What to do if the guy is offended and ignores the girl’s messages?

What to do if the guy is offended and ignores the girl’s messages? If after a quarrel the guy is offended and ignores, then first of all it is necessary to figure out what is the cause of the conflict, what your actions led to such a reaction. Let’s figure out what tactics of behavior you should choose so as not to completely spoil the relationship.

How to understand that a guy is offended after a quarrel?

First of all, decide that the guy was really offended, that ignoring him is not an ordinary manipulation, but caused by his feelings after a quarrel. Pony, that little girl who loves the prices:

  • In every possible way reduces the conversation time, does not show emotions, answers in monosyllables, SMS is preferred to calls. Avoids communication, and if it took place, then seeks to finish it as soon as possible.
  • It is not necessary to provoke it with the subject in front of the woman: it is attached to the woman, it is not necessary
  • Don’t give up on the plans. Don’t rush to a meeting after work. Prefers to hang out with friends.
  • Avoids proximity, tactile contact, avoids kisses. You do not receive from him the usual tenderness, compliments.
  • In a conversation, barbs, irritability, isolation slip through.

For men, during resentment, isolation is characteristic. They prefer not to dedicate anyone to their feelings, to experience resentment alone with themselves.

Why does a guy ignore you after a fight?

First of all, analyze whether it is really your fault. If it is not necessary, to understand and choose it by yourself:

  • Parents are not priced as wine and waiting when to some other. Moreover, the stronger he is to blame, the longer you will have to wait when on is ready to bring the saint.
  • The guy doesn’t feel guilty. He did not correctly assess what happened and does not admit his guilt.
  • The guy has problems at work, he is not up to insults. He did not accept the quarrel that had taken place.
  • He doesn’t care about the quarrel. Even if the guy admitted his guilt, but he was not interested in the situation, he did not attach due importance to it.
  • The guy shows his composure.

If you don’t want to read and the engineer needs it, the paren will allow you to read and write:

  • He was offended. You hurt his dignity. So he just can’t forget the situation. He wants revenge.
  • He was disappointed and decided to break off relations. This reason is especially relevant if you have beaten him more than once out of pride.
  • Other problems befell him.

The man is offended! What to do?

It is not necessary to carry out the transmission and ignore the par. Understand that everything happens in a relationship. Resentment is an occasion to look at how many mistakes are made on the path to happiness.

How to behave if a guy ignores you after a fight?

If after a quarrel the guy is silent for one or two days, then this is already wrong. Especially if such situations are repeated over and over again. This is not how adults behave psychologically. If it is not possible for you to understand that it is necessary for the situation to be

If a guy ignores you after a quarrel, he tries to prove something to you in this way, then the following tips will help you survive normally in this situation:

  • Give the young man the responsibility for his silence.

Not be there in the future because of the ignorance of the par. As soon as you do this, you will immediately get rid of the guilt that he imposes on you with his silence. Unfortunately, women tend to take the blame for what happened. And for us it does not matter, in fact, we are to blame or not.

Don’t Chase the Situation before Sleep, don’t analyze It to the smallest detail: It was necessary to remain silent here, if you didn’t answer like that, then there would be no scandal. This will not fix the situation, only you will be tormented by guilt.

  • Accept the fact of your innocence.

You are not to blame for the guy’s silence, for the way he reacts to misunderstandings. He is an adult. It is only on the project that you plan to carry it out, so that it isn’t really that different from the other variant. If he needs to be silent, then let him be silent.

  • Realize that being ignored is not your problem.

Accept the simple fact that silence is not your problem. This is the psychological task of the guy. He needs to resolve this issue. Men generally do not tend to admit their mental problems.

  • Think about what the guy wants to show you with his silence.

If a guy ignores you, then most likely he wants to convey to you that he is not there. On was offended and morally moved away from you. Show restraint, show that you don’t care about his behavior.

If the guy’s plans include manipulating you, your guilt, then destroy them. mirror his behavior. Start doing the same. Let him get nervous, worry. Let your silence understand that it is pointless to manipulate you.

  • Start a conversation.

If a guy doesn’t get in touch, you don’t understand what’s the matter, and at the same time he is dear to you, then take courage, start Try to find out what is the reason for his silence. If he does not make contact, then leave him, give him time to think about the situation. Live your own life.

What to do if a guy is offended and ignores messages?

If the guy ignores, is offended, then you do not need to behave as follows:

  • Don’t impose.

If the guy does not pick up the phone, does not get in touch himself, then do not cut off his phone, do not beg for forgiveness, do not make it worse Thus you will not solve the problem. If this is your man, then he will not go anywhere. Wait time.

  • Don’t be mad at the guy.

Do not be offended by the fact that the guy wants to be alone. Your resentment will only exacerbate the problem. The young man will be even more closed from communication. This is not about regular ignorance. No, if a guy has made the decision to be alone, give him the opportunity.

Proceed with mud and patience. If you initially do not accept this option for solving problems, then discuss this issue when you are both in a calm state, there is no conflict between you. This will avoid further misunderstandings.

  • But connect to the solution outside the blisters and rods.

If the guy is offended and ignores your behavior, then you should not devote friends, parents, girlfriends to relationships. This question concerns only the two of you. Dissolve in the same problems as in the next two years, because the third line.

  • Don’t lose it on the drug emoji.

If a guy is offended by you, then you should not “knock out a wedge with a wedge” and deduce the situation with another EMOtion. No need to roll up scandals, shout, provoke him into an open quarrel. A man will not be able to understand the true reason for your behavior. This will only make the situation worse.

In order to avoid resentment, ignoring in a relationship, discuss more often what your expectations are from resolving issues, talk, be interested in each other’s opinion. The closer you know your boyfriend, the easier it will be for you to predict his reaction and avoid conflict.

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