What should a wife do to make her husband happy?

To love a man passionately means to be able to give, share, sacrifice, understand and accept. You see that the partner is trying in every possible way to make you happy – comply, do not expect that your path will be strewn with roses forever. Only he.

And besides, have you ever tried what a miracle it is? This is us about that touching moment when your chosen one is at the pinnacle of bliss, joy, surprised warmth, thoughts: is this woman really able to change my world like that. Write down what you need to do for this, there will be a lot of information.

The first sketches, attempts and torments

In the Power of the Old Gender Canons concerning the duties of the male and female, the function to make happy “The lady of the heart was smartly attributed to the stronger sex. A diligent “gardener” should “spud” groom and cherish the “delicate flower”, but how he himself lives at the same time – the princesses themselves should not particularly worry.

In the literature of various kinds, there is a sea of ​​​​recommendations: how to choose the right gentleman, how to lure him online, keep him, force him, educate him, and at the same time protect yourself from bad personalities, vigilantly separating villains from true knights. You do all this often, don’t you?

And what about the reverse side of the medal?

How many times have you thought: what a nice sweater my boyfriend’s friend has, you need to knit the same one for your beloved or tonight the initiator of a romantic date – I, sweets, colorful balls, candles, wine, I will prepare everything and amaze the imagination.

Modern women somehow like to rush to extremes: either she is a proud, impregnable, self-sufficient “woman” or waiting for offerings, gifts, gifts “beloved girl” who does not want to get out of their infantile habits and create personal happiness with her own hands.

For some reason, it seems to us that both of these essentially opposite types are not you. The whole trouble of women often lies in another field. Don’t try to avoid it. Themselves, they say, let them puff and try, and doubts torment me: will I not seem like an “exception to the rule” weaving the lace of serene family happiness on my own initiative.

Cast aside your doubts, don’t listen to the “wise” advice of your friends (did they themselves manage to create successful unions and even more so to keep them?), Better watch the older generation with their seemingly old-fashioned borscht by the time your spouse arrives, gentle care, cooing, “delicious” smells in home and still starched pillowcases.

We are not going to send you to the Stove and the ladle, but we have already collected a whole string of tips, tactics, techniques for the useful female “Piggy Bank”. What is acceptable – use it, what is doubtful – upgrade to suit your circumstances.

How to make a man happy and is it necessary?

What should a wife do to make her husband happy?

This time, we will not in principle call on the arithmetic of the format you are used to as assistants: top 10 orders, 15 best tips, we write with our hearts, and therefore, as much as possible, all of ours, my friend:

  • never react immediately to critical, problematic situations in the spirit: that’s it, I don’t need you like that anymore, you are free, go to all sides 4, your soul mate will “reborn from the ashes”, but will not call you with him anymore;
  • when you meet your husband on the threshold of the house in a stunningly erotic negligee – his body responds, when you silently look into your eyes in an attempt to determine “on a shield or with a shield” he returned from work – his soul rejoices, be able to choose momentarily what is more important to him now;
  • do not put on a judicial robe to criticize his life, already established realities from morning to evening: your former absolute bitch – how did you live with her, your mother has an unbearable character – we can’t make friends, I don’t understand how you can work in this companies – look for another vacancy and leave from there;
  • respect the decisions, aspirations, dreams, ideas of your companion, treat them the way you would like him to perceive all these positions in you;
  • having learned the weaknesses of a partner in moments of his boundless trust in you, do not turn them into arguments in a dispute about the problems that have arisen, do not beat him with knowledge of past mistakes and shortcomings in character;
  • don’t even think of pictorially, languidly, breathlessly announcing to a friend that today at fitness you saw such a dizzying “jock”, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s figure is generally perfect, but he urgently needs to do “self-sculpting” otherwise you will have doubts about his masculinity;
  • tell your spouse more often that he is your God, your prince, your beloved perfection is exactly the way it is, but do not distort your soul at the same time, he will immediately feel hypocrisy and falsehood;
  • do not ignore his stories about work, career, a new boss task, inviting friends to a football match, a music track that he now listens to all the time, he liked it so much, a book he read, a video that struck his imagination, and even more so do not scoff at his taste;
  • “Show off” your husband to your friends and colleagues, especially in his presence, just don’t turn this monologue into an ironic farce, it’s really important for men what a woman says about him to her surroundings;
  • representatives of the stronger sex are the same people with spiritual doubts and fears, don’t even think that your chosen one is “rock”, “monolith”, “fortress” your union will be happy if you announce safety to a man according to the principle: never be afraid to stumble – I you;
  • in moments of intimacy with your loved one, always go for experiments and compromises, boldly talk about your feelings and desires, tactfully put up barriers of unacceptability, if something physiologically does not suit you, honesty is the key to mutual satisfaction;
  • be close at the “barricades”, “give cartridges” in verbal battles, if you understand the subject of discussion, support ideas, undertakings, analyze with him new ideas in a business, a project assigned to him at work, alone in the field – definitely not a warrior, mind good – but 2 is better;
  • “Eavesdrop” on his dreams, even if they are quite “childish” – ride in a hot air balloon, learn how to ski, jump from a parachute, get Johnny Halliday’s autograph at the Paris-Dakar rally, think about what you can give him close to these dreams;
  • do not be skeptical of the phrase: the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach, on the contrary, spoil him more often with your favorite dumplings, Napoleon cake like his mother’s, Olivier salad, which he associates with a cloudless childhood, if you don’t know how to do it yourself – find a reliable cook – performer, well, do not report to your husband what and where it appears in the house;
  • become for your husband the standard of a delightful woman, which he will proudly demonstrate to everyone, and how to achieve this, look in a number of articles in our magazine, the reference point is the “beauty” section;
  • occasionally let him go free, we’re talking about fishing, going to a bar for bachelor parties, outings with comrades in the mountains, rafting, well, or where else he feeds his adrenaline reserves;
  • arrange at home “bedlam”, “disobedience holiday”, “total disgrace” for complete clarity – this is when everyone can not wash the dishes for a long time, do not put things in the wardrobe, do not sweep the crumbs from the kitchen table, do not drive the children and the pet out of the marital bed ;
  • ask him for advice, listen to the answers carefully, like a student of a respected teacher, a man should not part with the feeling that his opinion is not indifferent to you and, most importantly, healthy and useful;
  • hug, kiss, pity your “big child” let him be “small” to feel your tenderness, affection and care, he will recharge and return everything to you a hundredfold;
  • surprise him with surprises: a new flash drive that he liked in the store – I bought it in my jacket pocket, his favorite halvah with nuts – in a vase in the kitchen, and on the fridge a magnet with a heart, pinned a note: you are my only happiness, my good!
  • don’t trample on his personal space, don’t get on the phone, don’t partisan with a computer and tablet, don’t wool your pockets – don’t humiliate him with all these investigative procedures, trust between you is the highest aerobatics in a relationship.

Happiness in each individual couple is its own, a little special, exclusive. Therefore, you will definitely be able to dilute this list with your observations and your experience – when your partner’s eyes glow with love and gratitude. And we wash our hands that we could – prompted.

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