What to choose – love or money?

What to choose – love or money? We are constantly faced with a choice from childhood. First, we choose which socks or T-shirt to wear to kindergarten. Then we think about the choice of friends. After graduating from school, we carefully choose a profession. But the only choice is given to us very hard: the choice of a partner. Some choose according to the dictates of the heart, others are guided by reason, others, probably the wisest, try to combine both the first and the second.

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What to choose – love or money?

The choice, love or money, does not appear in our bay-floundering. You know perfectly well that everything has a push, a premise. But what about love? But doesn’t money make it possible, well, not just to buy love, to strengthen it, so to speak?

From childhood, we are taught that commercial relations are prostitution. We are taught from childhood that true feelings are not bought or sold. From every iron we hear sentimental stories about heavenly life in a hut or about hatred in a golden cage. Love is money, money is love, love is money. And so endlessly, everyday, 24/7… let’s talk about this important topic today. A theme that will give you a choice. The choice always determines the outcome. Is always. Go!

Such a different love

“All ages are submissive to love…” It is true. But desires are not always submissive to love, and along with them, possibilities. Love is a bright feeling that comes unexpectedly, gradually. It silently grows from different seeds.

Love is able to overcome many things: grief, misfortune, illness, various difficulties. Over the years, love has changed. It becomes deeper, more disinterested, stronger. Sometimes love grows into a huge feeling of respect and gratitude. Sometimes it passes without a trace, leaving an aftertaste that ranges from pleasant to disgusting. Love is different. But we are so used to it. And now you will know the only sign of true love.

Remember, true love never changes. It is changeable only at the very beginning, when it is born. She comes when she wants to, and can do a lot of things. She can burst into your life when you do not expect her at all and become criminal. But the main thing is that it is strong in a year, and in 10 years, and in 100. It is endless. Let’s put it in simple terms: you will love your man no matter what and in spite of everything always.

Money is access to life

Money gives us access to many of the joys of life. First, they solve our needs: food, clothing, housing, education, health. Secondly, money allows us to provide assistance to those who need it. Thirdly, money allows you to enter this world and leave it. Try to refute that this is not so? Now the opponents of the material world will start tearing their throats, that potatoes grow in the garden, in the village you can keep cattle, sew clothes on your own, and in general, a person is born on his own, and death does not take money. Well, well … I’ll smash the speculations of moralfags …

  • human needs

We need food so that all body systems work without failures. Without food, a person will simply die. You can grow your own food. Go to the village, start a farm, process crops and live. The hens are laying, the potatoes are growing, the cow is giving milk. Hunting and fishing diversify potatoes and cabbage. And everything is wonderful. Everything is wonderful.

As long as you live alone, a small amount of what you have got is enough for you. But now you have a family that also needs to be fed. So three beds will not be enough, as well as everything else on the points. The result is this: first you need tools, you don’t follow a horse with a plow, you need motorized equipment. Where to get? Buy! This is how money came into your life. You won’t go hunting with a horn either, which means you need money again. Clothes… do you have a loom at home and a cotton field behind the house? Oops, clothes need money too… no need to say more, right? And so everything is clear?

  • Helping others

You are a kind person and really want to help a person. Let’s take a situation where you feel like helping a sick child. What will you provide him? A sack of potatoes, a basket of eggs, and a dairy heifer? Why the hell did they surrender to him when you need 10 million for an operation?! So what do you need? Damn, money again!

  • Birth and death

Yes, you can be born for free. Die too. What about funerals? Yes, of course, you can dig under any birch, and “no one will know where your grave is.” But, unfortunately, in the modern world, you need money for a procedure, that of a birth, that of a funeral.

We dug ourselves into financial issues with our heads and forgot about our topic. Love and money…

Love and money in a relationship

The modern world has left you no chance for a free life. And love without money, unfortunately, is also impossible. Let me prove it.

There lived Petya. He loved Manu. He loved, loved and decided to stir up with her. Petya began to take care of Manya. Manya accepted courtship. Petya picked flowers in the city flowerbed, bought ice cream and took him to the movies. Once Manya was riding a bicycle with Petya and fell. Broke her leg. Manya was put in plaster. You won’t run into procedures in the subway, and taxis are expensive. But Mani has Petya, who should sort of take care of her. But bad luck, Petya only had money for ice cream … Manya was not upset, she loves Petya, and love and money are incompatible things …

Manya married Petya, they had a son. Manya does not work, she washes her son’s ass. And Petya, although he worked, received little money. It became hard for Petya and Manya: pay for housing, buy diapers, buy diapers, eat by yourself, but you need to get dressed. Manya began to feel sad, then angry at Petya. But then the decree ended and Manya went to work. There was more money, but not much – my son is growing … We bought an apartment on a mortgage, money began to go to the bank. My son needs tutors, he was going to enter the institute. And there is little money. Manya went to a second job, and Petya did not sit at home either. But there was only one son left … Manya and Petya lived all their lives, but there is nothing to remember except work, but endless debts. Love has long passed, only a sense of duty remains and nothing more. And once Mana wanted to see the world, give birth to a daughter, and a house in the village with chickens …

What if things had turned out differently? Would Manya be happier? Maybe yes…

You can say that nothing prevented them from starting a business. Which one, may I ask? They did not receive proper education, because there was no money. We tried to survive. Sell ​​sausage or jeans? This is not a business. Not a single bank will give you money to develop your own business if there is no security. Look at things soberly, if you don’t have a golden spoon in your mouth, you will fight your way all your life, like Petya and Manya. In principle, the illusion of a good life will work. You have a car, an apartment, your child got an education, and even went to Turkey. But is this the life you want? Hardly…

Is it so bad

No, not bad. No way. Millions of people live with an average income and love each other. Millions of people are happy in such a life. But ask each of them, what will happen to their relationship if income drops to zero? Correctly. There will be no more relationships. If this is a one-time problem, then it is quite possible to solve it. Many people go through this and get through it. But if such a situation is natural, then alas, love does not live on an empty stomach.

The conclusion is clear: the money should be in the wallet, not in the head. Love must be everywhere. Love is the engine of personal development, which will give you the opportunity to earn enough money to make your loved one happy.

Love or money. Why do women care about money?

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