What makes men cheat and how to prevent it?

What makes men cheat and how to prevent it? It is unlikely that there is at least one girl in the world who has never been visited by the idea that her husband can. And it doesn’t matter how long ago you put on your cherished wedding ring on your ring finger. Jealousy in fact has no age or statute of limitations.

If you are afraid that one day your husband will leave for another woman, try to take into account the tips described in this article, which, from the point of view of psychology, strengthen relations between spouses. No start a little theory, with regards directly to the infidelity of the stronger sex.

Causes of male infidelity

One universal explanation for such an act simply does not exist. Every guy will probably say something different in his own defense. However, from the point of view of personal psychology, some causes of betrayal are still the most common among the male.

And not always a stumbling block becomes a woman. This issue is much deeper than that. So, the most popular reasons for male infidelity:

  • Sexual dissatisfaction.

Perhaps this is how most guys justify their unfavorable act.

No it’s not nice. For example, a man may have a congenital high level of testosterone in the blood. And in this case, the spouse simply physically will not be able to satisfy his sexual needs.

This is especially common in married couples, where the average age of partners is 50 years and older. Some men in sexual activity. To the extent that the weather is slow, also to this standard period next to the climate. As a result, the spouse does not come up with anything better than to get a hotter mistress to fight his own.

Another subparagraph implies sexual blackmail by the wife. Remember once and for all, if you are trying to get something from a man by denying him intimacy, then it is much more likely that the result will be betrayal. Few of the guys are ready to be led by such whims.

  • Low self-esteem.

Dissatisfaction with one’s life, lack of career advancement, lack of confidence in one’s own attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex – all this becomes a catalyst for male infidelity. In this case, the spouse is simply trying to prove to himself that he is still capable of such dubious “feats” and is not a complete loser. Such a betrayal indicates the presence of serious psychological complexes and problems in a person.

  • Wife’s carelessness.

Unfortunately, some girls completely put themselves on the altar of family and marriage. The need to constantly keep under control all household duties plus the presence of small children literally do not leave a single minute to put yourself in order.

And instead of making life easier for his wife, the husband may well decide that the external unattractiveness of his partner is a serious reason for looking for a mistress. In reality, he just needs to pay a little more attention to the family. After all, if the husband had given his wife some free time, such a situation could have been completely avoided.

  • Regulated overlays as storage overtime.

This is also a very common factor that has a strong negative impact on Lubracke’s relationships. If you constantly “nag” your husband with or without reason, the effect of one very wise proverb will work: “a fish is looking for where it is deeper, and a man where it is better.”

What to do so that the husband does not change?

Men do not like to hit the wall with their foreheads, but prefer to follow the path of least resistance. Therefore, he may well find himself another woman who will not reproach him at every turn.

  • Desire to feel freedom.

This is especially true for families with small children or an overly jealous wife. Moreover, it is still unknown what annoys such a womanizer more. Constant attachment to the house and the presence of a large number of restrictive frames have a negative effect on the male P. Cheating in this case will be the desire to throw off a short leash. And with his wife in bed, everything can be just fine.

  • Lack of comfort.

This is another psychological underpinning of male infidelity. If you don’t want to return home after work, and the apartment is more like a training ground dominated by a commander in a skirt, the man will slowly begin to stare at more comfortable and homely girls. This is usually accompanied by a noticeable reduction in the husband’s need for intimacy.

  • Lack of understanding and common interests with his wife.

If you and your partner live more like roommates than a couple of doves in love, sooner or later a man will want to get close to someone. And at first we will talk more about the spiritual and EMO-rational plane. When harmony is achieved in such a matter, sex is literally within reach.

What to do so that the husband never cheated?

Don’t forget about the “collectors”, for whom sex with different women is the norm in any situation, even when the relationship with his wife can be called ideal. In this case, it will be almost impossible to influence his behavior. are:

Intimacy should bring only pleasure. A man will quickly feel that you are sleeping with him only because he needs it. In such a situation, he realizes that he is no longer interested in his own wife.

So start with yourself – find time to relax, learn how to relieve stress, remember how bright your nights were when the relationship was at the very beginning of the journey. There is an immutable rule that protects women from betrayal by a partner. The more you want a man, the more he wants only you. Isn’t that what we’re talking about right now?

  • Don’t wear him down with jealousy.

Total control – this is the case with the foreign language and the common room. With flashes of mistrust and jealousy, you, in fact, give your spouse an idea. Like, since I’m still considered wrong, why not start conforming to this statement?

  • Don’t forget about yourself.

Of course, family and work are very important. But is a man wants to be with a girl who doesn’t love and doesn’t appreciate herself? Show your spouse that you are still the same interesting and feminine beauty that he once fell in love with. Take the time to fix your hair, buy new clothes. Not so long ago by the quarter in front of the parade. A neat appearance and a charming smile are what every man is looking for.

  • Get your spouse to work.

Raising a “domestic disabled person”, you lose attractiveness in his eyes. In addition, such a husband will surely feel like a king, whom it is customary to serve. In that situation, it is much easier for him to take the path of abuse and start showing complete disrespect in his partner.

So do not forget to load it with simple household work from time to time. A tired and eternally tortured wife is the right path to a mistress. In addition, each spouse must understand that he plays a huge role in his family. The higher its significance in your own (and yours too) eyes, the less the risk of a desire for a desire to find a friend.

  • Communicate more.

A man needs not only delicious borscht and quality sex. An interesting companion is what will keep him in the family for many years. Some spouses admit that it is precisely the lack of moral support and common ground with them that leads them astray.

To do something so that a man never cheats is quite difficult, because sometimes you just don’t understand what he lacks at all. Therefore, make it a rule, first of all, to understand yourself and your feelings. A bright and happy woman, contented with life, with a playful twinkle in her sparkling eyes, is the best “trap” for men.

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