What Men Want: 8 Basic Male Needs

What Men Want: 8 Basic Male Needs. She flew in from work, cleaned, washed, did her hair, put on a chic dress with heels, cooked a three-course dinner, and met at the door with all the parade – such stereotypes arise in our heads when we are asked what men want from us women.

In fact, everything turns out to be completely different. First of all, a man seeks spiritual comfort, and then external. Understanding, participation, and support can inspire the stronger sɘx stronger than bright lipstick and lace underwear (although you should not forget about this either).

1. Respect

The key expectation of a man from the beautiful half of humanity is precisely respect, that is, acceptance with due respect of his experience and knowledge, value system, family attitudes, and everyday habits. A wise woman does not seek to change her life partner, but carefully keeps what is dear to him and for which, in fact, she fell in love with him. Even if it means putting up with an unwashed mug at the monitor or an ashtray on the balcony.

Well, such an obvious thing as respect for your man in public and showdown only in private is not worth mentioning.

2. Trust.

Men rarely open up, and when they do, they expect solidarity from us. His secrets are now yours and you need to be able to keep them even from your girlfriends.

Checking mail and messages on the phone means humiliating yourself with the possibility of suspicion against your chosen one, in addition, think about it, would it be nice for you to open all your correspondence on the Internet, phone and computer to your man? Is there really no cause for concern? And the word written in the hearts of a friend? What about an innocent flirtation with a childhood friend and an invitation for a cup of tea? You plan to remember your youth, but how can it look from the outside? That’s it.

What Men Want: 8 Basic Male Needs.

3. A man wants support from a woman.

There are days or even whole periods when everything falls out of hand. Problems with friends and parents or difficulties at work, health problems, or your favorite car can all happen at the same time and cause a serious blow to your partner’s endurance. Needless to say, “well, you are as always” and “think about it, it’s business” will not add to his self-confidence and positive emotions.

Tired, embittered, and desperate men are waiting to be warmed, caressed, and verbally expressed their faith in their strength. After all, they are often ashamed in front of us that the “defender” sometimes needs protection himself.

4. Understanding.

A man has the right to live a full life, whether it’s fishing with friends or a conference in a neighboring city for the whole weekend, evening gatherings in the bathhouse, or maybe round-the-clock trips to the garage to an old car or an hour at the computer for an exciting toy. It is common for all people to periodically seek solitude, so we restore mental strength after particularly debilitating events. “Husband and wife are one Satan,” which does not mean walking everywhere as a couple. Two self-sufficient individuals have the right to be fond of different things and there is no need to force each other to participate in someone else’s affairs against their will. Would it be interesting for you to spend the whole day in the garage, lifting heavy pieces of iron, dirty in oil? So your partner prefers not to go to Swan Lake, but to take a steam bath in the sauna.

5. Approval.

“An affectionate word is also pleasant for a cat,” and even more so for a man. It is not customary to ask for praise, so it is especially expected. Notice and caress the smallest changes, such as the dishes washed or the garbage taken out, because we all like it when our efforts are rewarded.

What Men Want: 8 Basic Male Needs.

6. Household comfort.

And only now we come to the notorious three-course dinners and starched shirts. Agree, it is difficult to relax comfortably among a heap of things piled in a mess. Namely, the male body and psyche require relaxation after intense working days. Naturally, no one requires us to sort lentils from buckwheat, like Cinderella, but it’s still worth it to tidy up the living space, provide your partner with clean clothes and tasty food.

7. Charm.

And here dresses, heels and lace lingerie enter the stage. It is necessary to monitor your appearance, at least for yourself. A woman who feels like a beauty, in the eyes of others, is such, so treat yourself to the joy of the man of your dreams with beautiful things. It’s not worth spending all the money on this, but making a rule once a month to buy a new thing will not be superfluous.

8. Recoil.

All the talk that a man does not need caresses and foreplay is nothing but a myth. A common misconception has deprived the stronger sɘx of pleasure from simple touches and a sense of significance. Meanwhile, every man wants to be desired for his woman. A pat on the back while he washes the dishes, or a kiss on the neck bent over the monitor, will give your companion the joy of tenderness and a sense of self-worth. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and let the man know that you love him and want him.

What Men Want: 8 Basic Male Needs.

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