What if your girlfriend is a kept woman or how not to become easy prey


Every man dreams of a beautiful, sweet, incredibly sophisticated girl. The images that the media space imposes are firmly entrenched in the male mind. They do not need simpletons smelling of borscht and pies. The girls learned this perfectly, and their mothers firmly hammered into pretty heads that the main thing for a woman is to get married successfully.

The content of the article

Successful marriage is provided only by two factors: beauty and education. You can put an end to this. As a result, the work activity of a modern girl is limited to the gym, and the developing environment is travel and excursions. The result exceeds all expectations: the lady is beautiful and comprehensively developed. But what is life like with such a cutie, and how to understand that this is really a life partner, and not an ordinary kept girl?

Determination of the status of a girlfriend

First you need to understand your personal attitude to what is happening. If the idea that one’s own parameters and capabilities fit into the concept of “alpha male” and this is what there is a desire to strive for, then you should not sound the alarm. Let this ephemeral creature with manicured fingers continue to dive into the wallet and ask for the moon from the sky. After all, in return, a gentle purr at your side is provided. If not, you need to be very careful.

As a rule, the schedule of such “fairies” is standard: smoothies for breakfast, gym, beauty salon, shopping, glamorous party, sleep. And so in a circle. Three times a year, a trip to warm countries shoots. But this is aerobatics. It happens differently: sleep until dinner, walk in the park with girlfriends, club until the morning. It all depends on the man’s wallet.

Glittering dust in men’s eyes

But “cute idleness” can be veiled in such a way that you won’t undermine. This is the hardest thing: to reveal the intricate weaves of beauty. As a rule, such ladies lead a stormy activity: seminars, webinars, forums and courses. Multi-volume collection of various testimonies and certificates.

And besides her own training, she endlessly shoots some video tutorials and teaches other “dolls” of life. Sometimes she replenishes the family budget with some kind of infusion, but most often this fresh stream of money is invisible to the piggy bank. It is painfully difficult to keep track of such “mega-cool” earnings.

Means of dealing with “fairies”

If a “fairy” has entered the house, and there is no desire to keep it on the balance sheet, then everything is simple: a suitcase with thin handles, a soldo in a taxi, and “goodbye, my baby.” But the “fairy” is difficult to recognize immediately. Often, men, intoxicated by sweet speeches, click through the moment of establishing total control and an heir appears. Great cover for idleness, right? Well, okay, you can be patient.

But then everything is simple: it is enough to cut off the oxygen for various unauthorized “Wishlist”. For example, a car is definitely needed. No problem. But the maintenance of the car can be shifted to the shoulders of a friend. A wardrobe is not a question, but a second or third fur coat at your own expense. A reasonable money vacuum will either quickly dissolve the “fairy” over the horizon, or force you to look for work. The second will happen faster, because the benefits that the spouse gives outweigh the terrible period of wandering.

How not to fall into a trap

In order not to get in trouble initially, you just need to carefully listen to what the girl says on the first date, how she behaves, what are the requests for the evening and what should be the end. The scheme of “fairies” is simple to the gnashing of teeth: “I am a blogger. I attended an amazing webinar yesterday. I’d like lobsters in lemon caramel, please. Maybe to you?” You can spend the evening with such a lady, but in the morning it is better to delete her phone number and forget it like a bad dream. The wallet will be safer.

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