What men like in women, we list some female traits?

What men like in women, we list some female traits? There is no consensus regarding female beauty and ideality. Some prefer athletic and fit ladies who go to training every day and pour liters of sweat. Others are crazy about charming plump women, with whom it is so pleasant and comfortable, who are able to give home warmth and sincerity. Still others consider the best sophisticated skinny women who count every calorie and always look perfect.

However, many ladies, in pursuit of the standard, forget about why men really like women. But here we are not talking about those beauty rituals that everyone is so used to.

So what are the little things that can attract representatives of the stronger sex and make any girl a real ideal? In fact, there is no clear list of activities, characteristics and traits that any guy will like. However, the most common ones exist, and they are presented below in the article.

face without makeup

Applying makeup is a special ritual that almost every girl performs every day. Many people think that only with cosmetics on the face you can look irresistible and attractive to the opposite sex. Actually it is not. Naturalness attracts much more than carefully applied foundation, powder and shadows. After all, this is the only way to see the true beauty, without retouching, without “disguise”. Men often complain that their halves even sleep with makeup on, preventing them from enjoying pure charm.

In addition, a lot of time is spent on makeup, which could be spent with a loved one. Endless fees, crookedly drawn arrows on the eyes, smeared lipstick – everything sometimes just annoys the guys. Not to mention that kissing lips covered with a thick layer of lipstick is such a pleasure.

Sweet negligence

Hairstyles in which each hair lies in its place, and the entire “construction” is covered with a layer of varnish is, of course, spectacular. But not as attractive as a slight mess on the head. Soft strands falling on the face, slightly closing the eyes, gently touching the shoulders and back – this is an indescribable beauty. Such a girl looks defenseless, quivering. I want to hug and hug this one, never to let go.

Another reason why men like the disheveled hairstyle of women so much is primal instincts. The fleeing “victim” is always disheveled, her hair fluttering, she is light and free. But that beauty who prefers to tie up her hair does not look like a helpless victim, rather like a dangerous predator who has everything under control.

Barefoot spontaneity

Is it possible to argue with how impressive and beautiful a girl looks in high heels? This is a real sexy that drives you crazy, and you can say that this is what men like in women. But even more attractive, many guys consider the moment when a lady walks barefoot around the house. Why is it so alluring and seductive?

The thing is that women’s legs are much prettier than men’s. They are, most often, smaller in size, they have small fingers, delicate skin, neat pedicure. There are many foot fetish fans who literally worship girls’ feet. It’s really very nice when a strong and brutal guy gently takes his girlfriend’s leg and gently massages her with his fingers.=

But ladies should not forget one important point. If you decide to get your boyfriend’s attention in this way, then take proper care of your feet. Make sure that the heels are not hard and do not resemble sandpaper, that the nails are trimmed and varnished. Only in this case will you be the object of attention of your loved one, otherwise unkempt feet can even cause disgust.

I remember all your cracks…

It is now accepted that the body be perfectly smooth, clean, toned, without a single hint of a crease or wrinkle. In the photos, everyone is hard at work covering up their scars to look even more beautiful and flawless. However, if you build a strong relationship with your soulmate, then she will accept you for who you are.

Therefore, girls are completely in vain embarrassed by wrinkles in the corners of the lips, scars left after operations or long-standing injuries. Even if you think that it spoils your appearance, for a loving person, all this is a feature.

After all, in fact, each mark on the body carries a certain story and makes us unique. For example, postpartum scars are a reminder of the birth of a baby that brought you a lot of joy. Men love these things, because no one is born perfect to have skin without any marks.

morning sips

How nice it is to open your eyes in the morning, see the sun outside the window and stretch sweetly. At such moments, a person looks especially sweet, since he just woke up, a little disheveled and, at the same time, incredibly charming. Especially the fair sex. Some guys love to see their lover snoring, but nothing compares to the very moment of waking up. In couples where there is a strong relationship, such moments are especially valuable, because there is nothing better than waking up together.

However, it is worth remembering that if you want to look touching while sipping, it is worth considering some nuances. First, what you complexion.

Not always magnificent ladies look touching when they begin to deliberately stretch and stick out their breasts. Secondly, what clothes are you wearing. An old and faded T-shirt that has seen its best looks is unlikely to cause a surge of tenderness in a guy. Where better for this is a nice little shirt or pajamas.

Exciting roundness

Another stereotype that is so firmly imposed on girls is the possession of a perfectly flat stomach. Many exhaust themselves in the gym to achieve an incredible flatness in the navel area. And all this only in order to become the same as thousands of models and pseudo-models.

