What to do at home if it’s raining outside?


If it’s raining outside, we offer you ideas for a romantic date that can end under a warm blanket. So, what can you offer your loved one?

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I’m a photographer

Any modern person with a phone can take a picture of a beautiful sunset or a view from a window. But try to work as a real home photographer. Create real scenery for unforgettable photos at home. And invite your beloved to relax and pose. And the girl will feel like the center of the universe, and the pictures can turn out to be very hot, like the whole evening.

Video game tournament

You can battle it out in your girlfriend’s favorite video games or your own. Just remember that it is not always worth proving your unconditional advantage. Give in a little, and ask for mercy and a little oral caress. Well, or offer the winner the most erotic massage.

Recall the classics

Watching an old movie can set it in a sentimental way and forever define you in the category of the most sincere people. Just ask your loved one to choose a movie, you don’t want her to have associations with unpleasant moments of life. In addition, you can always stop at a proven good comedy.

And you can spice it all up with a warm blanket and delicious snacks that will make your loved one feel very comfortable. if it’s acceptable for you – add a bottle of wine or some other alcohol to the screening, and turn your sofa – into the last row of the cinema with places for kissing.

In fact, creating the necessary atmosphere is quite simple. The main thing is to want and try.

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