What is it and how to kiss passionately?

what is it and how to kiss passionately? Tired of a simple “kiss”, but did not like the French style? Do you want to achieve maximum depth in intimacy and passion? For such situations, the most intimate kind of kiss is perfect. What does he look like? When and with whom can it be used? How to kiss passionately so that the partner feels undeniable skill and dizzying emotions?

What is a kiss passionately?

A kiss with a suction is the most ardent, temperamental, and even aggressive lip fusion technique. She quickly excites and candidly expresses further intentions. Her characteristic features:

  • dense compression of the lips, the closest touch with pressure;
  • retraction of the lips, the effect of “vacuum”, frequent sucking;
  • wider opening of the mouth in comparison with other types of kisses;
  • constant stroking, strong hugs, the complete absence of static;
  • often – sound accompaniment (growling, groans, whining);
  • fast, jerky movements, full of expression.

Despite the stereotype, such an activity does not always require the use of language. On the contrary, at such a dynamic pace, its use can lead to injuries. And they will turn into a negative experience or even disgust and the final rejection of such a technique.

The duration of the kiss is a matter of the “golden mean”. The short version will look strange and will not have time to stir up emotions. If you practice too long, do not move on to more serious steps, or do not change tactics, all the charm of the lesson fades and is reduced to nothing.

When can you kiss passionately?

A passionate kiss is an effective way to hint at intimacy. It would even be more accurate to say – actively push for sex. Answering it means blocking your escape routes. The center of this technique is a bright hot emotion. If it is absent or not strong enough, such a kiss looks inappropriate, dirty, vulgar. Often such a sudden kind of kissing is resorted to after:

  • frank conversations, unexpected confessions;
  • quarrels and disputes that cause “heat of passions”;
  • calm kisses, smoothly and naturally turning into a more aggressive or passionate form;
  • watching movies, advertisements, posters, or reading books, articles with erotic overtones, or explicit sexual messages.

You can go to this step less spontaneously, by creating a romantic atmosphere in advance or by especially exciting your partner with other types of caresses, for example.

Such a passionate technique is better not to use with the following types of people:

  • vulnerable, subtle, very sensitive personalities;
  • partners with whom relationships have recently begun;
  • squeamish, overly accurate, pedantic persons;
  • beginners in amorous affairs and relationships;
  • shy romantics, dreamers cut off from reality.

Those who are not ready for an intimate continuation are also unlikely to be satisfied after such an activity.

But gambling, eccentric, curious, passionate, and emotional natures will appreciate the kiss passionately as well as possible. If the relationship lasts long enough (more than a year), the guy/girl may also not be against such a “kissing” experiment for the sake of variety.

So, the partner is chosen, the place and the situation also correspond to the recommendations – you can start kissing … But how?

what is it and how to kiss passionately?

How to kiss passionately?

1. Determine the distance and posture.

The main rule is to eliminate static altogether. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting the nickname “frost”, “ice”, “iceberg” or simply “log”. This can be easily avoided following the advice:

  1. With this technique, you can’t just put your hands on her waist or on his shoulders. Hands with such a kiss explore the body of the couple, and not in the most gentle way.
  2. There should be no unpleasant sensations, pain, however, there is also little tenderness in such touches. All movements are pure improvisation and a reflection of a bright release of hormones.
  3. Physical contact is as close as possible. This applies not only to the lips or hands when hugging, but also to the whole body.
  4. Occupation gives pleasure only if constraint and awkwardness are completely absent. This is why emotional closeness is so important in this technique.
  5. A kiss can really turn your head. It is better to perform it lying down, sitting, or in a position in which the partner rests her back against a wall or other stable vertical plane.

In short: the distances are zero, the posture is non-static, the movements are dynamic and passionate.

2. Start right.

This type of kiss rarely begins with tenderness. On the contrary, with this technique, partners literally fly into each other, like waves of a stormy sea on rocks. Emotions naturally act as a storm in such cases.

If there was no bright prerequisite for such a sharp reaction, it can be called “artificial”:

  1. start with a simple kiss, light touches, hugs;
  2. gradually and smoothly increase the pressure, amplitude, pace of movements;
  3. gradually reduce the distance between the bodies;
  4. if you wish, move on to a passionate French kiss;
  5. resort to biting, but better – to sucking lips of medium strength;
  6. open your mouth wider (not instantly), when the speed and strength of the kiss reaches a peak, move on to a kiss with a suction.

