What is ghosting and how can I deal with it?

You have probably never heard of the term ghosting, but, perhaps, you have experienced it without realizing it. Believe it or not, this action is more common than you think, much more in these times where digital communication prevails.

Today, interpersonal relationships have become a little easier and more fleeting thanks to the internet. Including sentimental and flirting relationships where there is an interest much more than that of a friendship.

Just as it can be easy to contact someone online, it also seems easy to cut off contact with that person. But what does this have to do with ghosting?

Well, I’ll tell you about it below, so read on and find out what it is and how you can handle it.

What is ghosting?

The practice of ghosting or suddenly disappearing

Let’s say ghosting it is an action that many have used for a long time, but it had not been given a name as such. Now, with the technological explosion, many practices have been given English names that have quickly caught on.

Among them is Ghosting whose practice lies in disappearing from the life of someone with whom you had contact, above all, loving.

It doesn’t seem that big of a deal at first, but imagine you’re talking to a very special guy and he suddenly blocks you out of the blue. It must be a very bad experience, when you had already got your hopes up and thought that everything was going well.

This is why this action is quite toxic and, therefore, it is necessary to learn what it is, how to avoid it, and what can be done about it.

Similarly, I recommend you read the article by the Los Libertadores University Foundation, whose content is quite extensive and interesting.

Why is it bad?

when they stop talking to you

Although at first hand it seems harmless, the truth is that it can do a lot of damage, especially in romantic relationships. It is not pleasant for anyone to get excited, establish ties with someone and suddenly lose sight of him.

It is an action that generates confusion and countless unanswered questions, precisely because this person vanishes. In addition, it makes it more difficult to prepare a duel and close a chapter.

For example, you would not know how to deal with a sentimental separation if you don’t know what happened. You end up worrying, confused, thinking a lot of things, and even feeling guilty.

In the end, the lack of explanations or, at least, a goodbye, can affect trust quite a bit and leave us with the eternal question of why love ended.

As you see, ghosting it is something quite ugly that you would not want to go through or put others through. It seems like an easy way out, but the reality is that it brings with it quite a few negative implications.

Not to mention that it leaves a lot of things unfinished, for example, leave a relationship midway without explanation.

Why has it become so popular?

sudden disappearance

Although it seems that this practice has increased, it is not entirely true. The truth is that it has always existed, only that the internet, especially applications to find a partner, have made it much more visible.

In other words, before digitization took center stage in communication, people already cut off contact without any explanation.

But, now that social networks are the main means of communication, it turns out that you notice more these sudden disappearances.

In addition, you notice that they block you, that they are online and do not speak to you, leave you on seen, or simply ignore you. Another thing is that many prefer evasion to uncomfortable questions that may arise, so they take that easy way.

How do I know I’ve been ghosted?

when that person wants to disappear

Define if they have made you ghosting It’s not as easy as you think. Sometimes it can be something else like one of the signs of a bad relationship.

Only you will know how to recognize if it is really this or something else, it all depends on how they interact. However, there are infallible attitudes and actions that we can assume as ghosting.

For example, and the most forceful, is when your partner walks away completely without warning. Another example is when they stop talking to you by any social network, app, or by phone.

It also counts as ghosting when they ignore you and you don’t even know why. So pay close attention to these behaviors and attitudes that, perhaps, are the overwhelming sign of ghosting.

How can I avoid this practice?

As you have seen, ghosting It is quite a damaging, toxic and evasive action. It does not bring anything good to execute it.

Think about the principle of respect and ask yourself if that person really deserves that you just turn your back on him. Put yourself in the shoes of those who suffer ghosting activate empathy and the word love.

It is necessary that you assume your decisions, in this case, if you want to terminate the relationship, communicate it and accept the consequences.

Remember that no one deserves to be ignored in this way, much less hurt.

What can I do to deal with it?

How to deal with ghosting

Basically, it is necessary to identify what they have really done to you ghosting if after this you are certain, it depends on how you take it.

In other words, for some people it may be something painful that affects them greatly, but for others it may not be, they are different cases.

Now, if you feel that this has marked you and is causing you harm, the best thing you can do is the following:

-Try to analyze the situation objectively and think if love is over.

Talk to someone you trust and express your feelings.

-Give prominence to your value as a person and prioritize your well-being.

-Do not victimize yourself with the toxic attitude that the other has taken.

-Remember that pain is inevitable, but suffering is chosen, so give yourself the opportunity to continue.

-Be grateful for what you learned from this experience that, although it could be traumatic, taught you something.

Go ahead and ignore anything related to this person, leave everything that affected you behind.

In addition, I recommend you read the article “How to heal a broken heart” in which you will find very useful advice.

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He ghosted me and came back some time later

If you are one of those people who have suddenly been applied ghosting and, some time later, they came back looking for you, keep in mind the following:

-Do not trust at first, at least until you know what happened.

-Be honest and express what you think about it.

-Try not to get excited because if they did it to you once, it can happen again.

-Do not forget that your well-being and dignity come first, so do not get carried away by the moment.

-Please, leave the sad love phrases, romantic statuses for Whatsapp or any other network for another time.

Take care of yourself and decide what is best for you. It’s not your fault when that person wants to disappear.

What can I say to someone who is ghosting or has been ghosted?

If you get a chance to talk to someone who has ever practiced ghostingyou could touch the subject.

For example, if it is someone close to you, after reading this article, tell them everything that this practice of disappearing.

Even if you have been through something like this, you could speak from your experience to raise some awareness about how bad it can be.

Imagine that you can help someone who is going through this, it would be a good deed that would prevent several people from suffering.

Some things to recap and keep in mind

the ghosting

the ghosting is a slightly new expression, however, the practice of disappearing it has been going on for a long time.

the ghosting It is used more than anything in social networks, however, it applies perfectly to real life situations.

-In both cases, both virtual and face-to-face, it is very negative.

-When you wonder how to find a partner online, also keep in mind that there are people who disappear without warning.

-Although it is difficult for us to face certain situations, it is better to face them than to flee regardless of the damage.

We all deserve truth and sincerity. Being honest is a sign of respect towards the other.

-Fear and cowardice can lead us to do stupid things, even hurt those we love.

-Wondering too much why things happened this way will not make that someone come back.

-We will not always have answers to our questions, so we must continue on our way.

-Finally, keep in mind that the benefit of self-control puts your well-being and mental health first.

As you could see, the fact of disappearing without warning after starting a relationship is something that has many negative effects.

For this reason, I recommend you never use this resource to break up with someone, rather, try to face the situation no matter how difficult it may be.

Sure it will be complicated, but in the end you will see that it was the right thing to do and, in the long run, it was the best.

So never forget: be brave and consistent with your decisions, face the consequences and move on.

You will see that your strength lies in the maturity with which you assume life. Trust yourself and take good care of yourself.

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