What kind of Women do Men love? 13 Implicit Responses

What kind of Women do Men love? The qualities men value in women often has nothing to do with appearance, bust size, or any other stereotype. There are at least 13 non-physical parameters that are more important for the stronger sǝx than a great physique, beautiful eyes and a Hollywood smile. Every man would like to be with such women.

1. Self-confident.

There is nothing sǝxier than a woman who is comfortable in her own body.

Many ladies ask their lovers questions like: “Does this skirt make me fat?” Enough! Every man has his own idea of ​​the ideal physique. And if he stays with the chosen one, then he likes her the way she is. If a woman wants to change something in herself, go ahead, but you need to do this for yourself, and not for others.

2. Is a good listener.

Most men appreciate women who can just sit and listen. Yes, it requires some patience, but the result is worth it. The ability to listen and really hear what the interlocutor says is a demonstration of support, care and interest in relation to him. Not to mention that it dramatically increases the chances of reciprocity.

3. Enjoys gifts, but does not demand them.

Yes, a man wants to be a knight in shining armor and treat his beloved like a princess, but! This does not give a license to the permanent behavior of the princess. What kind of women do men love? Those who allow a loved one to arrange romantic dinners and surprise with trinkets, but do not turn it into his duties.

4. Ready to take the first step.

Even the most courageous man does not like to face rejection and does not want his feelings to be hurt. If a woman is not going to verbally initiate interaction, she may show that she is ready to communicate in other ways. For example, touch a man with your hand, or give him a warm smile. In a word, make it clear that she will be glad to start a conversation or get a kiss.

What kind of Women do Men love?

5. Feel free to ask for help.

Most women think that men are lazy people who hate doing housework or running errands. However, this is true only for those who have already entered into a long-term relationship.

If a woman approaches a lonely man and asks with a smile to help her, he, in most cases, readily responds. Men are very fond of women who ask for help. It makes them feel more masculine, gives them something to talk about, and awakens the conventional protective instinct. And when a nice lady thanks a gentleman for his help with a flirtatious smile, there’s a good chance he’ll get over his embarrassment and ask for her phone number.

6. Has a sense of humor.

Guys like girls who laugh at their jokes and can joke back. A cheerful or flirtatious giggle can melt even the hardest and most manly heart. That is why positive, albeit not very attractive outwardly, women always have many admirers, unlike gloomy and strict beauties. In fact, sincere and joyful laughter is one of the best aphrodisiacs.

7. Doesn’t manipulate relationships.

Men do not want to be manipulated in any way. They don’t want to read their partner’s mind or try to interpret any of her signals. They don’t want to see a spoiled little girl next to them. They don’t want to bear the brunt of the guilt of a failed relationship alone.

  • tears;
  • refusal to have sǝx;
  • hysterics;
  • the requirement “you love – prove it!”.

Here are the most common types of female manipulation.

However, before resorting to any of these “fail-safe” means, the lady should sit down and think: what if the plan has a completely opposite result? If the partner, frightened by the flow of tears or not wanting to guess about the causes of resentment on the shards from broken dishes, just leaves? Does the prospect of being alone scare you? Forward, to the fulfillment of the plan!

To build a great relationship, a woman needs to learn to speak bluntly about what she wants or, conversely, does not want. It’s a simple and honest way to interact with your loved one.

What kind of Women do Men love?

8. Knows how to compliment a man.

There is a stereotype that men do not need compliments. It is not true. Any person is pleased when his actions, words, or personal qualities are recognized and appreciated.

A compliment is one of the steps leading to an increase in the level of trust. It doesn’t have to be verbal. An admiring glance at a bicep or a nice shirt will also be taken as a compliment. There is only one condition: the praise must be sincere.

9. Be honest with your partner.

If a man can’t trust a woman, can he see her as his girlfriend…and eventually wife? Even small lies can get out of control very quickly and become a full-blown problem.

10. Emotionally stable.

What kind of women do men like more: calm or unbalanced? Probably, most people will choose the first option and will not be mistaken. Men want a woman who works on her behavior and is responsible for her emotions. This does not mean that you should not show emotions at all. This means the ability to calculate the “response” of the partner to them.

11. Able to support in difficult times.

Even the strongest men sometimes want to be approved and comforted. They want to know that a woman will be there and approve of his life choices, whether it’s a job change or a move to a new city.

To answer the question “what kind of women do men like” let’s remember Lady Mary Ann, the wife of Benjamin Disraeli. She was not distinguished by beauty and grace, in addition, she was older than her husband, who married her for convenience. However, her care, moral support and kindness won, if not love, then Disraeli’s ardent affection. Subsequently, he said: “Everything that I have achieved, I owe to my wife.”

12. Do not abuse makeup.

A woman wearing natural makeup looks sǝxier than a lady wearing “war paint” on her face. The fact is that the absence (or minimal amount) of cosmetics shows that a woman is not ashamed to appear as she is. This is a kind of sign of trust in yourself and the world.

13. Loves and wants sǝx.

Yes, it’s true! Men are pleased if a lady responds positively to the manifestation of desire, and does not reject it. This is especially true when a man is looking for a woman to start a family. There is nothing worse than being associated for many years with a cold, impassive woman whose sǝxual temperament is completely at odds with that of her husband.

Although men and women communicate and express emotions differently, there is one thing that is true for everyone. Every person wants to love and be loved.

Understanding gender differences is very important, however, when it comes to finding a partner, the basic rules apply to everyone. All people are looking for someone who will provide support in difficult times, who will be a friend and lover or lover in one person, who will be ready to go through fire and water with the chosen one.

What kind of Women do Men love?

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