It is important to understand that the success of this instruction depends on comfort, environment, privacy. If you apply such tactics in public or in a public toilet, for example, it will not be pleasant for at least one of the couples.

what is it and how to kiss passionately?

3. Do not forget about caution.

Since the technique requires sharp, sweeping, and sometimes aggressive movements, its careless use increases the risk of injury. Excitation and passion muffle the pain, but sometimes the damage is so severe that pain becomes the least of the problem.

How can the risk of an “accident” be avoided or reduced?

Problem Solution

clash of teeth

  • Grab your partner’s face with your palms while approaching.
  • Tighten and stretch the lips forward so that their inner side does not touch the teeth.
  • “Aim” first at the corner of the mouth.

Hickeys and bruising

  • Do not compress the lips tightly, drawing in the skin, in areas such as the neck, wrists, abdomen, and other sensitive areas.
  • You can bite your lips, but you can’t “chew” them, pull them hard or bite your teeth with all your might. If the energy has nowhere to go, it’s better to just wrap your partner’s lip tightly around yours.

“Bear hug

  • Avoid hugs around the chest.
  • More force to be invested in the palms and fingers, eliminating the intense tension of the biceps-triceps.
  • Be careful with “playful” choking – use only one hand, clasp the back of the neck or place the palm closer to the hollow between the collarbones so that only the thumb, index, and middle fingers touch the neck at a maximum.

Unstable equilibrium

  • Kissing lying down, sitting, or with a vertical support.
  • Grab your partner with your hands, cuddle, but do not lean on him.

Other common problems

  • Press the partner with palms and fingers, but not with nails.
  • Don’t bend your elbows too much. It is better that the line from the shoulder to the hand is soft, semicircular, and not sharp.
  • Don’t pull hard on your hair. To do it smoothly, while maintaining passion, is quite real.

4. Change points of influence.

Monotony is coming. In a kiss, everything is sucked in exactly the same way, so it is better to periodically update your movements. This applies not only to the force and pressure when touching or squeezing the lips, but also:

  • points – you can kiss the neck, hands, face, any accessible parts of the body as long as the couple does not mind;
  • technician – switching to simple lip pressing or French style, for example;
  • caresses with hands – rise above, fall below, stroke in front or press behind;
  • touch-types – from biting to licking, from light “fluttering” kissing tracks, to strong lip-digging;
  • provisions – start standing, then press against the wall and move to the floor, for example.

Experiments are welcome. However, it is better to remember the tips from the previous subsection of the article. It is better to play it safe once again, but leave only a pleasant aftertaste, instead of bitter regret or even fear.

5. Listen to your partner.

During such a deep and close contact, it is very easy to forget. For most of those who do not like this technique, the kissing partners caused physical pain without even noticing it, or focused solely on themselves.

However, a passionate kiss can bring pleasure, express love, and be bright, pleasantly burning, and not predatory or arrogant.

Signs that the partner does NOT like the actions and it is time to change them – he/she:

  • moves away, rests his hands on the chest (not necessarily hard pressure, but the hands take a defensive position, the person tries to defend himself);
  • “swallows” air too often, turning away, eluding direct kisses;
  • trying to talk, while about something completely unimportant, distracting, trying to switch the attention of the couple;
  • rolls his eyes, looks with a “glassy look”, squints strongly, and for a long time (often the line of the mouth is bent).

If the partner constantly laughs, and even giggles more, this is a signal of embarrassment. If the fits of laughter do not end, it is better to postpone such a technique for later, when the relationship becomes more trusting.

The main signs of accepting a kiss passionately:

  • ardent retaliatory steps, sometimes with even greater force;
  • mirroring movements, their repetition, active perception;
  • rapid breathing, dilated pupils, groans and similar sounds, accelerated pulse;
  • attempts to cuddle up to the body of a loved one, literally “squeeze into it”;
  • experiments and a direct transition to intimacy (removing clothes, touching the genitals, etc.).

Knowing how to kiss passionately correctly, you can give your partner an unforgettable experience, reach the maximum level of intimacy and start your couple in just a second. Although this kiss is not for everyone, using or accepting it is the best indicator of mutual passion. When this crucial moment comes, you don’t want to show inexperience at all. Fortunately, the article has some helpful tips to help beginners get rid of this problem completely.

what is it and how to kiss passionately?

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