What to do if the ex-husband got it after a divorce?

The question when the husband’s ex-wife constantly asks for help is one of the most controversial and delicate. Seems like it could be easier. Relations are severed, and what kind of help is in question.

No, it’s two months by the length of time in other parts of the world. The situation is complicated by the presence of children. Let’s try to understand what to do if your ex-spouse constantly asks for help.

What to do if the ex-husband got it after a divorce?

This is a difficult situation when the ex-husband constantly calls him, asks for help, makes appointments. The situation is aggravated by the presence of children. You literally cannot plan the next evening or weekend.

The husband can break loose and go to the former, but you stay at home. Ponyatno, it’s up to you to listen to this. The first word in the site

  • The real price is of interest to two people.

First of all, figure out what the awakened interest of the former in your husband lies in. Don’t worry about it.

The ex-wife sees that in her place is a luxurious woman. Ownership awakens in her. She sets out to restore the former connection.

By the way, by the name of the dog, the words are: on the other hand the current is sobstvennoe dignity in front of the dog and under. To do this, they do everything possible so that the ex-husband begins a relationship with her, leaving his new wife, that is, you.

Then you need to find out what the ex-wife is really aiming for at the moment when she asks for help.

  • Talk to your husband.

In a calm atmosphere, talk to your husband, discuss the behavior of your ex-wife without humiliating her dignity. If you stoop to this, you will thus transcend it and humble yourself. Talk about your feelings, don’t go overboard.

If a husband values ​​​​his relationship with you, then he will save you from worries. If there are no children left in that union, then you have the right to propose that your husband does not help his ex. The situation becomes much more complicated when they have children together.

If the Husband says that he will help his ex-wife, then you can ask him not to run headlong at the first call for help.

What to do if the husband’s ex-wife ruins life?

Of course, you should not dismiss requests. Discuss with your husband that after 20:00 this is your personal time. That after this time he does not answer calls, does not go to solve problems, of course, if there is no question of life and death or the health of children is not at issue.

You can visit your ex with your husband. Thus, you will make it clear that you do not want Personal happiness, treat her kindly, but you are not going to give up your husband. You will notice that when you go to meetings with your ex with your husband, then gradually the requests will go down the drain.

  • No meshaj obsheniya s dеtьmi.

If there were children in the husband’s former family, then you cannot interfere with his communication with them. Otherwise, the relationship between you and your husband will seriously deteriorate. Try to make sure that your spouse does not spend time with the children in the house of the ex-wife.

You may find it in the cinema, park, attraction, extra, bass, picnic, theater and a lot of people. Of course, here the main organizational activity will be on your shoulders. No, you can do it by yourself and by the way.

  • Ask your husband to set boundaries with your ex.

Your husband’s task is to end the previous relationship, to break the EMO-rational dependency on the past. To do this, he needs to establish boundaries beyond which the ex-wife should not go. After your spouse voices these requirements to the former, she will be forced to comply with them.

Donesi do muzha fact, so that it is so small that it is not worthwhile.

How to behave if the ex-husband constantly asks for help?

Only with a properly built position can you save face. If this is difficult, then the only sure way out is not to participate in the relationship between the husband and his ex. Provided that it is possible to have one of the most developed areas in this non-professional situation.

  • Don’t be jealous of the kids.

If it so happened that the ex-wife has children, then it will not be possible to dismiss this situation. You have to prioritize right now. Whatever it was, but in the first place your husband should have children. Don’t be jealous of the little ones. These are important people for your spouse.

  • No word in other words and also by the way.

This relationship should not concern you. That’s right, if this situation will pass you by. You didn’t create it, it’s not for you to decide. Don’t get on the warpath with your ex. Don’t interact with her. You don’t need to write or call her.

Also, you should not enter into friendship with your ex-wife. No words “club of ex-wives”, where the husband will take a comfortable position for himself and leave from the analysis of the creator of the created one. If there are sharp moments between the husband and his ex, then let them decide. You don’t interfere.

  • Control your reaction.

No matter how bad you feel, it’s insulting, but when your ex-husband calls, you don’t need to roll up a scandal. Thus, you will show up in a not very nice way. Calmly say that you somehow saw your marriage differently. Tell me about your experiences. Don’t issue an ultimatum.

  • Define your boundaries.

It is important not only for your spouse to designate personal boundaries between the former and him. Do the same. Don’t get lost in your husband. Be happy with yourself. No need to wait in other areas.

Take care of yourself, be beautiful, communicate with friends. Don’t get hung up on the “ex-wife haunts” problem. Live your own life. Even if you are not aware of the problems that arise in people. If that is of interest, then that is what is in the priority area.

Understand that the past cannot be deleted. No in two years sozdatь nostoyashee, and kakim on one budget this is the one that is there, and not two two years old and there are two people.

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