It is always worth remembering what kind of women men like, soft and warm companions with whom it will be pleasant to cuddle. There is nothing especially pleasant from the touch of a bony body, at least, most of the powerful of this world think so. After all, femininity implies curves, and a small rounded tummy is actually sexy.

The key word here is small. Without busting, because the sagging belly, which rolls over the elastic band of the underpants, is unlikely to excite anyone. Therefore, every lady should take note – you should not oppress yourself with diets, hoping to get rid of the last two centimeters in the waist, but it is not recommended to lean on cakes every day. Measure is important in everything, so try to find a “golden mean” for yourself.

The image of a fool

A smart woman is always a mystery to a man, because he never knows how she will behave in the next moment. It is for this reason that many guys believe that a girl who, albeit intentionally, tries on the image of a silly woman, is sexy. For example, when she does not understand a joke or laughs at some trifle for no reason. This manifests a sensitively feminine nature, and it is she who distinguishes the ladies from their partners. A girl should often behave directly, especially if the situation allows. Then it will be much easier to gain trust.

But here, as with the previous paragraph, the measure is important. If you laugh like crazy at sheer nonsense or don’t “enter” a simple situation, then you are more likely to push your partner away. Who would be interested in spending time with a passion who does not know basic things?

Love for children

In this case, we are not talking about those who have a clear prejudice against the birth of babies. We are talking about couples in which having their own family and children is the limit of simple human happiness. The girl who lisps with the little ones, plays toys with them, tells fairy tales and laughs merrily at all the pranks looks very touching. Even if it is only a younger brother or nephew, this is a kind of test of readiness for a serious future for both of you. And in the eyes of any man, a woman is not only a lover, but also a mother, so the ability to get along with children is important.

It will look repulsive if, at the sight of a child, you try to hide behind your companion, start behaving rudely, or even take offense at the fact that you get less attention than the baby. This will make your boyfriend draw certain conclusions about you, and you will definitely not like them.


It so happened that many are accustomed to considering women as wasteful creatures and associated with certain expenses. Undoubtedly, such instances exist, and they have their own fans who are able to pull this financial burden.

However, most of all guys admire in their companions is the ability to count and save. After all, if a girl knows how to reasonably manage the budget, then she is not afraid to entrust her salary. It is unlikely that the guy will be happy if the lion’s share of income goes to expensive outfits and cosmetics, then the refrigerator at home demonstrates its emptiness.

Here it is important not to confuse prudence and frugality with stinginess and greed. Sometimes it’s good to “shrink” a little to save up for certain things, but giving up simple things is already too much. Therefore, every time before going to the store, try to determine what you really need and what you can do without in the near future.

normal appetite

A lady who at the table tries to eat no more than a poppy seed and constantly frowns, seeing how her partner eats fried chicken on both cheeks – this is not the most pleasant sight. In addition, men feel discomfort next to such girlfriends, because they do nothing forbidden, but at the same time they are gradually criticized.

If you really want to look more “human” and natural, then stop this gastronomic terror. After all, guys are pleased to see that their beloved knows how to enjoy food, that she has her own preferences. This brings together better than heavy silence during meals.

But here, too, one must not go too far. Normal appetite is the ability to eat a normal amount of food at one meal. Stuffing yourself with a triple burger, eating a large portion of fries and drinking a liter of cola is not normal. Especially if your boyfriend is not capable of such a feat. It will look strange if the girl eats much more than her companion, and with such a look as if this is a trifling matter. You should not pretend to be a man with a black hole in his stomach, because this may only scare a man away, but he will not like it even more.

As an epilogue

There are dozens of qualities that guys can find cute, charming, touching, childish, attractive, sexy. Only you yourself can understand what attracts your chosen one so much. All of the above is just a help to those who, one way or another, have become enslaved by stereotypes.

A girl is not a soulless robot, which should have a perfect smooth shell and an indifferent look. This is a personality with its own whims and peculiarities. The most important thing is to be able to present yourself correctly, be sincere, and sometimes even crazy.

However, as mentioned above, the measure is important in everything. To be an eccentric and broken beauty or a restrained intellectual, to have some rudeness in your appearance, or to become a real embodiment of femininity – it’s up to you. Understanding what men like in women takes time and patience.

Just try to put aside your fears about your own imperfection, and then you will immediately notice positive changes. After all, another property that all men love without exception is confidence in their own beauty. And every representative of the weaker sex should find it.

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