What does it mean to pause a relationship to save them?

What does it mean to pause a relationship to save them? Every couple has crises. You can’t do without them. How a couple copes depends on many factors: moaning and affection, temperament

Using a pause in a relationship is still an extreme measure. Since in a couple all the problems are common, and they need to be solved together. No information about the partners on the other hand. Literally.

When is a break in a relationship appropriate?

A temporary separation may be necessary in the following cases:

  • when a reboot is needed, against the background of frequent conflicts;
  • change;
  • there is an addiction to a partner, feelings go away;
  • personality or age crisis of one of the partners;
  • postoyannye doubt in sokhranenie pare.

Increasing the distance between partners allows you to look at the situation from the side, from a different angle.

In a state of emoional capture, a person can hardly make a rational decision.

In depression (or schizoaffective disorders) a person loses his chuct.

When cheating, being together is too painful for one of the parties, privacy may be required, which may be perm. Personality crises occur in response to an external stressful event. Or very traumatic.

A person enters an unsettled state, wants to be alone, changes its everything.

What are the breaks in a relationship?

Rasstavanie may going on for the following reasons:

  • If the partner spares the pride and sensitivity of the other and cannot immediately break off the relationship, he chooses a more gradual path – a temporary break with a transition to a permanent one. It’s less traumatic. Although it does not relieve the experience of longing and pain.
  • The partner cannot take responsibility for his decision to leave and in every possible way brings the other partner to this, shifting the responsibility for the breakup onto him.
  • The pause is literally temporary, short. But you are together, you just live separately for a while.
  • Another connection, another partner.

How to take a break in a relationship?

  • The decision to take in a calm state, and not at the peak of emotion.

  • Candid dialogue between partners, show respect.
  • Discuss in advance the period of separation (or the time of the meeting).
  • Determine whether you are together or a real pause, without obligations to another partner, with complete freedom.
  • Communication during the break.

Is it worth it? The pause is full or partial. If there are children, partners will have to go for minimal communication. Children must have parents, a mother, and a father. If it is agreed that meetings are permissible, let them be infrequent. Messages and calls are also by appointment.

  • Minimum strand any to wallpaper.

Pros and cons of a break

A pause is always a risk. For whatever reasons, it may be started, it may turn out that the partner is fine without you. Or you without it. In the meantime, if you want…

Or the partner may understand that feelings have faded, addiction has set in, love and affection have disappeared. Addiction comes inevitably in a relationship, it’s a psychological law.

But it is important what accompanies it: the desire or unwillingness to be together, develop relationships or end, the desire to have or not have other partners, whether to keep the family.

Any phenomenon has pluses and minuses. Pause in other places.


  • A pause helps you understand what place your partner occupies in your life. How do you feel with it and without it.
  • It helps to understand whether partners have affection and love in general.
  • Determines how the couple deals with separation and separation issues.


  • Time and space are working against you. There is an adaptation to life without a partner. Muscular and territorial.
  • Pauza After is or conflict allows you to realize that such things cannot be forgiven and living together is not si.
  • You may want to change your mind about storage.
  • Jealousy for a partner regarding the time of a break in a relationship, distrust, and doubts may also appear.

How to behave during a break in a relationship?

Recommends for orders and details:

  • look for a compromise, it is beneficial to everyone;
  • maintain self-respect and self-respect;
  • respect your partner and his feelings;
  • don’t play the victim;
  • do not beg and do not say the words “do not leave me”;
  • behave calmly and without drama;
  • don’t get depressed;
  • analyze your relationship;
  • stop internal monolog;
  • stop blaming yourself;
  • do not fall externally and internally, take care of your appearance;
  • engage in self-development, work, study, hobbies, earning money.

Not to mention cardinal and categorical, think carefully. It may not happen that you decide to abandon the pause in the relationship altogether and break it off completely. This will give certainty and open up new perspectives, the possibility of new relationships. After all, a person is not given love, but the ability to love.

Whatever the situation, everything is going right, everything is going well, life goes on as usual. In any case, you have gained invaluable experience. It is not worth it to see, it is not worth it.

Love has nothing to do with pity. Self-esteem is the best thing you can show in this situation. You don’t want to turn into a piece of cotton wool that takes the shape of your partner’s body.

It’s boring. And is pitiful. At least you will have some respect. Such women are admirable. Don’t worry about the part, try to feel and worry about it, it’s too late.

With beautiful and well-groomed women part less often, be attractive and sexy. Appearance plays a big role. So you can win even in comparison with the new female.

You should also not take full responsibility for the current situation. Relationships are a pair process, tango is danced together.

No need to wait in depressive mode. It’s hard to get out of it. It changes the inner world and appearance. And most importantly – forgive and let go, free yourself from the past. This is very beneficial for you.

Otherwise, negative feelings will greatly influence new relationships and their emergence. Yes, your feelings are important and valuable to you, but in the present they interfere with you, you should not fixate on them.

You always have to pay dearly for such fixation and suppression of feelings – with health and state of mind. Everything can be forgiven. To forgive does not mean to forget, does not mean to recognize the rightness of the offender.

To forgive means to let go. No one has the power to make you happy. It only depends on you.

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