What should a guy do around the house?

Quite often, serious wars flare up in families because of the question: “what should a man do around the house.” The wife rightly expects her husband to help with the cooking, the kids, and the cleaning. Men have a different opinion on this matter. Let’s try to figure out what a man should do around the house.

What should a guy or a man do around the house?

The degree of help at home for men depends on the mentality and national culture, mutual agreement and the prevailing circumstances: how busy partners are at work, whether there are small children at home.

Helping around the house should not be a tool for manipulation. In order for a man to help with pleasure, it is necessary to ask for help as tactfully as possible, without humiliating his dignity, or to jointly discuss the division of duties into male and female from a simple principle, who does what he does best.

  • Taking out the trash.

It so happened that taking out the trash is a man’s duty, But collecting it in ikets and putting them out to the exit is better for a woman to do. Because men are less receptive to litter. To avoid problems, every day before work, ask your spouse to take out the garbage from the house.

  • Cooking food.

Undoubtedly, the one who does it best and who has time for this is engaged in cooking. But, if you have no time, or you are tired of cooking every day, then from time to time a man can also fulfill this duty.

Of course, not every young person will be able to bake a pie, cook cabbage rolls. But simple dishes in the form of mashed potatoes, pasta, scrambled eggs, vegetable salad can be prepared by everyone. Maybe the man will like cooking, and it will become a good tradition for your family that on weekends it’s time for every day

  • Force majeure circumstances.

If at home there was a surprise in the form of a leaking toilet or faucet, a clogged sink, a huge puddle under the washing machine, then all this remains on the men’s shoulders. Every man should have an idea about the stopcock, the rubber gasket, the cartridge.

Therefore, at home it is necessary to have at least a minimum set of tools. If Your Man works in the Office, then it is clear that he may not be able to weld polypropylene pipes, install plumbing, and pour floors. No price is given for the plan.

  • The need for mending.

Does your husband have to help around the house?

If there is a need to carry out minimal repairs in the house, then this question lies with the representatives of the stronger sex: glue the wallpaper, tiles that come off in the bathroom, lubricate the creaking hinges, fix the jamming door locks.

Elementary electronics: spark plug, light bulb change, non-burning lamp. Correcting such trifles on your own will allow you to save the family budget and feel yourself better.

A man must take care of his shoes himself. Although here it is a matter of family traditions of the parental home. However, it looks more than ridiculous when a strong man asks you why you didn’t clean His size 45 shoes.

If in the house of your parents your mother took care of the shoes of the whole family, then you may have to face the problem that the husband himself polishes his shoes to a shine.

  • Buying products.

Many men mistakenly believe that a man should be in charge of grocery shopping. Actually it is not. It is best to go shopping together as a husband and wife. Since you will choose what products to buy, and he will bring heavy bags to the car and to the house.

In addition, often men do not understand how much food actually costs. Often there is misunderstanding in families on this issue. The husband does not understand where the money goes.

Therefore, it does not hurt the spouse to go to the store, compare the money earned with the prices in the store. Then you will listen to the cop that you are a spender.

  • Knife sharpening.

Of course, you will not always wait for your husband to come and sharpen your knives. In addition, he usually produces very sharp knives. However, knife sharpening is a man’s job. And for this, it is not necessary for you to follow your spouse on the heels and endlessly ask him to sharpen. Agree with him that he monitors their condition himself.

To complete this paragraph, the participation of a woman is not required at all. A representative of the stronger sex should be responsible for the appearance of the car. Moreover, usually men do this with great pleasure and zeal.

Most often, a full sink of dishes does not have any effect on a man. The most he will do is put his plate in the sink. Of course, after your repeated requests, he can wash the dishes, but even then, only the one that is in the sink.

To the position, which is located on the pillar, it is possible to be apart of the world. The best way to shift the washing of dishes to your spouse is a dishwasher, which men are happy with.

  • Parenting.

A man should be involved in raising children on a par with you. It is clear that mom gives more time to the kids. No, the spouse does not have to wait until they are older to go fishing with them. He may well compensate for the lack of attention on his day off.

  • Spring-cleaning.

If a general cleaning is planned in the house, then it is quite possible that a man will take part in it. He can vacuum carpets, wash windows at a height. Moreover, the more modern the model of a vacuum cleaner or a brush for washing windows, the more interested the young man

The most a man can do is start the washing machine with the laundry already sorted. After that, he can easily hang clothes to dry.

Often, misunderstanding in families arises against the background of minor domestic issues. No, to save a marriage, you have to make compromises. It is helpful to do all the household chores together. It is not necessary to understand the conflicting situations, and it is necessary to understand the subject.

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