What does a man need in a relationship from a woman?

What does a man need in a relationship from a woman? Problems with the two poles where the other day. It is not for nothing that there is a phrase that women are from Venus, And men are from Mars, which clearly demonstrates That abyss that lies between partners. It just so happened that it is difficult for girls to understand what a guy wants from them. By the way, men have a similar problem.

This often becomes the main reason for all disagreements, conflicts and even partings. What should a woman do who wants to maintain a relationship and is really trying in every possible way to understand her partner, but she simply can’t do it? There are some fairly simple ways to understand the needs of the stronger sex.

How to learn to understand a man?

First of all, it is worth realizing that this is, in principle, more than possible. The main problem of all ladies is that they a priori consider their position to be exclusively correct and do not even try to assume that the needs of their other half are completely different.

So, here are some effective recommendations that will help you look at your man a little differently:

  • Maintain eye contact.

This often betrays the guy’s intentions.

If you’re just starting out with a date, a little mindfulness can help you spot a scammer or a typical pick-up artist who only has one-night-long sex scenes on his mind. For example, if a man in the process of dialogue first looks up, then to the right, then to the left and down, then he is trying to come up with the most beautiful answer that the woman would like the most. As a rule, notorious Don Juans behave this way.

In the case of a regular partner, you can understand that in fact he is missing something. When a man constantly looks away in the process of communication, you should be wary. Surely something is troubling him deep inside, but he does not want to voice it.

And the need must certainly be brought to the surface. Otherwise, there is a risk of a cooling of relations and even a search for what is necessary on the side. Therefore, do not be afraid to look closely into the eyes of your man.

  • Learn not only to listen, but also to hear.

This is a very important moment for a couple. When you only pretend that you are attentive to the information that the guy is voicing, while at that time you are hovering in your own thoughts and waiting for the moment to seize the initiative in the dialogue, this is not good.

Often, some specific phrases help a girl to catch sadness, anxiety, irritability, understatement in the words of her soulmate. So he still needs something from you.

A person probably prefers that “it is there somehow everything is resolved by itself.” Due to a classic misunderstanding, most men do not consider it necessary to voice what they need, as they are sure that it will still go unnoticed.

How to understand a man?

  • Try to be relaxed.

It is very difficult to understand what your partner wants from you when you yourself are emotionally tense and squeezed from everyone. To hear and feel the needs of your partner, you must first of all relax a little psychologically.

  • Learn non-verbal cues.

Let’s go back to those guys with whom you are just starting to get to know a little closer. If you need to understand what he wants, pay attention to gestures and postures. Sometimes they speak about the intentions of a person much more eloquently than words.

When a Man often rubs his palms, runs his fingers through some little thing or tries to shake off dust particles from his jacket, he is probably hiding something. It is likely that the partner is dishonest in their needs.

  • Pay attention to actions more than words.

It just so happened that many men are able to literally fill themselves with a nightingale, but in reality everything will turn out to be perfect. To understand what a guy needs from you, follow his actions and behavior.

If he claims that he is bored and wants to see you, but at the same time he does not write and does not call, he does not like it at all. Most likely, the man has either simply lost interest, or is trying to manipulate you. And these are signs of abuse.

  • Have more conversations with him.

It really works. Few guys are always able to keep all their needs deep inside and never give them away. In addition, if you yourself are the first to start talking about your own wishes, there is a chance that the partner will do so.

  • Don’t project it to yourself.

Remember that guys are very different from girls on all fronts. Even if his need does not coincide with yours, you do not need to convince the person that it is wrong. Otherwise, he will shut himself up tightly and say nothing more. The desires of the partners do not have to match.

What men most often want from women?

The question is perhaps more rhetorical or even somewhat philosophical. However, from the point of view of psychology, a few very specific desires can be distinguished:

  • Less emotionality.

99.99% of all ladies sin with this. Men are more calm in this regard, so they are often extremely uncomfortable when their partner begins to splash feelings over the edge. Your boyfriend can really get tired. Such a desire is considered completely normal.

Quite a logical and expected need for the stronger sex. Most men really want to be leaders in a relationship with a woman. And this can not even be voiced directly. This is considered to be the “default setting”.

  • More varied or frequent intimacy.

Sex for most guys is synonymous with love. What do men want from women? The answer is obvious. Only Someone Has Such a Need with one and in the context of a permanent relationship, and the other is trying to “Remove” Everyone on whom the eye will fall. And you don’t really need the last one.

  • Independence.

Not all guys like infantile ladies who dream of a successful marriage, so that the spouse then takes on absolutely all the responsibilities. Perhaps there is no question of equality either. But clearly most men want their women to be more mature.

  • Simplicity and frankness.

This must be understood by every girl without exception. Men do not know how to think and guess. Absolutely all guys sincerely want their loved ones to just talk about their needs, and not their arrangements.

  • More care.

Yes, the representatives of the stronger sex, despite their external coldness, severity and brutality, also often want to be praised and “scratched behind the ear.” This is especially true for men who have children. Some even begin to feel jealous.

  • The opportunity to be yourself.

Not in every relationship people can completely relax and behave in a way that is comfortable for them. For example, laughing heartily at Stupid jokes on the Internet, walking around the apartment naked and lying in bed all day with pizza and TV shows.

And that’s where it’s concrete and the bigger the emotional potency. Many men are used to living as simply as possible. In the case of the devushki where the station is located, the blinds and the lawful practice. Hence the dissatisfaction.

Understanding what your man wants from you is not so difficult. There are common needs that almost all guys have. The rest is quite real to know, just looking at your soulmate.

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