What to do if the guy does not write and does not call first: instructions for girls?

What to do if the guy does not write and does not call first: instructions for girls? Relations between a couple are not always joyful and cloudless. From time to time, girls have to not only enjoy wonderful and well-coordinated relationships, but also experience unpleasant moments from time to time. And even if the guy is almost perfect, it is possible that sooner or later the moment will come when the girl will have to think about the question of how to make the guy write first.

In most cases, in parallel with this question, girls are also interested in how to get a guy to call first, how to catalyze a first date with him, or how to make him declare his love first. So, how to push a guy to be the first to take the initiative and at the same time not fall face down in the mud, putting your reputation at risk.

The most interesting thing is that the question of how to make a guy call first is of interest exclusively to young, free and, accordingly, unmarried girls. They still have a lot of new, unknown emotions ahead of them, sometimes forcing them to make mistakes or spend the night without a break, pouring tears on their pillow. Probably, every woman is familiar with love experiences and thoughts about how to make a guy write first.

Many girls believe that you should not force things in any way and the guy must write or call himself. Indeed, such guys are by no means an exception and are ready to even go on numerous and sometimes quite real feats in order to achieve the location of the girl of their dreams.

According to another category of representatives of the weaker sex, a girl should in no case show sympathy on her own. This applies even to those cases when the guy really liked it very much. Such actions cannot be called very reasonable, and in most cases, instead of helping to improve relations, they will simply expose the girl in front of the chosen one in an unfavorable light for her.

If, however, you suddenly want to gain courage and take at least a step forward in order for the guy to write to you, do it extremely carefully, avoiding the slightest mistake and inaccuracy in your cunning plans. The guy should not even think that you opened the hunting season for him.

Attract the attention of the guy you like

Puzzling over how to attract a guy you like or how to make a guy write first to those young ladies who are barely familiar with the object of their desire and those who have been dating a guy for a long time. It’s just that at some point she just wants the first step from him after an unsuccessful big quarrel.

How to influence a stranger?

If the target of the hunt is a guy unfamiliar to a girl or a guy from a common circle of friends who does not even know about the sympathy that exists for him, there is only one way out – you need to try to draw attention to your person as naturally as possible. This will help you speed things up and turn the cute boy next door into your boyfriend status. Once you start attracting attention, you will soon understand what your next steps should be.

The most important thing is that, whatever one may say, the task is not at all easy, even, on the contrary, quite difficult. One of the most important aspects is not to overdo it, because it is in this case that the guy may decide that you are a frivolous fool and want to stay away from you.

So, if you don’t already know how to get a guy to text first, try one of the following tips:

  • Smite him with your external attractiveness;
  • Change your image and instead of nondescript little things and shoes on a thick wedge, strike him on the spot with an evening dress and high heels. But here, too, be careful, as in any other matter, appropriateness is necessary. It is unlikely that an evening dress and stilettos will be perceived normally by him during a football match at a local stadium.
  • If you are going to meet with a company in a cafe or at a friendly party – go for it, a miniskirt, chic styling and evening make-up can strike on the spot not only your chosen one, but also numerous guys who are at the holiday. It has long been no secret that all males almost without exception love with their eyes, and fall in love first of all with those who are pleasing to them outwardly.


Turn on your sense of humor

Unfortunately, not all ladies know how and can joke appropriately. But men, starting with yesterday’s students and ending with experienced gray-haired elders, appreciate wit in ladies very much. Therefore, do not hide your sense of humor in the company. On the contrary, try to always remember that it can help you a lot in the matter of winning the subject of your interest.

The bird talker is smart and quick-witted

Of course, you should not always imitate the behavior of a bird from a cartoon that has already become legendary. But, borrowing some recommendations from her does not hurt. The main thing is to remember that the times of naive fools who enjoyed authority among guys have sunk into oblivion. Modern men want their companions to be smart, erudite. It should be interesting to talk with them not only to an interested guy, but also to his circle of friends.

Most guys actually prefer to communicate with a smart woman than with a pacifier spiked with kilograms of Botox.

Having taken into account the main tips, do not forget about small, but also important tips. A lot of important things are stored in the details, and they will be one hundred percent able to help you:

Not forgetting about your irresistible appearance, try to appear in front of the guy as often as possible;

Try to always share his interests in everything, for example, if he cannot imagine the beginning of his new day without a morning run, follow in his footsteps – buy new sneakers, a tracksuit and move on to a healthy lifestyle;

Don’t focus solely on it. Try to get other representatives of the stronger sex to pay attention to you. This will help to evoke the so-called competitive spirit in the chosen one and will not only tell you how to make the guy write first, but also push him to completely conquer the object of his attention. In this state, he is ready not only for SMS, but also for serenades under your windows.

