their bed, getting home. It was a wonderful evening.

Watching a telenovela

Watching your favorite movie together is a great way to bring partners together. It doesn’t matter what kind of film it will be: the terrifying “Scream”, the comedy “Love and Doves” or a completely new film. The main thing is to feel the atmosphere on the screen and experience it together: to be afraid, to laugh, to cry.

During the scary scenes, the woman burrows cutely into the shoulder of her beloved, and he, laughing at another joke, follows the reaction of the partner, how much she shares his sense of humor. The next time, when they start showing the movie they watched on TV, the partners will involuntarily remember the soulmate and the evening spent.

Told in the ear

The person you truly love deserves to be a confidant of personal secrets. On one of the suitable evenings, a guy and a girl can pour their souls into each other, remember what has been gnawing at the soul for many years. Childhood fears, school memories, unpleasant moments that happened to a person will become an occasion for frank conversations with a dear person. Sharing the secret and intimate, partners feel a special power of attorney and rapprochement.

Sensual battle

Playing around, fooling around, throwing pillows around and playfully knocking your partner over on the bed – what could be more fun and interesting than “struggle” for your loved ones? Such a game helps to cope with unpleasant emotions, misunderstandings and disagreements in a couple. Tactile sensations in the form of light spanking and tickling cause pleasant sensations and some excitement. From the playful struggle, the mood rises, the cheeks turn red and the eyes sparkle. Lovers experience incomparable pleasure from the time spent.

Let’s play?

Games are attractive not only for children. Lovers will appreciate the charms and advantages of this kind of activity if one of the evenings is spent playing cards, dominoes or lotto. There are a lot of gaming activities: “cities”, a prefix, “tic-tac-toe”, finally. Fascinating leisure will not make you bored and will help you discover hitherto unknown qualities in your partner: ingenuity, intelligence, resourcefulness, pliability or perseverance.

The girl and the guy will get to know their soulmate better, they will be able to probe the strengths and weaknesses of the “rival”. What is important for a man: to win or to get a victory? And how does a woman behave: accepts defeat with a smile, or is she naughty and purses her lips? During the game, it is important to remember how expensive the “competitor” is in order to avoid offensive situations, not to stoop to insults and not ruin relationships.

Sex is a wonderful and the best thing for a loving couple, but you should not concentrate the relationship only on the intimate part of the relationship. Walking around the city, reading books to each other, watching the stars from a high balcony or a low roof, will be able to unite partners and enjoy their pleasant and warm feelings.

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