What to do if a guy ignores your Invitations?

What to do if a guy ignores your Invitations? Let’s imagine the situation: you met a cool guy on a dating app and you are drawn to him! He is handsome, smart, and in general, you would at least now agree to go to a cafe with him to drink a cup of coffee or a glass of sparkling wine. However, he is in no hurry to meet. Even if you take the initiative into your own hands, the guy ignores all attempts to get out of the virtual world into the real one. And it seems that you did not promise each other, but damn, what a shame!

Dating coach Connell Barrett argues that this situation is not at all rare: he notes that often people who seem to be in contact, but not really, use dating services solely to amuse their ego: for them, matches in ” Tinder” are tantamount to self-esteem candy. You should not expect anything more from them than correspondence with notes of flirting.

However, it is not always easy to understand at first glance that nothing shines with this guy: we tell you how to understand that a person will definitely not go on a date with you. What to do if a guy ignores your Invitations?

He doesn’t list anything in his bio.

Or fill in the fields for the sake of a tick. No stories about hobbies, photos from social networks, or even pretentious quotes in the spirit of “A wolf is weaker than a lion and a tiger, but does not perform in a circus.” Usually, people who are aiming for real dates try to put themselves in the best light, so if you see that there is no useful information about a guy, think about whether your communication with him will definitely bear fruit?

The clearest sign that a person is using dating apps just to pass the time or boost self-esteem is a blurry biography in the profile. Photos also mean a lot: if there are 1-2 of them, and not more, he is unlikely to be interested in real meetings.

What to do if a guy ignores your Invitations?

Answering too evasively

Usually, there is a three-message rule in dating services: first, those who like each other are exchanged with a replica or two, after which they switch to messengers that are more convenient for both, and there they already agree on a meeting. However, this scenario does not work if the guy usually ignores any attempts by the girl to initiate a date. He seems to promise to certainly see you live – but not here, not now, not with you.

Beware of evasive responses to your suggestions to take a walk – this is probably not what the guy is here for. He will not answer the invitation in the affirmative, because he is not interested in a meeting. But she won’t reject just like that, because she doesn’t want to give up flirting.

The best way to clarify is to ask directly, in the spirit of “I will be frank. I really like you and I would like to meet you. When exactly this week can we go for a walk?” If there is no clear answer here either, move on to another guy with whom communication is more active.


Refusing to meet at the last minute

Sometimes a guy who is not interested in real meetings can carry out a deceptive maneuver: agree to a date, and then, literally in an hour or two, cancel the meeting or reschedule it – he suddenly had an exam at the university, from which he flew out three years ago, you need urgently go to the general meeting of the “Avengers”, press the NOOOOOOOO button without refusal. If this is not the first time this has happened, take it as a sign that he does not need dates at all.

All you do is write to each other

You communicate, but only in messengers. Moreover, the interlocutor can write you almost poems in three acts, clearly inspired by the poets of the golden age. But what’s the point if the guy ignores calls for a real meeting.

If you keep getting texts, but there is no hint of a date, drop this bad business. Perhaps these guys want only emotional warmth without any obligations.


The guy is either cold or hot

Just like in the riddle about the object that has the letter “y” in the middle of the name. Today you are the center of the universe for him, and tomorrow he won’t even remember your name? Online dating expert Julie Spira believes that this, too, can be interpreted as a sign that your meeting is clearly not destined for fate.

The guy keeps you at arm’s length. He tries to be courteous and polite, but only when he needs it. Perhaps he wants to keep you in the friend zone, and to make sure of this, try to make an appointment yourself.

Watch how he reacts to the offer: he will respond in a flowery way or “feed breakfast” – this means this guy is definitely not an option for real communication. Wish him all the best and move on. What to do if a guy ignores your Invitations?

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