What happens to the body during the First Kiss?

What happens to the body during the First Kiss? It’s hard to forget the first kiss with your current partner – for some reason, it was his lips that seemed the softest and most tender, and what was happening seemed like an unearthly fantasy… a moment after close contact you understand – he is yours!

It happens because, during the first kiss, many processes take place in our body. We’ll tell you which ones.

Kissing helps you decide if you want sex with a partner

We have not seen any interrelations between a person’s behavior and his temperament: some determine the character of the chosen one in bed by the ability to dance, others pay attention to micro-emotions, others even measure the size of the legs and the length of the nose of a man! If the above methods can fail, then kissing will definitely not deceive, and researchers from the University of Oxford proved this.

They found that during the first kiss, the human body determines whether it is ready for intimacy with this particular partner, and the chemical composition of saliva plays an important role in the decision. So the power of the first kiss is not in cinematic or aesthetics, but in pheromones: if you like contact with a person, then you will be able to find a common language.

Sheryl Kirshenbaum, the author of The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us, agrees with this, considering such contact with a partner almost a litmus test in the world of sex.

We know so much about kissing because it is so important when choosing a partner. People are often lost in terms of physical intimacy, but this is not the case with kissing – they help the brain focus and decide whether to move on.

Kirshenbaum emphasizes.

At the same time, the nervous system also reads the smell of the chosen one: if you like him, then sex with this person is just around the corner.

The level of adrenaline rises

During the first kiss, the body reacts to what is happening in the spirit of “fight or flight”, dramatically increasing the number of stress hormones. Clinical psychologist Josh Klapow, in an interview with Bustle, claims that this leads to an increase in heart rate, tension in the body, and faster breathing.

The more suitable a partner is for you, the stronger the reaction to the first kiss can be: often, Klapow notes, people experience weakness in the knees, tremors in the hands. However, if the chosen one is not impressed, the body may not react to the contact in any way

You are covered with a wave of happiness

Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart emphasizes that during a kiss, the level of hormones responsible for well-being – serotonin and endorphin – also increases. In addition to the fact that they change the state, substances affect the increase in the number of dopamine, and he, in turn, works on sexual arousal.

It seems that you are all limp

This is due to the movement of oxytocin through the bloodstream. Family therapist Tasha Zeiter notes that, released from the pituitary gland during the first kiss, the love hormone instantly binds to receptors throughout the body, making you feel tenderness and a strong connection with your partner.

You become a solid firework

Tasha Zeiter also claims that under the influence of adrenaline, you may experience profuse sweating, dilated pupils, the appearance of a feeling of “butterflies in the stomach.” These are all machinations of the nervous system, which instantly reacts to a stressful situation.

You feel everything like for the first time

It is worth the partner, kissing you for the first time, to touch the shoulders, head, or back, when suddenly the whole body seems to be pierced by an electric current. Josh Klapow explains this phenomenon by the fact that during contact, peripheral nerve endings become more sensitive, reacting even to those stimuli that seem insignificant in everyday life. That’s why the first kiss is remembered so strongly.

You obsess over your partner

This happens if you matched in terms of pheromones, and your endocrine system responded to the kiss with a surge of endorphin, dopamine, adrenaline, and other hormones. Cheryl Kirshenbaum says that after a kiss with a suitable partner, you literally cannot get him out of your head, at this time an attachment to a person is formed, it is she who makes you remember the kiss again and again, see your partner and move on with him, even if the next contact does not cause such a violent reaction. What happens to the body during the First Kiss?

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