What to ask a guy? 100 questions on various topics

What to ask a guy? 100 questions on various topics. Tired of talking alone all the time and want to know more about your interlocutor? What questions are better to ask in order to dispel boredom in communication, to make a man talk, to express a clear interest in him? What to ask a guy if nothing exciting, unusual, or diverse comes to mind? The topics in this article will get rid of such problems, show the ability to listen, increase trust and allow you to spend time with benefit and interest.

1. Character traits and habits.

  1. What qualities do you consider truly masculine? Do you think you have them?
  2. How hot are you? Are you easy to piss off? Can the girlfriend at the same time somehow calm you down, morally help?
  3. Do you live according to a strict schedule or do you prefer to act according to the situation, so that your days sometimes go completely unexpectedly?
  4. If in some business you will not be lucky for a long time, and at the beginning there will be more obstacles than real rewards, will you switch to something else or continue to move in the given direction?
  5. Do you have character traits that bother you, and would you like to get rid of them?
  6. How often do you lack thrills, adrenaline in your blood? What do you do at such moments?
  7. Do you usually make decisions quickly, can you deal with several cases at once, or do you prefer to think things through first and do everything gradually?
  8. For what qualities can one fall in love with you and is clearly worth respecting?
  9. Are you more of an eloquent romantic or a guy who is stingy with compliments, but striving to prove his feelings with his actions?
  10. Are you more comfortable communicating in a noisy, cheerful company or alone with your closest ones?

2. Hobbies and interests.

  1. What usually motivates you to take difficult actions, improve your life?
  2. What would you do at home if you had a power outage and your phone ran out of power?
  3. If you could have just one hobby for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  4. Is it easy for you to get involved in new things or do you prefer to deepen your interest in old ones?
  5. If you were a scientist, in what area would you prefer to work/study?
  6. What specialty would you choose for (second) higher education?
  7. Do you want your girlfriend to share your passions? Which ones and how much?
  8. Do you have some conflicting hobbies? Like riding motorcycles and doing crossword puzzles or writing poetry and weightlifting?
  9. Do you think you have hidden talents? What area of ​​interest?
  10. In which of your hobbies could you achieve the greatest heights or universal recognition?

What to ask a guy? 100 questions on various topics.

3. Work.

  1. Do you think your superiors are fair and rightfully evaluate you? What is it expressed in?
  2. Could you imagine 10 years ago that you would work in this field?
  3. Why do you love and appreciate your work, and what moments would you like to change for the better?
  4. Do you think I would be good at your job duties? Why exactly?
  5. Do you prefer to work in a team, manage people or shine as a solo artist?
  6. Can you imagine yourself in the same profession in 20-30 years? What will change?
  7. Would you like your (future) children to follow in your footsteps and choose the same job?
  8. Do you work in a highly competitive industry? Does it bother you or, on the contrary, causes excitement, motivates you?
  9. What do you value most in your work – the level of earnings, career growth, stability, or a friendly team and understanding management?
  10. Did/do you have any ideas for improving the work and productivity of your company that you would like to offer to your superiors?

4. Goals for the future.

  1. Where and in what conditions do you want to be in 5-10 years? How do you want to achieve this?
  2. How do you feel about different types of marriage, which one would you choose for yourself? By what criteria will you choose your future wife?
  3. Where do you plan to live for the rest of your life? Should it be a specific city or any locality that meets your requirements? By the way, which ones?
  4. What skill or character trait would you like to acquire in the near future?
  5. Do you think your current priorities will change over time, or will they generally stay the same?
  6. How often and how exactly do you plan to help your parents when they retire / in a few years?
  7. What can make you completely reconsider your goals and choose a completely different path for the development of events?
  8. What would you do if you suddenly lost your job? How much would it change your plans?
  9. How long would it take you to achieve your ideal life, the limit of your dreams, if there were no serious obstacles?
  10. What place in your life will be occupied by future children and wife, personal life in general?

5. Friends.

  1. How many friends do you have? How often do you spend time with them? Where did you meet?
  2. Can you trust your friends with almost everything, or do you still have secrets, taboo topics that you would not discuss with them?
  3. How much do your friends know about your personal life? Do you share details of your relationship with them? What?
  4. Have there been situations in your life when you realized that your friends were really the best?
  5. Do you and your friends have special tricks like an unusual handshake, common phrases that only you understand?
  6. Do you think your friends would like me? Would you even introduce me to them?
  7. How do you and your friends usually cheer each other up when something bad happens to either of you?
  8. How do you most often spend time with friends? Are there any places where you often gather together?
  9. Would you try to keep in touch with your friends if you had to move to another city or even a country?
  10. Is it easy for you to make new friends or is it a rather difficult, long way for you?

