What can you write a nice guy in your own words?

Messages to your beloved man are a great way to make your soulmate feel good! They also need our love, tender words and romance. A few amazing lines will certainly not leave your love indifferent and will surely find a response in his heart.

100 nice phrases in your own words

  • Your smell has stupefied my head so much that now I feel it everywhere.
  • Your smile makes me feel better.
  • It got cold outside. Looking forward to our meeting.
  • Only your texts make me put off everything.
  • Your arms are so strong. I bet they would look perfect on my waist.
  • In your eyes I see our future.
  • Will you move your toothbrush to me?
  • Come to me today … Let’s watch your favorite movie.
  • Soon the new year … And I so want to kiss you at midnight.
  • You are very attractive when you are doing what you love.
  • Only your words can support me in difficult times.
  • With your arrival, my life sparkled with new colors.
  • Your hands can warm me even on the coldest days.
  • How did the movie end? I missed everything, because the whole evening did not take my eyes off you.
  • Only your touch makes me melt.

What can you write a nice guy in your own words?

  • Have you noticed how perfectly combined your last name and my first name? Take a closer look.
  • My thoughts get confused when you’re around.
  • You already settled in my head, how about settling in my house?
  • You’re not like the sea, but I care.
  • Today was a wonderful evening. The next one will be mine.
  • I wonder: are your kisses as sweet as I imagine? I suggest checking.
  • Of course, I was not diagnosed with an arrhythmia, but when I see you, I begin to doubt.
  • Do you know where your t-shirt will look best? On the floor of my bedroom.
  • Will you give me one of your things? After all, the only way I can satisfy my longing for you.
  • Your hands on my shoulders are the best support for me.
  • I dream of being in your arms right now.
  • I begin to speak in your phrases. I did not know that your company is not only attractive, but also contagious.
  • Your desires often coincide with mine. Let’s do them together, shall we?
  • Looking at you, I notice that my thoughts go in a completely different direction …
  • You brought me to the point that I missed you beyond recognition. I’m waiting for your salvation.


  • I can’t sleep… Closing my eyes, I see only your amazing image…
  • I want my lips to be moisturized not by gloss, but by your kisses.
  • I found a great recipe that will help relieve stress after a working week. All the ingredients are already there, only you are missing. Are you busy?
  • I lie and imagine now your loving eyes. They are so extraordinary…
  • We’ve only known each other for a short time, but for some reason I want to talk to you all night long.
  • Just heard our song and goosebumps ran through my body. I can’t wait for each song to be associated with you and evoke the same emotions.
  • I still replay in my head those moments when you held me tightly to you.
  • After our last meeting, I still can not come to my senses. I have important things to do, but the memories of your hot kisses haunt me at all. I would like to see you again soon and plunge into you.
  • I’ve been acting very naughty lately. And only you can fix it.
  • Only your words of encouragement can give me confidence.
  • I don’t want to share you with anyone, so we’re having dinner at my place tonight.
  • Tell me how many spoons of sugar you put in your coffee, because in the morning I will not be up to such questions.

What can you write a nice guy in your own words?

  • Only your presence can brighten up my gray everyday life.
  • I liked listening to music together too much, now I get frustrated when I put both headphones on alone.
  • When I woke up, I was upset, because I was not in your bedroom.
  • Every day that we spend together becomes special for me.
  • You are beautiful in this suit. I hope that I can take it off in the evening, because perfection is hidden under it.
  • I love sharing dinner with you, but what about having breakfast and lunch together?
  • Only you know how to cheer me up.
  • Can I book you for tonight? Agree, you definitely won’t regret it.
  • It’s so nice that only we can understand each other perfectly.
  • I miss your voice madly. Find time to talk?
  • I have a surprise for you, I can’t wait to see you.
  • Let me take care of you.
  • Every day I am more and more convinced that you are my ideal soulmate. Thanks for showing up in my life.
  • We can overcome everything together. You can always rely on me!
  • Don’t overwork yourself. I need you in the evening in full readiness!
  • I’d be glad if you’re free early today! Work is work, and love is on schedule.


  • You are the most extraordinary and amazing person I have ever met.
  • Yesterday evening opened my eyes: I love you!
  • When we are together again, I will bring you all the warmth of my embrace!
  • You make my life better.
  • I’m sorry I didn’t meet you earlier. So many missed moments!
  • I would like to hug you now as specifically as possible …
  • Do you want me to guess your thoughts right now?
  • At the sight of you, my insides shrink from trembling. I really want to feel that feeling again!
  • Thank you for what you do for me. It’s really, really expensive for me.
  • Just because we can’t see each other every day doesn’t mean I love you less.
  • With you, even the most ordinary day can become something special.
  • When it rains outside, sad thoughts come into my head. And only you can drive them away.
  • I dream of dropping everything, burying my nose in your chest and hearing your even and quiet breathing.
  • You have great taste in music, can you send me something to listen to?
  • Spending so much time together and not getting bored with each other is not easy. But with you I never get bored. This is one of the reasons why I love you very much.

What can you write a nice guy in your own words?

  • I wake up and fall asleep thinking about you. This is no longer possible, stop being so amazing!
  • I seem to remember seeing you in my dreams. Perhaps you came to me from the world of dreams?
  • Your voice is like the best symphony for me. Ready to listen to you all the time.
  • I need you.
  • When I am near you, I am not afraid of anything in this world, except for one thing – to lose you and never again have such tender feelings for you.
  • Yesterday was just an amazing evening. It’s so romantic to look at the stars and hold your hand. But the brightest stars were your eyes, which just drove me crazy.
  • I really like your spontaneity. You make my every day the perfect holiday!
  • What could be better than waking up next to you every day? Just to hold your hand and hug you tightly in the early morning.
  • Only with you I feel truly comfortable.
  • You have become my new meaning of life. What will you do with it?
  • Even our worst quarrel is better than a happy moment without you.
  • They say love hurts, but I’m willing to take that risk with you.


  • I miss your gentle touches and pleasant voice. You seem to be more addictive than any drug.
  • I hate it when you leave me. After all, every second without you is flour for me!
  • Will you be my fireplace on cold winter nights?
  • I need to do work, but it only turns out to miss you.
  • From your tender kisses I lose my mind.
  • Just one memory of last night makes my head spin.
  • We need to urgently see each other in the near future, otherwise I will die of longing for you.
  • I’m more and more aware that you’re perfect for me. Beware, I stick like the most incurable infection.
  • Your touch is more intoxicating than the strongest wine.
  • It seems to me that even an eternity will not be enough for me to enjoy you.

What can you write a nice guy in your own words?


  • Loving you has become as natural as breathing.
  • Your words and touch make my soul rejoice.
  • Thank you for making me feel special. I will try to be worthy of you.
  • I want to be the reason for your smile.
  • As the saying goes: you can’t escape fate. And you from me – even more so!

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Girls love moderately sentimental guys. Men, take note: the ideal option is when you are a real flint with others, and alone with a girl – a cute cat. Yes, these ladies are controversial. Girls write pleasant phrases in SMS for this, so that the man melts, shows some emotions, throws off his “iron armor” and opens up. For a woman, this is the highest award, an indicator of maximum trust and strong feelings. Therefore, if you like a girl, do not be afraid to melt in front of her. It will only please your soul mate.

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