How to get a guy to text first after a big fight?

Something to quarrel with a guy about and without him for the fairer sex is not at all a problem. As they say, there would be a mood for a quarrel, but there will always be a reason for it. The only problem here is that not every girl is subsequently ready to go to a truce. This applies even to those cases where she is wrong and where in order to reconcile it would be enough to write SMS to each other.

Thus, even having provoked a scandal, as they say, out of the blue, the girl will still think about how to make the guy write first. This is at best. At worst, even if a quarrel is provoked by a girl out of the blue, she will still wait until he first makes contact.

Time goes by and he doesn’t call back

If a certain amount of time has already passed after a quarrel, and the guy still does not call, you need to take certain measures in order to correct the situation and return your loved one. This case is much more complicated and largely depends on several conditions:

  • Reasons for the quarrel;
  • Features of the character of the guy;
  • How high is his level of stubbornness;
  • The strength of his feelings for a partner.

If you have no doubt about the strength of your boyfriend’s feelings, then you can use the following tips to get him to text first. We are talking about:

  • Demonstration of the power of his repentance;
  • Make jealous;
  • Show your excellence.

Demonstration of one’s own repentance is possible in a personal meeting. It is best to look a little sad on her. If a personal meeting does not work out, you can try to get in touch through friends. They will be able to convey to your boyfriend in words how hard it is for you to worry about the quarrel and how they would like to make peace.


Make jealous

When it comes to making a guy jealous, it’s not about literally cheating on your crush. Not at all, such a turn of events can lead to the exact opposite result, and instead of reconciling, the couple can disperse completely.

In order to arouse the minimum jealousy necessary for a truce, it will be enough just to hear rumors about alleged treason. At the same time, you can add information that due to the fact that you are in a state of quarrel with your partner, another guy starts to knock wedges on you.

If you are dear to your boyfriend, and he does not agree to lose you in any way, then most likely writing an SMS message will be the first step towards your truce.

As for reminding him who he lost, here, of course, it would be much better if you studied at the same school or the same university. Then it is much easier to show your boyfriend your superiority. The main thing here is to believe that you are smart, beautiful, well, in general, a real Komsomol member and activist. Well, what kind of guy can resist and not text such a cool girl.

Many psychologists advise to sincerely believe that everything will be fine and send signals about this to the Universe. For example, waking up in the morning, repeat to yourself that the guy will definitely write to you.

Write first, but leave the initiative to him?

Many say that by their very nature, women are quite insidious and cunning creatures. That is why they use all this arsenal to resolve conflicts in love relationships. To do this, they use numerous advice from psychologists and experienced temptresses. Moreover, to do this, you can act so skillfully that despite the initiative coming from you, the guy will be sure that he independently took the first step towards.

Such a course of events can be ensured using a supposedly random SMS from a phone or a message from one of the popular instant messengers. But, in order to do it all right, you need:

  • Find out the phone number of the guy you like or his email address;
  • Find accurate information about his feelings, hobbies and preferences.


Here, you have to be very careful. For example, if your boyfriend is a supporter of a certain rock band, you can send him a message with the following content: “Sergei, I happened to have free tickets to Aria’s concert, but I don’t want to go there with my friends. You don’t want to accidentally keep me company. The main thing here is not to call the guy by his real name in order for him to have confidence that you really got the wrong number when sending a message.

If a guy really likes Aria very much, he will one hundred percent write you a counter message. Here, the main thing that you will need to do is to convince the guy that the message was really written completely by accident. At the same time, you should not reject the guy and his offer to make acquaintance with you.

Of course, these are not the only variants of the “miswritten” message. Their content can be very different. For example:

  1. I have finished reading your book The Thorn Birds, please write when I can return it to you;
  2. Hi, I’m starting to volunteer at our animal shelter from Saturday. You will help me bring food to the animals, I’m afraid I can’t manage without you;
  3. Hello, did you know that the third part of “Transformers” has already been released. No matter how much I ask my friends, no one agrees to go with me to a restaurant for the premiere. Yes, there are few girls now who like fantasy. Maybe join me?


In general, it doesn’t matter what exactly you write in the message, the main thing is that your message really interests the interlocutor, and he decides to call you. If you are properly informed about his interests, then it will not be difficult for you to do this.

What to do if the guy does not write and does not call first: instructions for girls?

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