What men don’t like in relationships with women?

What men don’t like in relationships with women? Every man has his own fears when it comes to relationships with women. The longer you date, the more reasons he has for this. In order for the union to be strong and happy, it will not hurt you to know what a man can be afraid of.

What men don’t like in relationships with women?

By hiding your fears, denying x and talking about with you, you can narrow da. In order to prevent such consequences, you should take certain measures.

To begin with, these are ordinary and unconstrained conversations, observations of the partner’s reaction even to ordinary, whirring ones. Having determined the nature of his fear, it will be easier to build the optimal STR strategy for interacting with a man and establishing sleepiness.

  • A responsibility

It is for this reason that many men are in no hurry to move in with their beloved, to marry ditav ditak. If we talk about fear in general, then, entering into a serious relationship, a man understands that now he must:

  • be there for and support if you feel bad, sad or lonely;
  • guess what can make you happy;
  • protect you from troubles and offenders;
  • be loyal and faithful;
  • take the initiative in their own hands in the organization of leisure, entertainment and so on.

Entering into a relationship, a man begins to be responsible for your mood, at least half of the responsibilities for ensuring well-being in a couple.

What can we say about household or family responsibilities. Not everyone is ready to assemble furniture, glue wallpaper and repair a faucet, instead of lying on the couch, caring for and raising children, in the end, give up frequent meetings with friends in favor of the family and the planned trip to the country to dig potatoes.

A special place in pregnancy in this category Many men become visibly tense when their girlfriends are suddenly drawn to strange combinations in food, they change dramatically in character or complain of unexplained ailments.

To learn about an unplanned pregnancy is scary for any person, if only because now he needs to worry about material prosperity, a decent place to live, and the creation of all conditions for the well-being of his family. What can we say about the responsibility for the child, the refusal of the accustomed pleasures, etc.

Any man is afraid of becoming dependent on his girlfriend. Having truly fallen in love, on, as it were, loses his freedom. Because you are in the center, and you are in the bar with your friends, you are in your mouth, you are in the car, you are in the car.

What are men most afraid of in a relationship?

Guys see sentimentality as a weakness. Imagine what goes on in his head when he misses his beloved every minute, rushes home with all his might, and does not feel like the carefree and independent person he was before meeting you.

It doesn’t matter how you show your negative emotions during a fight. A man keeps back, deliberately hides, or otherwise avoids conflict, because any reaction from you, it doesn’t f@cking:

  • crying;
  • scandal and screams;
  • insult;
  • sanctions;
  • ignoring and ignoring;
  • revenge and so on.

He is especially scared if you are not constant in your reactions. If he certainly does not know what to expect during the conflict, the man will avoid him in every possible way. Even if you are calm, like a boa constrictor, your lover will look for a catch.

Any truly loving person is afraid of breaking up a relationship. Even if your young man is not used to showing and proving his feelings, giving you enough attention and warmth, deep down he is afraid of losing you.

A man quickly gets used to the new environment, the rules of life, the environment. Imagine how difficult it is for him to drastically adapt to the conditions in which you suddenly find yourself. This is a difficult and long process for any person. And your loved one is no exception.

  • Lack of self-realization

If you constantly suppress your man, do not give him the right to choose, take on his duties, he will gradually realize that next to you he will not be able to achieve anything.

In some cases, the prospect suits the guys – after all, there is a caring mother nearby who will make fins. Remember that any man always wants to remain the strongest, most successful, the best.

Never tell him, and, especially, in the company of friends, how he crookedly nailed a shelf or earns little. The more often you instill uncertainty in him, the deeper his fear of maintaining such a trend for life.

A man especially begins to have complexes if you suddenly earn more than him, drive a car better, are a more sought-after company to communicate with his friends, or turn out to be more successful in other areas of life that are significant to him.

Jealousy can manifest itself in relationships in varying degrees. It is one thing when your woman attracts the envious glances of others, and quite another if she frankly and without a twinge of conscience accepts courtship from other men.

Guys are especially sensitive to the possibility that their girlfriend will find someone more worthy. Finding out that you have found yourself someone richer, prettier, more charismatic and more promising is one of the main many many fears.

  • Unmet expectations

No one cares about it, it is very easy to show the blisters that are not there. A man may be afraid not to live up to your expectations:

  • in bed (not to satisfy you intimately);
  • in household duties (from the sphere of “hands growing out of the wrong place”);
  • in situations where you need to be protected from hooligans;
  • when meeting your girlfriends or relatives (who later can dissuade you from a relationship, the initiative is one way or another);
  • in the carousel plan.

Any man is afraid of reproaches, especially if they are justified objectively.

  • Authoritarian relationship style

One of the main fears of every man is that one day his sweet and affectionate princess will turn into a real cer. No one will like it when someone tries to control his every step, puts some conditions, tries to money.

To be in a subordinate position is especially unsuitable for a man who is used to positioning himself. This will hit his self-esteem great and will naturally provoke constant conflicts.

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