What to do if a man is cheating on a woman?

What to do if a man is cheating on a woman – advice from a psychologist? Often the question of whether to forgive a husband or not concerns infidelity. This is the most, to put it mildly, unpleasant male act. It is definitely not possible to answer it. What to do if cheating is discovered? Let’s try to answer this question.

What to do if a man is cheating on a woman? Is it worth it to forgive betrayal?

Cheating in a relationship is always unpleasant and painful. Just the thought of it can throw you off balance. As long as the situation of the prosecutor is correct, the prototypical effects must be considered and the pro-contractors must be aware of it.

Often the decision to part ways is made in the heat of the moment. You probably met with such that after the emotions subside, the woman regrets what she did. However, it is too late to turn back the situation. Therefore, the issue of parting after infidelity should be approached without emotion, with a cool head.

If such an unpleasant moment has happened to you, then take a break. It is best to live separately for some time in order to deal with your feelings, to think about everything that happened, to make a decision how to continue to live.

If a man is always in front of your eyes, then the irritation will only increase, you will not be able to adequately ocyte. Before making a decision, answer honestly to yourself the question: “Will you be able to find peace and happiness after parting, will your stress be added to the background of parting?”

Compare all the pros and cons of parting, evaluate how your life will change after that. Be honest with yourself, try not to overestimate your strengths. If you never forgive betrayal, your youth will be layered like a “lump in the throat”, then sma with ceeds.

Deciding whether to forgive a husband after cheating in a relationship, if there are children in the family, is somewhat under. The husband can exert pressure, assure that for the sake of the child it is important to maintain the union.

No, it is better not to consider such an argument. The child is comfortable in a family where there is trust, where parents love each other. Children subtly feel deception, and suffer, living in a family where there is a place to be pretense.

When to Forgive Your Husband?

If the husband has deceived, then you should not “cut off your shoulder”, give him a chance, because each of us can make a mistake. It happens that a man cheated once, after which he was very worried, repented, realized that he had threatened the most precious thing in life with a fleeting affair.

Possibility to add to the facts of the prosecution in the chosen situation:

  • If you love your husband very much, you cannot see your life without him. To do this, you have to be careful with what you are saying, you are aware of it and you are taking drugs. They laughed at the same jokes together. The thought of divorce never crossed your mind before.
  • If cheating is the only case, a short-term connection, and not a relationship that has been hidden for a long time, and which has involved emotional attachment.
  • If the husband repents of his deed. He sincerely regrets, tries to do some things that are not characteristic of him, generous with emotions. He suffers from what happened.
  • If your union is convenient for both. The husband is a wonderful family man. He provides for you and the children. When you leave him, it will definitely not be better.

You can give a second chance to a man only when you are not indifferent to each other. If there are bright EMOs between you, even if they are negative, then this is a good sign. This is evidence that there is a relationship between you, and they can be saved.

When Not to Forgive Your Husband?

By the situation, you should try to avoid it. If you have an emotional man who regularly goes to the left, after which he begs for forgiveness, swears eternal love, then such a marriage is doomed to failure, and it doesn’t matter whether you love your husband or not.

Sooner or later, you will have disappointment, you will not be able to be on the same territory with him. Therefore, there is no need to torture yourself. It’s better to leave now. Usually, deceiving a man in a relationship becomes the last straw in the following case:

  • There has been no relationship between you for a long time. You suffer from indifference and coldness towards your husband, sometimes you feel hatred. You realize that without him you will only be better off. The thought of divorce came to you even before finding out the fact of infidelity.
  • The husband systematically deceives, begs for forgiveness, promises that this was the last time. Possibly as soon as possible. Forgiveness is pointless.
  • The betrayal of her husband was not fleeting, but long-term. He led a double life, deceived, came up with various excuses. In this case, not only physical intimacy is involved, but emotional attachment as well.
  • After the betrayal, the husband did not repent. He accuses you of cheating, that it’s your fault that led to his actions. He lacks attention and love. In this case, betrayal will be repeated. You will take on the role of the victim.

How to forgive your husband?

A man cannot completely rid you of this painful feeling. Even if you decide not to forgive your husband, leave him, be ready for a new relationship, then you can look at them through pain, “all men are the same.”

That is, the new admirer has not done anything bad to you yet, and you are already looking at him with a trick, suspicion. So answer yourself the question: “Do you feel good with these feelings?”

If you decide to get rid of the emotions caused by deceit, we should laugh, what a magic spell. To get rid of the negativity, it is important to work through the situation with a psychotherapist.

How to live after a lie?

Are you wearing it? You have already begun to doubt whether you made the right choice when you decided on a relationship, try to take the advice of the American family psychologist Andrew J. Marshall for yourself:

  • Work on your thoughts.

Our feelings are the product of our thoughts. Often the subconscious combines events from different periods of life into one. Thus we obtain proof of the catastrophe in the situation. Keep a diary, write down all your thoughts in it, thus freeing the brain from them.

  • Receive your feelings.

Do not reproach yourself that you cannot leave the tragedy in the past, do not try to live as if nothing happened. Be prepared for the pain to come back from time to time.

  • Analyze memories of betrayal.

They suggest that some points remain unresolved. Let’s say you spend less time together or intimate relationships have lost their former brightness. As long as you try to ignore the memories, the unconscious will keep sending them back to you.

  • Don’t expect miracles from your husband.

Do not think that after forgiveness, a man will pay more attention at times as a token of gratitude, we’ll break even more. Accept not only its positive, but also negative relations.

  • Don’t expect miracles from yourself.

At some point, you realize that you didn’t behave well enough in some situations. You will begin to look for in yourself the reason for the deception that took place. Leave the flaws to yourself.

If you had to face the deceit of your husband, then before making a decision, carefully analyze the siyurui. Perhaps it makes sense to keep the union, but only if there is respect and love between you. Accept for yourself and discuss with a man one golden rule: deceit is forgiven only once.

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