What to do if the guy does not like you?

What to do if the guy does not like you? Under the influx of tender and passionate feelings, many of the fair sex tend to project their attitude and attribute to the chosen one what they themselves feel. No, unfortunately, this is not always true.

Ideally, the plan is for the people who live there. You need to protect yourself as much as possible from this.

Signs that a guy doesn’t like you

Before you decide what to do if a guy does not love you, you need to understand, but really. Or maybe you made up your own mind?

The following signs will help you understand that the guy is not even looking towards loving you.

  • He does not talk about love or even declare that he does not love.

This is the most obvious sign. How to shine a flashlight in the eye. A guy can express his feelings, both closed and veiled.

If he directly says that he doesn’t love you or asks you not to fall in love with yourself, then on his part the only where the girls tend to consider that this guy is so flirtatious. No not. He really doesn’t love.

  • You are not alone with him.

The guy is absolutely not shy about you, and in your presence flirts with others, shows them signs of attention. On the other hand, it is repeated by the multifaceted “girlfriends”, and by the meaning of the “chat”. Only you are not taken to these meetings.

Is it interesting that you are interested in it?

  • He treats you badly and offends you.

A loving person does not seek to hurt. He will take care of your feelings. And if he allows rudeness or offensive jokes, makes fun of your shortcomings in public, and enthusiastically talks about his exes, then your feelings are not of interest to him.

This also includes the fact that after a quarrel he insults you, blackmails you or proudly remains silent for several days before. Loving people do not humiliate each other, despite conflicts.

  • He doesn’t pay enough attention to you.

The guy doesn’t feel the need to warn you if he’s going to leave or meet up with friends. He says he forgot. Do not believe. If a person cares about you, he will always find a minute for you.

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He doesn’t care what your hobbies are. In the absence of love, the guy will not care what books you like, and how you prefer to spend your free time.

Your safety is nothing to him. He does not consider it necessary to take you home if you met in the dark. And also does not react if attacks have begun on you in a common company. A loving man always seeks to protect his soul mate.

  • He doesn’t really want to be a part of your life.

A guy doesn’t take you seriously if he’s not in a hurry to introduce you to his parents and friends. At the same time, you have been in a relationship for a long time. In turn, on is not eager to join your company and avoids your relatives.

He vaguely answers questions about a joint future. Answers in the style of “wait and see” have become commonplace. Don’t believe it. He just doesn’t see you in his life.

  • He avoids talking to you.

Yes, when a woman breaks through, this flow is hard to stop. No chutky and a loving partner will make an effort and will listen carefully to what you have accumulated. And if he translates the topic or even leaves, it means that your feelings are indifferent to him.

Your tears are also an indicator of love. If a guy does not console and calm you down, but gets angry, then there is no love here.

  • He is always annoyed.

Maybe you have some unnerving “typically feminine” habits. But a loving guy treats them condescendingly. And that’s what you’re about to say. And it’s not about love.

  • He doesn’t want to spend a dime on you.

Are flowers a waste of money? Prosit skinny on petrol? Is there a split bill in the restaurant? A loving guy is always generous. And even with the last money he is ready to please his soul mate. Yes, love is not measured by money. But men are always ready to invest in what is important to them.

There is a possibility that he is, in principle, a miser. It’s definitely not worth getting in touch with such a person.

  • Always dissatisfied with you.

Love is accepting a person for who they are. Not accepted and not criticized. If the guy does not like your figure or the way you put on makeup, then why is he with you at all? Even if you change, he will find something to complain about.

  • Intimate life went downhill.

All people are different. If there are too many temperatures, then it will be on the skin and the air bubbles may stress and the weather. But in men, in the event of the extinction of love, it is this sphere that begins to suffer first.

If he no longer cares about your playful hints and candid photos, then this means that as a woman you are his pain pain pain pain. And no new underwear will bring back his passion. Especially if there is no love.

What to do if the guy does not like you?

It’s not in those days with this parameter and little by little, and that’s what happened next. You won’t be forced to be nice. Comfort yourself with the thought that as a boyfriend and life partner, he may turn out to be completely different from what you are.

No, it is not necessary for two parts, to post the position of the subject:

  • Recognize reality.

Yes, it really is hard. It hurts us when rose-colored glasses are broken with glasses inward. And you can not believe until the last that your boyfriend does not love you. However, it is good to know the truth. Even for yourself.

  • Find out in advance that the feelings are no longer mutual.

And you’ll understand faster that you don’t have a chance, you’ll meet the same one, . And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. It is better to burn all the bridges now than to suffer for a few more years.

  • Find strength in yourself.

If you feel or know that your chosen one no longer loves you, then you need to part with him. Mozhet on teby and where not lubil, a mozhet chuvstva ostyli spustya vremya. Do not try to deceive yourself and do not have hopes that the fire of his love will flare up again.

Also privacy and privacy can be given to the owner of the room.

First of all, you need to love yourself. Unfortunately, not all people are suitable for each other. And no matter how perfect, wonderful, beautiful and kind you are, there are men who do not need all this.

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It’s not about you, and you’re all right. You are at home, you are beautiful the way you are. It’s also about this, it’s about it and it’s parents, it’s about the same thing.

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