what to do if feelings faded and how to return them?

what to do if feelings faded and how to return them? By the way, by the other hand, by the prosecution of the person, by the way. How to be in this situation? Is love really gone or is it something else? We will consider these and other questions in our article.

How to understand that you really fell out of love with your husband?

Unfortunately, feelings are not subject to us. They can suddenly surge, and fade away for no reason. Let’s figure out how to understand that you fell out of love with your husband:

  • Lack or unwillingness to be close.

If you haven’t been close for two or more months, then this is a sure sign that your wife has fallen out of love. In a loving couple, there is always a place for pastel joys, hugs, kisses. In family psychology, there is an opinion that if kisses are gone between people, then there is no question of love.

  • Increased personal space.

If you love your husband, then calmly react to his touch. If you avoid contact, move away from it, the distance between you increases…

  • Topics for conversation are gone.

You don’t have to do that so you can do the work, the wheels and the problems. An important sign that a relationship is coming to an end is the absence of long heart-to-heart conversations. You seem to be together, and at the same time separately.

  • Your intuition tells you that something is not right in the relationship.

There is tension in the air. The heart subtly feels the moments that are subject to the heart, not the mind.

  • You tend to spend more time outside the home.

After work, you are not in a hurry to meet your husband, you are ready to stay up late.

  • You draw pictures in your head of how you would live without a husband.

This is a wake up call, a suspension. In this way, your unconscious is preparing for a break that is less painful for you.

  • The conflict ended in a couple.

There are no more quarrels at home, and not because the problems have disappeared. You don’t want to discuss questions. But not of interest. The same as indifferently.

  • Emotional infidelity.

It is not necessary to understand it, but not to the extent of the emotional impact on the drug.

Are you interested in the subject?

  • When your husband asks questions, you dodge them, do not give answers or answer in monosyllables. You prefer to remain silent.
  • Indifference is the surest proof of the absence of love.

You have no desire to do anything for him. Don’t be interested in that. During the day, you do not correspond and do not call each other.

If you had problems before, you shared with your husband, told him everything, cried into his vest, now his girlfriends have taken his place.

Why does love pass?

It is rare that couples retain their feelings throughout their lives. On this status it is possible to have a low price:

  • During the first year of life, young people learn to live together, love gradually disappears, life appears. Newlyweds get to know each other better. Husband no longer seems perfect. You notice more and more negative qualities in him. Often the cause of the scandal lies in the financial issue. Your views on events do not match.
  • Over the course of life, resentment accumulates. Quarrels between you are not uncommon, from which even the calmest person gets tired.
  • When a child appears, along with joy, strength tests enter the family. Household problems are increasing, spending is increasing. The baby requires constant attention. The husband rarely works with him. He is forced to work. You are tired, you do not feel the expected support.
  • Unworthy behavior of the husband, his intrigues, reproaches, betrayals.

What actions will help you fall in love with your husband?

If you decide to save the family, then first of all evaluate the feelings of your husband, whether they have survived. It may well be that love has faded away from him. Then saving the marriage will be doubly difficult. It is possible that you are lucky and your spouse does not have a soul in you, so start fighting for your happiness.

  • Think back to the beginning of your relationship.

How did you draw attention to him, why did you choose him. Mentally refer to the first date, plunge into your feelings. What qualities attracted you in your husband. It is not necessary to say that it is so. Enjoy the memories.

  • Take stock of your life together.

What were you able to achieve, what kind of children do you have, what house, where were you, what did you have to overcome. What worked out well, what didn’t. Write down the results of life on paper, share with your husband. Post the plan on the building. Apply to the future.

  • Prove te joint work then find merits and shortcomings to each other.

Write them down on a piece of paper. Then exchange the list with the intent to start working on fixing your shortcomings. And everyone works on their minuses.

  • Talk frankly about what you lack in the relationship, what you would like to fix. Work together to find ideas for improvement.
  • Distinguish between the shortcomings and misbehavior of the spouse. Probably, you have seen situations when a wife tolerates her husband’s misbehavior, but actively fights against his shortcomings.
  • Accept your husband’s shortcomings. Understand that no one is perfect. Each has both minuses and pluses. Don’t focus on his shortcomings, notice his positive qualities.
  • Don’t be silent if you don’t like something. If you are annoyed by some moments, then immediately speak up. Donesi do not know how to live in the situation. Listen carefully to the chosen one, come to a single decision.
  • Pay attention to your husband. Cook him a delicious dinner according to his preferences. Show at least the slightest signs of attention. Get softer.
  • Be sincere. Do not suffer, do not hide what you are experiencing, that your feelings have faded. Ask your husband to help you deal with the situation. Then at least he will understand the reason for your behavior. If he is afraid of losing you, he will help to overcome this difficult period.
  • Wander around the places where you were happy, plunge into memories, turn on the music you danced to, drink a glass of wine that is memorable for you.
  • Bring new colors to your union. Think of something unusual, new for you. Visit places you have never been before.
  • Spend more time together. Go for a walk, make a habit of having dinner together and discussing the day, go on vacation together. This way you will get to know each other again.
  • If you find it difficult to be together, try to distance yourself for two weeks. Spend this time in order to deal with EMOtions. Do not talk about divorce, just explain such a decision as a desire to be alone.

Visit a psychologist who will help you analyze the situation, identify its true cause and find a way out.

If you have made every attempt to return love, but it only gets worse, the thought of living together seems unbearable, then think about it, maybe it makes sense to break off the relationship. Why suffer yourself and torture your husband. Give yourself and him a chance to find your destiny and arrange a life.

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