What to do if a guy cheated on a girl with his best friend?

What to do if a guy cheated on a girl with his best friend? Unfortunately, the situation when a guy talks about cheating with your girlfriend is not so rare. There can be many reasons for its appearance. But, the main question is what to do now after such an unexpected confession.

What to do if a guy cheated on a girl with his best friend

It so happened that your boyfriend did not want to deceive you and decided to tell you about the betrayal. Let’s see what to do in such a difficult situation.

  • Don’t get emotional.

First of all, control yourself. Do not make sudden, thoughtless actions. It is best to distance yourself for a while in order to think about what happened, why this situation arose in your life.

Yes, you’re in pain right now. These thoughts swirl in your head. It is necessary to get rid of them.

Relax and say: “Yes, he cheated on me, also with a girlfriend.” Repeat this phrase to impotence or write it on a piece of paper until your hand gets tired. Then burn what you have written. You will feel better.

  • Experience emotions.

Cheating on a guy is painful. This is a kind of betrayal, which is always difficult to experience. In the case of betrayal with your best friend, this is a betrayal of two people. Give yourself the opportunity to experience the negative. Otherwise, it will remain in your body in the form of clamps, insomnia, nervous diseases.

Let your emotions come out. It is best to do this alone or with a loved one. Just do not need to connect the guy to this moment. He doesn’t need to see how you worry about him. Roar, tear his gifts, break the dishes, beat the pillow. Yes, whatever. If only the negative was splashed out, and did not remain in you. What to do if a guy cheated on a girl with his best friend?

  • Think before you act.

You need to take this hit. Gather your thoughts. Yes, your boyfriend cheated on you. Your friend betrayed you. But consider what you have. Pay attention to those valuable moments that we usually do not notice during our lives.

  • Think what you want.

Be honest with yourself. Think about whether you want to leave the relationship with the guy, or you decide to break up. Weigh all the arguments, focusing on what kind of relationship you had before the fact of infidelity, and why the betrayal occurred. 

If you have made the decision to stay with the guy, then forgive him. And not in words, but in deeds. Yes, so that this topic is never raised between you, so that you, like a trump card, do not use it at the most opportune moment.

Don’t compare yourself to the friend your boyfriend cheated on with. This will not make it easier for anyone, especially you. You need to be prepared for the fact that, no matter what decision you make, to leave or maintain a relationship, the pain will not disappear anywhere. It must be experienced in any case.

  • Set conditions.

Now is the most favorable moment to set a condition regarding your future relationship. Think what you want. Get ready for the conversation. Provide solid arguments.

  • Discuss intimacy.

Don’t take resentment into intimate relationships. Give the opportunity to have the most frank conversation. Be honest about your intimacy preferences. What do you like, what do you not. Let the guy tell you about his preferences. Feel free to diversify intimacy.

  • Be above the situation.

Don’t lose face. Don’t date your boyfriend’s lover. Don’t let yourself sink into an ugly public showdown scene. Do not involve third parties in the conflict. First of all, respect yourself. Make this a priority.

  • Don’t take revenge.

Don’t do rash things. In no case do not start an affair on the side in revenge on the guy. Don’t think it will make it easier for you. Fleeting relationships will end, and in addition to the pain of betrayal, disappointment from the perfect action will be added.

  • Don’t bring the environment into the problem.

What to do if a guy cheated on a girl with his best friend?

Yes, you need to talk now. This information should not be kept to yourself. But where is the confidence that it will not go public. Whispers behind your back – this is definitely not what you need right now.

Let your mind free in a simple, proven way: put all your thoughts on paper. It is important to write by hand. Write whatever comes to mind. Don’t structure the text. These can be separate phrases that are completely unrelated to each other.

In this way, you will lay out everything that you need, free your head from negativity, and allow thoughts to come that will help you make the right decision.

  • For a man, your forgiveness should not come easy.You don’t have to forgive the guy right away. If it will be easy for him, he will not suffer in any way, then he will not be aware of your pain. And it is possible that the situation will not happen again. The young man must feel guilty.

    Do not roar in front of him, do not make scandals, tantrums. No matter how difficult it is for you, but calmly say: “Think up something for our relationship.” If a guy offers you to start all over again, then agree.

    But, you need to understand what “all over again” means. This is not the point where the betrayal took place. This is where you feel good. It’s best for you to leave. Let a man make appointments for you, go on a date, go for a walk. Study each other again.

    This is a kind of return to the “candy-bouquet” period. But, don’t let the guy redeem his guilt with expensive gifts.

    • Be happy.

    Give yourself the opportunity to be happy. Don’t just live in a relationship with a guy. This is a pathological situation that is doomed to failure in advance. You should have your own, no less interesting life.

    Develop, find something to do, go for a walk, go to dances, fitness, sign up for a gym. Sport helps to tune in to a new way and distract from stress. Find yourself a business that truly captivates you, and not just for show. When you are a happy and interesting woman, then a man will not want to lose you.

    • Talk to a friend

    You need to understand who was the initiator of their connection. Why did what happen happen. You must find out for yourself all these moments, otherwise you will not be able to let go of what happened. When you clarify the situation, you will need to make a decision regarding friendship with a friend. But here, to be honest, there is only one probable outcome – the termination of communication.

    • Take care of yourself.

    Pay attention to your appearance. Change your image, it always inspires. Just in no case do not make drastic changes, even if you wanted to. Nobody wants to remember the state of stress after betrayal later. You will not appreciate the changes in yourself later.

    Go shopping, buy nice clothes. Take care of your grooming routine. Feel beautiful. This feeling is sure to be passed on to men, and not only to your boyfriend. And we always like to feel enthusiastic male glances on ourselves.

    If a guy confessed to cheating, then find the strength in yourself to maintain composure and calm. Do not allow yourself to roar, hysteria in his presence. Be strong. It doesn’t matter if you stay with him or not, but you must come out of the situation with your head held high.

What to do if a guy cheated on a girl with his best friend?

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