What is a guest marriage relationship and why has it become so popular?

What is a guest marriage relationship and why has it become so popular? It seemed to you that another love story could not surprise you, but here is such a surprise: you were in love, serenely happy, bathed in dizzying hopes for a long-term relationship with a new boyfriend, and he suddenly suggested: let’s try to enter into a guest marriage.

Confusion was replaced by confusion. Until that moment, you didn’t know anything about such a “family” romance, you just heard the term and never even imagined that all this could affect you directly. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you in detail. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of such a “cell of society”, cheer up, and reassure.

What kind of relationship is a guest marriage

The love realities of the XX-XXΙ centuries inexorably repeat that the standards of civil marriage with a stamp in the passport, a sparkling wedding, common kids, home, life, and responsibilities are increasingly moving away from the usual standards.

One of the psychologists aptly named one of the seemingly progressive formats of the union (we mean the guest version) – scales with 2 bowls oscillating in the stability zone. On the one hand, I want real, sincere, warm love. On the other hand, the thought pulls into the abyss of fear: what if nothing happens again.

The main feature of the “guest option”:

  • lovers do not live under a roof, but can generally be in different cities and on different continents;
  • do not count together the possibilities: we will stretch until the payday or n
  • most often they do not plan to have offspring in the near future, perhaps the faril movement is not alien to them.

At the same time, they can quite calmly officially register their relationship, draw up a marriage contract, get married in a church, or vice versa, completely ignore any paper “red tape”, documents, even verbal agreements on how to build a family and their life in general.

Whether this is good or bad is an interesting question, but there is no single answer to it. Some men and women, having learned about such “lawlessness”, will immediately reject even the thought of joining such a “commonwealth”. Other representatives of the stronger and weaker sex only in this version see the way out in the present.

The task of encouraging the former and condemning the latter is not before us. Let’s better get back to our promise, to tell you as a spirit, what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages of the guest. When you see it in the building “unravel that club” ..

What is a guest marriage relationship and why has it become so popular?

You and I cannot be sure that your partner, who offered you such a form of family union, wanted to hurt or offend you with something. Most likely, life itself made him do this, the reason could be as follows:

  • there is a caste of people, and in particular men, who infinitely value their comfort, literally fashioned bit by bit, and will not let even the woman they like into the territory, to constancy without betrayal – they are ready for the fact that you “will hourly“ flicker before your eyes ”- not;
  • your chosen one has strong and unshakable everyday habits, on a date with you he will be magnificent, attentive, generous, gentle, and affectionate, going out the door, he will immediately throw out all the compromises forced for him in the niche of personal habits – in the trash;
  • he is a lone wolf who needs a lot of “air” around, is carried away by you and fascinated, but does not intend to change the charms of his established life, his personal space with friends, unusual hobbies, extreme sports will forever remain taboo for you;
  • due to his profession, contract service, family circumstances, he lives in several settlements at once, is often on the road, on long business trips, on watch, where can he run for groceries to a nearby supermarket in order to provide a home rear, he is attracted by more important tasks.

By the way, who would have thought, but sometimes women themselves zealously advocate for the guest version of love. Such an easy meeting option turned out to be optimal for a lady of elegant age. Sometimes go to the theater or to the cinema with a gentleman. Drink tea or coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Talk about books and exhibitions. She doesn’t need more.

Neohotno put on a new “yoke” around the neck and ladies after tough civil marriages. We’ve had enough, we’ve seen enough, and we’re tired of hiding from an alcoholic, an abuser, an outright boor, a worthless spouse who has been dragged around his neck for many years. And you occasionally flowers, cake, champagne, delicious dinner, healthy intimacy – what could be better and calmer.

Elderly widows are being treated for grief, hopeless misfortune, and loss in a guest marriage. They can no longer give birth to children, and no one can replace a loved one, but at least the illusion is created that she is still “alive”, is interesting to someone, and does not drown in the ocean of frenzied loneliness.

Having gone a little through the possible prerequisites for striving for a guest marriage, he immediately overgan.

Inevitable Cons of Guest Marriage

We will not make this section extensive on purpose. Emphasis on the important features of the negative and nothing else. Guest marriage will never be the ideal form of family union because:

  • people are arranged in such a way that with a close, warm spiritual kinship, they will painfully miss the opportunity: they wanted to discuss, see, feel support here and now – and today is not the day of the meeting, there is silent silence and emptiness around;
  • guest arrivals and departures force us to communicate more in correspondence, and not everyone is fluent in this art;
  • accustomed to reality, accepting each other, you can come to a mutual desire to replenish the family team with children, raising them at a distance will definitely be difficult and unproductive, growing up, the offspring will require the constant presence of the second parent nearby;
  • the surrounding society can make a woman laugh because she agreed to a guest marriage, what else was there around a more accommodating and suitable contender for her hand and heart?

Do not make a hasty conclusion from everything we have said: well, in some ways I am flawed, my betrothed calls me not to marry like a human being, but to some incomprehensible guests. We will neutralize such thoughts with a list of the undoubted advantages of such relationships at a distance.

The Honest Benefits of Guest Marriage

You know, my dear friend, there are quite a few advantages in the bins of a guest marriage. Curl your fingers one at a time, here they are:

  • each meeting is like a sweet romantic date: flowers, sweets, delicacies, elite wine, gifts, cute little things little things;
  • intimate sphere at a height;
  • you don’t have to think every day: what’s for breakfast, what’s for lunch, what’s for dinner, spending a couple of days at the stove is one thing, all these trips to the store with heavy bags and vigils by the stove and dirty dishes are another;
  • if you are in the garden, you are in the garden;
  • you don’t have to report to a formidable spouse: why the corporate party dragged on so long, and from the bachelorette party you generally came in a torn blouse and with holes in your tights, got excited in dancing with girlfriends – who doesn’t happen to you;
  • a heap of dirty linen does not peep out of the bathroom, men’s shirts unironed for work in the office do not loom on the board, even your beloved has long been accustomed to washing underwear himself;
  • TV, kitchen with coffee machine, bedroom with a cozy bed, a soft corner with a plush favorite sofa and armchair, a place for reading under a soft lampshade – yours and only yours, isn’t this eternal comfort and happiness?

If you want to oppose a guest marriage, you will find a good reason, decide With to try this quiet union search and searchtor. In all other respects, do not deceive yourself and your loved one, we think that you have already understood everything perfectly and have decided on the choice.

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