What to do if a man stopped writing and calling?

What to do if a man stopped writing and calling? You met a man, everything was fine with you: you walked, talked a lot. No where in some he stopped communicating, does not write and does not call. What could be causing this behavior? What to do in this situation? You will find the answer to these questions in our article.

Why did the man stop talking?

Before answering the question of what to do when a man stops communicating, does not call or write, you need to figure out why he does this, what is the reason for this behavior. It is from this understanding that the correctness of actions will depend.

  • First of all, honestly answer for yourself who this man is to you.

What kind of relationship do you have. Either he is just a friend to you, or it happened after the first intimate relationship, or after another scandal, he is a prelude.

  • If you had the First Intimate Intimacy, and the man disappeared after it, then His goal was achieved, His plans did not go beyond this moment.

Maybe he has other relationships, or during intimacy he realized that it was not worth continuing to communicate away. And Maybe the other side of the coin: The man doubted himself, as a skillful partner, something, in his opinion, did not go the way he planned.

  • He may be manipulating you, using the emotional swing technique.

To one attentive, good, to abruptly there is a change of mood. If you are psychologically unsavvy, then you become emotionally dependent on him.

  • Perhaps the man is really busy.

He can’t give you as much attention as he would like. In this case, the desire to see you comes from him. No you don’t want to call it up. Men have more rational thinking. They put work first.

  • The man has other relationships, maybe he is even married.
  • Perhaps the man decided to leave, but he did not have the courage to say it face to face, so he disappeared just like that, without explanation.
  • Maybe your communication lasts for several weeks, on does not want an active development of events.

He needs time to get used to you, to see you as a candidate for a closer relationship.

  • Perhaps something happened in your last meeting that led to this development.

Maybe you accidentally offended a man, or in this way he shows his jealousy. Review your recent communications.

Why does a man disappear without explanation?

  • Young people suffer just as much from insecurity as we do. Maybe you made a stunning impression on him, and he doesn’t know how to approach you like a polenbepritol.

He is embarrassed to speak. He was of the opinion that a girl like you must have many admirers.

What to do if a man stopped writing and calling?

To continue communication with such a man who has ceased to communicate with you, write or call, no more, they will decide. Of course, we can say that if a man needs you, then he will overcome all the obstacles that prevent communication with that. And there is some truth in this. No, it’s not about the idea, which isn’t what you want in real life.

If this man is dear to you, and you decided to be active and try to return the relationship, then try to act as follows:

  • If you were by the wind, and the woman asked for this project, she said: «Mne понравилосыт, понравилосыт. How are you?”.

Take the initiative, but do not pursue further relationships. You just show your willingness to continue communication. You don’t need to call. If he does not answer you, then you should not be active further.

If he gives you ordinary answers: “I liked it too, I’m going to work,” you can afford to get in touch again in a day or two. Do not ask questions like: “And this is after everything that happened?”, “And who am I now for you?”

They will only push the man away. You don’t have to pursue it. Not that it’s not possible to get away from it all.

  • Leave the man alone, understand that you have personal boundaries, neither he nor you owe each other anything.

If you think that he owes you, then analyze whether you had such an agreement.

  • If your meetings were fleeting, the man disappeared after several meetings, then there is no need to build hopes, live in anticipation of a call or letter.

You are investing a lot in a non-existent picture. After that, there will be a big disappointment. Live in fact, do not build relationships for yourself for several meetings in advance. If a man is missing, but you are interested in him, then write to him, you do not need to call.

Ask him how he’s doing, wish him a good day, send a picture. Remind yourself. No invest a lot of your ENERGY.

  • If a man did not write for a long time, and then showed up, got in touch, your actions should be equal.

Answer yourself the question: “I would like to continue communication with him, is he pleasant to me?”. If your answer is “Yes”, then continue the communication. Tell me, if you have personal communication or by phone, or write, if by messenger, that you are glad to hear or see him.

It is not possible to do that, to the people who are there and in the sky, so that you can take the drugs. In the meantime, it’s not a question of saying: “Where have you been?” You will look like a mother chastising her prodigal son. It’s not efficient.

  • If a man disappeared for a while, and then showed up, while he is a married man, then why do you need otinosh Why do you waste time on him?
  • Show disregard.

Pretend that you don’t care, you don’t expect any message from him, call. Control yourself, be calm. Take care of yourself, walk, have fun, develop, go in for sports, dance, read books…

Do not be the first to contact if less than a week has passed. If more than a week has passed, then write him a fleeting, meaningless message, ask how you are. If he has even the slightest interest in you, then he will get in touch with you. If he didn’t get in touch, well, then he’s not your person.

  • Don’t let yourself be manipulated.

If you revolve around a man, and he turns on an emotional swing, doesn’t get in touch for weeks, disappears, then think about whether you need such a relationship. After all, relationships are built by two people. You can’t do it alone here.

  • Stop thinking that you are unworthy of something, that your happiness depends on men.

Take care of your self-esteem, confidence, love yourself, educate yourself. Find an interesting hobby for yourself. When you become a self-confident and self-sufficient woman, whose happiness does not depend on a man, then you will not face the question of how to attract attention if a man is gone.

If a man stopped communicating, calling and writing, then find out the reason for his behavior. After he showed up, listen to his arguments and draw conclusions for yourself, or do you want to communicate with him, or. Then act according to your desire.

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