What to do if a man is offended, ignores and does not call?

Despite the fact that we are all adults, sometimes we quarrel no better than small children. In particular, this applies to men. If you only want to see the wheels and you want to do it

But for women, the game of silence and uncertainty becomes a real torment. To stop such behavior, it is necessary to understand why a person does this at all, and also use effective methods of influence.

Signs of male resentment

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To begin with, let’s figure out what can give out a discord in a relationship. Partially if you want to do this, you will need to ask yourself:

  • Избегает tactile and visual contact.

Perhaps this is the first symptom of resentment. Moreover, it can be really very strong, and you won’t even understand the reason for such resritino. When a man in every possible way sits down and moves away, does not look into the eyes, it’s time to start sorting out the situation.

  • Prepare to work with friends and colleagues.

In principle, this can be on a permanent basis. Only two partners in the room are not very interested in other people, and on one and the budget. No way is done next to the project. Probably even for some trifle.

  • Refuses intimacy.

A clear wake-up call about a crack between people. For most guys, sex is a way to express their love (read, no intimacy, no relationship). By refusing the most sacred, a man can demonstrate his strong resentment without words.

  • No beret the phone and does not answer messages.

In general, earlier such a technique was typical exclusively for touchy girls who did not want to communicate with a partner in an adult way with words through the mouth. No seychas it zolya zreniya not propaeda and predstavitelii silnogo pole, it is so-to-to zazepilo.

  • Does not warn about the presence of any plans.

Not that you want it or that. When the relationship as a whole has become obsolete, or you come across a person with a psycho-emotional pathology, this can also happen. But if everything was fine, and then, out of the blue, the girl ceased to enter into men’s plans, something is not right here.

  • Snarls, says unpleasant words.

Dovolno chastay reactiy parnei na obidu so store partners. One will firmly withdraw into himself, while the other will begin to show dissatisfaction with endless nit-picking. If this is what has started to happen in your relationship, it is time to reveal the resentment.

How should a woman behave when a man is offended?

  • Constantly silent.

Many men stop communicating in principle if a girl hurts them with something. And here it is not so easy to understand what happened. The person does not make contact. This is done by the people who are constructive.

As practice shows, when a guy harbors a grudge (even for some nonsense), the matter is not complete with one sign. You can immediately notice several of the symptoms described above. No slozhnee to s lubitelami youti in polnyy verbal ignore.

Why after a quarrel a man is constantly silent

So, with the signs of a typical resentment of the opposite sex, we sorted it out. But why, instead of sitting down and talking calmly, do many men prefer to keep partisans? For me, it is necessary to carry out the following:

This accounts for approximately 80% of cases of ignoring your soulmate. The guys do it out of spite so that the girl gets nervous, runs after them and, as a result, sprinkles her head with m. By the way, people with psycho-EMO-rational pathologies (manipulators) often do this.

  • Doesn’t know what to say

Yes, most men are as simple as 5 kopecks. If he is silent, then he does not understand from which side to approach you, and whether it is worth it at all. Some corny do not want to start the quarrel process again.

  • Disgust (in case of strong resentment).

Sometimes a man stops communicating with you because something really hurt him, and now there is a Gordian. In such a situation, you really don’t want to see and talk to a person at all, and this is a completely adequate reaction (depending on the reason).

  • Pause to cool down.

Typical for most guys. After a quarrel with the Girl, they begin to remain silent, so that both can calm down and think things over peacefully, and not lash out on emotions in the back. So while you are winding yourself up there, they are just waiting for the negative to come down.

  • The woman talks too much.

It happens that a girl is too EMOtional, which suppresses her soul mate. In this case, silence becomes a kind of defensive reaction. On the other hand, if you want to know how to do it, you will need to know.

Yes, this is true for many men. On and off the hotel by asking, so that it is not possible to demonstrate the small number of characters. According to some guys, the first step with their STORon will mean that the relationship is dominated by the girl. So they go silent, but proud.

What to do if a man is offended and does not call

In such a situation, you will most likely have to take the initiative into your own hands. There are different types of such quarrels. And each will have to act in its own way:

  • Completely cut off contact and left.

This is a rather abrupt act, which he may even regret in the future. Most often, after a while, the man himself interrupts the “vow of silence.” But if you understand that you really hurt a person, it is best to arrange a personal meeting.

Live communication is always more productive than calls and virtual correspondence. However, it is possible to see the problem. Ideally, also offer a specific rational solution.

  • Not on calls and messages.

In this case, it is very important not to panic and start to bother him. Men do not like tantrums – this is the golden rule. Wait a couple of days, and then call and write if the young man still doesn’t show up. Optimum pre-designed building, how’s he doing.

  • He is silent for no apparent reason (there was no quarrel as such).

It is not necessary to understand the language, and the partner does not need to be able to understand it. Or the man found out some unpleasant secret about you. In general, here you need to sit down and talk heart to heart. So tell me you don’t understand what happened.

  • Silent, but life remains the same.

This situation is distressing. However, it is clear that the partner simply pauses so that “it will somehow resolve itself there.” In principle, any everyday dialogue or question on your part can again return everything to its previous course. Just show the man it’s okay.

  • Silent, builds life and leisure without your participation.

This is already a serious problem. As a rule, it occurs when there is no normal chant between a man and a woman for a long time. You need a calm and reasonable dialogue. It is likely that these relationships have long outlived their usefulness.

If you quarreled, and the partner is in no hurry to take the first step towards reconciliation, preferring to remain silent, Most likely, you will have to do everything yourself. No button, no popping on the manipulator. Be able to distinguish between a pause in communication and an attempt to arrange an “EMOTIONAL swing”.

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