what happens when a man looks you straight in the eye?

If you want to know what happens when a man stares you in the eyethen I invite you to continue reading this article and discover the reasons that have you so thoughtful and nervous.

As you may already know, not all looks are the same.

When you realize that someone is looking at you and, in addition, when they speak to you they stare at you, you feel nervous and want to know what is happening?

Here, you will know the reasons why that boy does not stop looking you in the eye and you will discover why he does it so intensely.


When a man stares you in the eye

Sometimes it happens that, when we talk to someone in particular, we notice a different look from the others.

This unsettles us, makes us pensive, and even makes us nervous to feel a pair of eyes staring at us.

If this is your case, discover the causes and what happens when a man stares you in the eye.

Maybe he feels for you:

  • Interest
  • Curiosity
  • Attraction

Therefore, if you thought that you were indifferent to that boy, the best thing you can do now is to analyze.

Analyze other important aspects

In addition to those looks, you can observe what kind of behavior he is having with you.

Determine if you have a different and preferential treatment, different from the one you have with the other people with whom you interact.

Additionally, see if that guy, Aside from making eye contact, also try to have subtle physical contact.

You have to pay close attention to be able to determine what it is that he wants, without neglecting, obviously, what it is that you want.

You can tell if he likes you by reading the guide «How to know if he likes me«.

if you feel nervous when a man stares you in the eyeyou may probably be attracted to him.

If so, I invite you to use the tactics that the Magnetic Desire Method has for you.


With a look you can express many feelings, emotions and desires, it is part of the psychology of attraction.

If that guy won’t stop looking at you, find out what he wants to accomplish with you.

For this, keep in mind the male body language and other actions such as:

Voice tone:

Your ears must be very attentive to know how he speaks to you.

When he talks to you, is he warm, gentle, and does he speak to you with respect?


If he is looking you straight in the eye and, in addition, he has a smile on his lips.

He is definitely attracted to you and more than you can imagine!

Slightly narrowed eyes:

It is not the same for someone to look at you with their eyes open while they are talking to you, than for them to do so with their eyes slightly half-closed.

It is different that he makes you “little eyes”, since what that boy is not able to say with words he wants to express with his eyes.

Remember: the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and they try to shout what the lips cannot pronounce. Attention!

What other parts of your body do you observe:

If he almost always looks at your face, you are on the right track.

Now, if he sometimes looks at your body, but without exaggerating, and he does it subtly, it is possibly because he likes you and feels sexual attraction towards you.

What you must differentiate is the way in which other parties look at you.

If he is looking too far, then it is most likely that he is not looking for you in a good way, but being disrespectful.

If so, better stay away. If he doesn’t see you like that, then let yourself be conquered.

In the same way you can read the text of repository.flacsoandes.edu.ec. Its content is focused on male eroticism, so it can help you.

In this way, you will be able to know more about courtship and falling in love from the perspective of the boys.

Try to be close to you:

If you are in a place with more people, and that boy is looking for a way to be with you, do not doubt that it is for a reason.

He wants you to pay attention to him, to the point of trying to be alone with you to talk to you.

He just can’t stand the desire to feel you by his side.


What does it mean when a man looks at you

You must be very observant if that boy also attracts you.

Find out what it is what real men want in a woman.

Take advantage of this knowledge if what you want is to have a relationship with him. don’t lose sight things men admire in women.

It will surely be of great use to you, since it will also be beneficial for both of you!

As I have told you several times, observation is key.

It could be that he is just being nice to you and if you like him, you could be confusing things.

That is why it is vital that you differentiate the treatment he has with you from the one he has with others.

In any case, if you want to know more about what looks say, I recommend you read the article by dialnet.unirioja.es.

In this you will find information of your interest.

It is better that you pay attention to the signs to avoid delusions on your own.

Many people feel the need to look someone they are talking to in the eye because it shows respect.

If, on the other hand, you notice that he is giving you the right signals, then let him know that he will have a chance with you.


Well, now that you know how he feels about you, without him telling you.

Now that you understand what their body language says, their gestures and what they mean when a man looks you straight in the eye.

It is time to ask yourself what you want to achieve with this situation.

For this, keep in mind what you feel and, with respect to it, determine what you want. If you feel:


Sometimes when someone looks us in the eye, we don’t feel anything in particular.

However, if your nerves push you when a man stares you in the eyeyou must determine the causes so as not to get confused.


When you are in a place with other people and you want that guy to come to you, you definitely like him more than you thought.

Allow him to come closer and enjoy a pleasant moment with him, it will be very beneficial for both of you!


Think carefully about why that man calls your attention so much.

If you want to know about what he does, what he likes to do in his free time, what he does, etc. Give him the opportunity to get to know you and allow yourself to get to know him.


A look is worth a thousand words

Now that you discovered your attraction to that boy, and that you understand what happens when a man stares you in the eyeput these tips into practice to get him to dare to talk about his interest in you.

Keep in mind:

Get to know each other:

Since you both like each other, wait for him to make the first move to ask you out.

However, if you notice that he is too nervous to do it, take the initiative and invite him.

Show him your sweet side:

Although this should always be the case, keep in mind that much more should happen in the first few encounters.

Remember that they are learning to know each other and it is very important that you show that sweet side, since this is one of the details love.

He will surely want to continue sharing with you.

Do not put aside your femininity:

You should never put aside your femininity, men love it.

Be nice:

Kindness is a quality that will earn you a lot of points with the guy of your dreams.


A good look, accompanied by a big smile, is indisputably attractive.

Do not stop smiling, the more you do it, the better results you will have since it is a subliminal seduction infallible.

Look at him with playful eyes:

Tell him with your eyes, what you still don’t tell him with words, you will leave him thoughtful.

Since it will be inevitable for that boy to look at your lips while you talk to him, try to take care of them:

Keeping them hydrated and well cared for is essential, as this will make them irresistible.

Have security and trust:

You can’t imagine how powerful these characteristics are in a person and more so in a woman.

If you are not yet, become a determined, sure and self-confident woman.

The one who is responsible for her words and actions and, even more importantly: for her body.

Without a doubt, this is one of the female seduction strategies.

Good sense of humor:

Not only will you have good results in your daily life, but you will attract more people to your side, including that boy you like.

Also, in case you didn’t know, this is one way to make a man fall in love by making him smile.

So put aside the bad temper and become a fun person, he will surely not let you go.

Now that you discovered the secret and you know what happens when a man stares you in the eyefill yourself with security and answer him with a firm, fixed and penetrating look!

You will surely make him nervous and eager for you. Dare yourself!

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