6. Family.

  1. Would you agree to create the same family that your parents had or would you like to change something?
  2. Do you think that a family becomes such from the moment partners get closer, get married or have children?
  3. How much do you dedicate your parents to the details of your life? Do you prefer to solve problems silently or still share your feelings with them, ask for advice?
  4. What should a girl be like so that you want to create a family with her?
  5. Do you believe that people can live their whole lives together and not cheat on each other at all?
  6. What should be the decisive factor for creating a family – love, the ability to get along without any problems, or benefit (not only financial)?
  7. When the moment comes for you that you clearly realize – is it time to introduce the chosen one to your parents?
  8. What roles and responsibilities do you think are assigned to different family members?
  9. If you had all the necessary external conditions to create your family, would you build it now, or do you need more time?
  10. Which parent do you most resemble and in what way?

What to ask a guy? 100 questions on various topics.

7. Stories from the past.

  1. Have you ever been in a fight? For what reason?
  2. Can you tell us a couple of funny things that happened to you and your friends?
  3. Do you have a favorite photo? What does it show and when was it made?
  4. Have you ever experienced mystical or almost inexplicable situations?
  5. What’s the weirdest/funniest/daring/daring thing you’ve ever done?
  6. What period of your life do you consider the happiest or favorite?
  7. Did you have a favorite toy as a child? Did you let anyone play with her?
  8. How often do you think about the past, about how you could have done something differently?
  9. Do you remember the time when you were the most proud of yourself? What was the situation?
  10. Would you like to say something to people from your past – ex-girlfriends, old friends you no longer keep in touch with, teachers?

8. Relationships in a couple.

  1. What feature in my character could provoke you to a conflict with me?
  2. What in you could not be pleasant to me specifically? Would you like to change it?
  3. What principles would you never give up in a relationship with a girl?
  4. What disadvantages of your chosen one could you accept without any problems?
  5. What do you expect from a relationship? Why do you need them in general?
  6. Are you very jealous? Would it be a problem for you that your girlfriend communicates with colleagues or just male acquaintances?
  7. Would you let a girl have fun in a company without you? Or would you have to accompany her?
  8. What actions or character traits would make you immediately end the relationship?
  9. Are you ready to help a girl with household chores, provided that she also works? And if not?
  10. Is it more interesting and enjoyable for you to spend time with your partner in an intimate home environment or somewhere outside the home?

9. Flirting and light erotica.

  1. What should a girl wear to make you think she’s sǝxy?
  2. If I didn’t know how to kiss at all, how would you teach me?
  3. What habit, character trait, or phrase of a woman can excite you?
  4. How would you feel if you knew that I was embarrassed or worried in your presence?
  5. Did you have thoughts about me that you didn’t tell me about because you thought they were too vulgar or cheeky?
  6. By type of perception, are you visual, auditory, or do you definitely need to touch everything?
  7. Would you like me to take the initiative more often or completely give control of the situation to your strong male hands?
  8. What phrase would you like to hear from your girlfriend after sǝx?
  9. If I told you that your voice gets even sǝxier when you speak softly, would you talk like that more often?
  10. Does the fact that you play sports/train in the gym help you somehow in bed?

10. Humorous questions.

  1. Will you be offended by me if I do not share with you ice cream, a warm battery in autumn and winter, and vulgar views on the work of the Renaissance?
  2. Do you like pandas? And then I have ink here, it seems, imprinted/flowed.
  3. Do you like girls who sing in the bathroom without hitting the notes?
  4. Will you stop communicating with me if you find out that I give names to everything in the house? My refrigerator, by the way, Petrovich. Think you’ll get along?
  5. Do you think the iceberg that caused the Titanic to sink is just a block of ice or an allegory of life’s impenetrable problems?
  6. Could you live happily with a person who unconditionally believes everything that is said in advertisements?
  7. Have you ever thought about where the Little Mermaid and the Prince got their children from? Spawning, specific IVF, virgin birth?
  8. Would you accept… (any flaw or bad habit of a girl) easier if I first told you that I also have three children, two criminal records, and a mortgage, and then admitted that I was joking?
  9. Tell me honestly: if we move in, will I have to fight with you in the morning for the right to sleep longer in the toilet?
  10. Will you put up with my quirks, quirks, bad moods, my girlfriends, relatives, and dog, or have I gone straight to hell?

Knowing what to ask a guy can save each other from awkward pauses and aimless silence. But a good conversation is a direct way to get the sympathy of your interlocutor, it is better to study and understand him, to check the compatibility of views. These questions are suitable for different situations and relationships – from the initial acquaintance with a guy to a serious multi-year union or even marriage. Talking about important things or something light and slightly flirtatious or funny is the choice of the couple itself.

What to ask a guy? 100 questions on various topics.

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