What is considered cheating in a relationship? The concept of moral treason


Cheating destroys relationships between loved ones. The aura of love and understanding of lovers is injured, despite the very fact of betrayal. Men and women understand infidelity differently. For the stronger sex, adultery is a sexual intercourse that took place on the side; for girls, even a careless glance of a guy thrown at the back of a passing beauty is considered a betrayal.

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A banal situation manifests itself in a couple where the partner objects to the other half: “I didn’t sleep with her, what kind of betrayal can be ?!” Unfortunately, not only intimacy is considered cheating. Most of the other moments painfully and destructively affect the relationship of loved ones.

“Beautiful, let’s get to know each other?”

An innocent online chat with a “pretty stranger” or a “beautiful stranger” most often turns into an escalating flirtation. While the chosen one is at work, the girl is happy to read enthusiastic comments under her photo from the opposite sex. Between “virtual friends” a communication is established, which drags on for several days.

Young people talk nicely in the chat, send emoticons, pleasant phrases and compliments. For the sake of a conversation with a boy from a social network, the young lady forgets (or “scores”) to call the guy, or to do important household chores. She is absorbed by a new boyfriend and believes that she does not spoil the relationship she has.

In another situation, the wife returns from work, tired and sad. She tries to start a conversation with her husband about a quarrel with the authorities, about the problems of the youngest at school, about the rise in the price of bread or disappointment in a friend. The husband shrugged it off in annoyance, quickly returning to the monitor, where “She” was waiting for him. An interesting new acquaintance: without everyday difficulties and a shabby dressing gown. There is no time for a spouse and children, but there is time for empty chatter with an unknown lady. Not treason, is it?

Still looking for “you”

The young man was in active search for a long time and carefully. Finally, he found a girlfriend, between them began love, romance and all that. The couple is having a great time and making plans for the future, but from time to time the boy sits on a dating site.

He does not delete the profile, browses the pages of busty girls, likes seductive photos and allows you to nicely exchange pleasantries. With his girlfriend, a man carefully hides the fact of existence on such sites. They are doing well, he found what he was looking for. However, it is not true…

“Ruined my whole life!”

Girlfriends love to wash the bones of their men. They enthusiastically discuss men’s strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it looks like an insignificant conversation, but sometimes a woman allows herself to pour mud and claims on her beloved boyfriend.

He is such and such, a lazy person, a cracker, a log … At home, she is sweet to him, and she becomes a different person with relatives and friends, expresses neglect and insults to her soulmate. Not a betrayal, is it?

The man in my head

The love story is steadily gaining momentum. Partners or spouses pay attention to each other, show love and warmth. Night falls, the couple indulges in love joys. The man sincerely kisses his “precious”, and at that moment she represents in his place … the first love of Vasya, Nikolai’s neighbor, Nikolai Baskov or the boss Ivan Petrovich.

The guy is pleased with the faithful chosen one, not realizing that every night his beloved girl mentally “cheats” on him with different men. If he had a chance to look into the young lady’s “head”, he would have considered such a moment a real infidelity, packed his belongings and went home. Why does he need such a girl who has sex at the same time with “two men”?

Even sexual fantasies about other members of the stronger sex in the absence of a partner are considered treason. In order not to turn off a flat path and not destroy a love relationship, it is better to improve the real novel. To add variety to the bed and romance in the relationship, if the guy is truly dear and loved.

Oh, how many good girls!

A man and a woman are relaxing in a cafe, in nature or in some public place. The young lady dressed up for her object of passion. She flirts, chirps something cute, calls to dance and in every possible way attracts his attention. The Cavalier tries to live up to her expectations, but is mostly absorbed by the people around him.

How many pretty girls! He goes out on the dance floor to light up an unfamiliar brunette with a smile, goes out for a smoke with a pretty blonde, constantly plays peepers with the girl from the next table. Flirting and “barely perceptible” approaches to other ladies are in the air, and they strive to spoil the mood of his woman. She feels offended, offended. Instead of joy and pleasure, the young lady feels annoyance and jealousy. She is his fiancee, why his others? Yes, how dare he flirt with them, womanizer! A woman sees the first steps towards infidelity.


Change has several varieties. When a guy or girl hides the presence of a soulmate from others, they betray her. Hidden status in a social page, or marital status: “Single”, a man who has been living with a girl for more than a year announces frivolity of intentions. He is ready to go “to the left”, is embarrassed by his “hostess”, or is still active in the search for a life partner.

Not only sexual intercourse with another person is a real betrayal. Betrayal is multifaceted.

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