What is Adele syndrome and how to get rid of love addiction?

What is Adele syndrome and how to get rid of love addiction? Adele Hugo’s unrequited love has become a real phenomenon in the field of the physiology of love, a mental disorder was even named after her. In the material, we understand what Adélie’s syndrome is and how to deal with its manifestations.

How the syndrome got its name?

Adele Hugo, the daughter of the famous writer Victor Hugo, was one of the richest and most enviable brides of her time. But the fateful incident radically changed her life. Once having met with a young officer Albert Pinson, she lost her head from love.

Despite the fact that the young man did not share her feelings, Adele always strove for her lover and tried to win his attention. Her condition worsened at the moment when Pinson married another girl. Since then, Adele stopped monitoring her appearance, leaving the house only at night, and did not show any interest in life.

Later, Adele Hugo was declared mentally ill and even placed in a clinic for the mentally ill. The girl, however, could not cope with the disease and suffered from unrequited love until the end of her life.

This case became indicative for medicine and since then a syndrome has appeared that describes a pathological dependence on another person and a pronounced obsession with him. At the same time, it is believed that women are most often faced with such a disease.

How does Adélie’s syndrome manifest?

Today, there is a whole range of properties characteristic of a person prone to this disorder. Most often, the syndrome manifests itself as an obsession with a loved one, the desire to constantly be near him and control his actions and life.

At the same time, people suffering from Adele’s syndrome show complete indifference to life and events that are not related to the object of love. Furious jealousy, poor appetite, obsession, depression: all these emotions are accompanied by an illusory perception of the world and a violation of reality.

People affected by this syndrome often refuse social contacts and close communication with other people. It is difficult for them to focus their attention on anything other than painful affection.

Who is more likely to have Adélie syndrome?

Psychologists believe that not all people can develop such a disease. Among the main reasons that can provoke it, there are:

  • lack of parental love, problems in the family;
  • low self-esteem, self-loathing;
  • hereditary predisposition to mental illness;
  • depressive episodes, apathy, passivity;
  • experienced psychological trauma, tragic events in life.

Much more often, shy people who are unable to translate their dreams into reality face manifestations of the syndrome. Obsession with dreams, daydreaming, creating the image of a perfect partner: all these factors can lead to the development of fictional love.

And initially, the manifestations of the syndrome may not be too obvious. Someone will consider them for romantic passion, someone for infantilism. But subsequently, patients with Adélie’s syndrome are not able to stop the condemnation from society, the open disagreement of the object of love, and even injunctions.

How to deal with unhealthy expressions of love?

Psychologists believe that you can get rid of Adele’s syndrome if you notice it at the initial stages of development. Of course, self-diagnosing the syndrome is quite difficult. But this is possible if you pay attention to how your lifestyle, thoughts, goals, and desires have changed recently.

For those who are faced with manifestations of the syndrome, psychologists recommend spending more time communicating with loved ones. To quickly get rid of obsessive thoughts, you need to tell someone about them. Perhaps talking about this will help to come to some clear conclusions.

A favorite work or hobby will help to distract from unhealthy thoughts. Psychologists recommend studying foreign languages, practicing yoga, meditating, and doing things that bring joy and distract from obsessive thoughts.

It is especially important not to get hung up on a fictional image. Mentally idealizing the object of love, you only aggravate the situation. Try on the contrary to think more often about his shortcomings. Remember the unpleasant events associated with him, imagine him in ridiculous situations: this will help you realize that the other person is not perfect and not worthy of blind adoration.

If you can’t cope with obsessive thoughts and the first manifestations of Adélie’s syndrome on your own, contact a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist. If a specialist diagnoses you with depression, he will select the necessary antidepressants that will reduce the level of anxiety and get rid of obsessive thoughts. In milder cases, it will be enough to consult a psychologist and work out psychological trauma.

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