What is treason and how does it manifest itself?

What is treason and how does it manifest itself? What do you think cheating is? Betrayal, meanness and deceit, the end of love? Let’s try to figure out the worst crime against a loved one…

Let’s turn to the definition. Treason is a betrayal, a violation of the vow of fidelity, a rejection of principles and foundations. And by and large, these are unrealistic moral “anchors” that deprive you of free will. We are all free people: we have the right to think, make decisions, make our own choices. We don’t owe anything to anyone. But society decided differently, it established its own rules and regulations. And since we exist in society, we must obey them. Loyalty in a relationship is one of the main rules.

Cheating is a violation of the law of fidelity, but people will always try to justify this violation. So the concepts appeared: physical and moral treason. Let’s consider each of them.

What is physical cheating?

You know very well that sex can be different. Surely you had partners with whom sex did not become a reason for dating. Or friendly sex. In general, intimacy without emotional outbursts. Agree that there is nothing fatal in this. This is exactly the kind of sex that underlies the concept of “physical betrayal.”

Is it worth it to forgive such trips to the left? How humiliating are they for the victim of adultery? In such a situation, everyone decides and prioritizes. Before you burn bridges, think about what you have to lose. Just don’t start screaming now that traitors should be executed. Think with a cold heart. As one familiar lady used to say: “If your husband gives his mistress a diamond ring, and you a diamond necklace – calm down! You have the status of a wife! Somewhat similar to the position of an ostrich with its head in the sand, but there is something in it …

People are prone to physical infidelity purely genetically. The fact is that when we were still running with clubs, we strove to multiply as much and as often as possible. But! Men have more reasons to “drive to the left.” As long as his female carries one child and then feeds him, she is unlikely to be able to participate in this marathon right away. And a man can die a heroic death without leaving enough descendants. As a result, he is looking for another female. And so in a circle.

But we do not live in primitive times! But you can’t argue against genetic memory. Women, by the way, are in no way inferior to men, judging by the statistics. And physical infidelity has a lot of reasons, which we will talk about a little later.

What is moral betrayal?

Shadow. An obsessive ghost that leads you astray. With a moral betrayal, sex may not be from the word “completely.” There is just a wild attachment to another person. It can be anyone: a colleague, a family friend, or just a virtual interlocutor on the Internet. It seems to you that he understands you much more, the attraction grows, and here a cool thing happens. You don’t know a damn thing about what’s really going on. Yes, it’s true!

What’s wrong with that if you’re on the same wavelength with this person? In theory, nothing seditious. But you just build a tower of mistakes: you endlessly compare your partner, you start making excessive demands, you just “nibble” him! At the same time, you drain an awesome flow of energy to the side. And do you know what happens at this moment? You are stealing energy. The energy of your space, your relationships.

Moral betrayal is not always characterized by the relationship between a man / woman. Often it appears with quite harmless actions:

  • Work is a second wife. How many people put their activities at the forefront, forget about the family. They say about such people: “He is married to his work.” Women also have this problem;
  • Mom is the most important thing. Mother is sacred. There is nothing wrong with the fact that mothers trust, strive to tell her all the events in their lives. Just with such love, the partner goes by the wayside. Hence the “mama’s sons” and “daddy’s princesses” appeared;
  • Hobbies are life’s work. Garage, fishing, hunting, cutting and sewing club, cross-stitch studio. It’s not bad if a person has interests in life. But when these hobbies are more important than everything else, this is a collapse;
  • Friends – one for all and all for one. “Without friends I am a little bit, but with friends a lot!”. Wonderful song, teaches friendship. But when at 3 o’clock in the morning a loved one breaks down to help with enviable regularity, the situation becomes critical.

Signs of betrayal

Only a “professional detective” can immediately suspect treason. As a rule, the fact of physical infidelity is carefully hidden. We do not take moral into account, here everything is clear and understandable. Physical betrayal, which is one-time, according to the principle of “put it in, took it out and went” is also not interesting. Here he either burned out, or skillfully “lay down on the bottom.” A long and lasting relationship on the side is subject to careful concealment. Let’s start to figure it out:

  • Appearance. It’s easier for women. They both pointed a marafet to take out the garbage, so they point. But it’s harder for men. He walked like an obreutina. Then he suddenly began to carefully monitor himself: the perfumer is brand new, the shorts are cheerful, the cheeks are carefully shaved. And one more indicator, reinforced concrete! If the “baby” always walked with “paradise” in his shorts, and then suddenly he is carefully shaved, and even watches the bristle on the penis, then that’s it! He 100% has a lady.
  • Telephone. It just doesn’t get out of hand. Well, yes, coming to the toilet without a phone is like going to the battlefield without a weapon. And it’s good if it’s always been that way. But often this device has been in the public domain for a long time. And then suddenly the password, glued to the hand, often calls or writes some new partner “Akaky Evlampievich.” It’s time to think.
  • Speech. She is barely perceptible. New phrases and words just appear.
  • Overtime work. Wow, your partner has become an indispensable person! He’s taking over the whole enterprise! And tell me, the material question somehow changed? It is unlikely … the traitor just runs to the “love of his life” for a couple of hours.
  • There was less sex. Yes, there is less. The sex just disappears. Frequent excuse: “Tired at work” and “headache.” Nothing hurts there … It’s just that the partner has sex … on the side …
  • Behavior is changing. Irritation out of the blue, causeless fun, emotional jumps – all these are “bells” indicating a “leftist”.

If you have any doubts about the fidelity of your partner, take a closer look. It is possible that adultery is not far off, if it has not already happened.

Why do people change?

People change for many reasons:

  • There is no love – obligations remain. These are hyper-responsible people who cannot leave their families for various reasons;
  • Sexual promiscuity. That is, “I trample on everything that moves!”;
  • Bed routine. For this reason, infidelity occurs in long-term relationships. I want to feel “butterflies in my stomach” again, I want drive, trembling, excitement. And if the partner is an absolute conservative, then it’s generally a sin to blame him for treason.
  • Communication. If there are no common topics for conversation, no common interests, then the likelihood of infidelity increases.
  • Conflicts. A person will always strive to go where it is quiet and calm. If the partner is impulsive, then there will definitely be a “safe haven” with a “bewitching siren”.

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