What to do if the Guy’s Mom doesn’t like You?

What to do if the guy’s mom doesn’t like me – TOP-7 psychologist’s advice. The situation when a guy’s mom is against you is quite common. How to get out of this seemingly hopeless situation. It is not necessary to say that it is possible to see all that is there. It and drugs that are distributed in the state.

Why is the boyfriend’s mom against you?

When you are faced with such a situation that the guy’s mother perceives you with hostility, then it immediately comes to your mind: “She didn’t like me.” Yes, such a state of affairs, no doubt, can take place.

No, often the reasons for your mother’s not perceiving you lie not at all in you, not in assessing whether you are “good” or “bad”. Let’s look at what reasons are associated with the behavior of the guy’s mother. After all, when you understand what drives her, you can build your correct behavior.

  • Mom doesn’t get enough attention. She suffers from loneliness.

She has no interests of her own. Creating a conflict situation gives her a sense of significance.

  • Mama rastila for her son. He was the only reason for her life. She experiences banal jealousy. And to anyone who is in your place, because you encroach on the most precious thing that she has in life.
  • Mom wants to show authority, “she knows best.” In any way, it makes you and your son feel dependent. She needs power and control.
  • Mama couldn’t “cut the umbilical cord”. She is still in a single psychological bundle. Everything that concerns her son is important to her. She is not ready to leave him.

Whatever the reason that the guy’s mom is against you, you need to understand that this is an unfortunate woman who has not been able to prioritize her life. She suffers from internal conflict, dissatisfaction with life.

What to do if the guy’s mom doesn’t like me – TOP-7 psychologist’s advice?

You should not take the guy’s mother initially as your enemy. Understand that she is weaker than you, afraid to be alone, she had an unexpected realization that her son had ceased to be needed.

  • Talk to a guy.

Convey to him that he must tell his mother that he also loves her, does not transfer her to the background. That he became an adult and independent. He will soon start his own family. The guy needs to emphasize that the opinion of his mother is also important for him, but he will make the decision himself.

  • Prove the will and the will.

No matter how the guy’s mom behaves, you need to show restraint. If it is not necessary to have it in the address, it is accentuated on a small amount of the word. And it doesn’t matter if the criticism is fair or not, but the guy can move away from you.

After all, you offended his beloved mother. It is difficult for him to accept negative information that concerns his immediate environment.

Show restraint. Be careful with negativity. Ask the guy for help, ask how you should behave if they attack you, your love. Perenesi vsyu otwestvennosty za takoe povedenie mammy na parnya. Let him decide this issue himself.

  • Show self-sufficiency.

save that is external to the star, that controls it and that is emotions. You are so cultured and polite. Treat the guy’s mom with respect for the fact that she raised such a man with whom you feel at ease.

At the same time, do not set yourself the task of pleasing the guy’s mother. Maintain your mental maturity. No, it is possible to do so in the role of the male child, which is also watery against the unknown. Nobody needs it, neither you nor her.

Show yourself strong from the energy side. She will understand it. PRONE your values, do not change them to please another person, whoever they are. Your task is to remain psychologically calm in any situation, energetically strong, with your own way of life, rhamra.

This does not mean that you need to enter into a conflict. On the contrary, it is important for you to remain yourself. I came to the guy’s mom with a cake, drank tea, talked “for life.” You are internally calm, do not tense up, wish her happiness and love.

The main thing is not to overdo it. Not worth it in terms of the quantity of the energy. Otherwise, it will have a destructive effect on your relationship with the guy.

Be smart. Evaluate some of the talents of the guy’s mom, ask for advice. And it doesn’t have to be about the kitchen. Choose any topic. This way you will awaken the maternal instinct in her.

Ask your boyfriend’s mom for a signature pie recipe. Then bake it and come to visit her with him, for a test. Have a cup of tea. She will definitely appreciate you. She will be pleased that she is needed, important, praised. Thus, you will find an ally in the face of the boyfriend’s mother.

  • No, I came to the house of a guy with empty hands.

Bring something small with you each time. Perhaps these are flowers for mom, pastries, a cake. Homemade pie is the best. Thus, mom will appreciate that you are an economic girl. And this is important for many. She will understand that her son will not starve.

  • Live separately.

As long as the name of the game is up to date, this should be done on the other side of the world. No matter how difficult it may be for you financially, you must live separately. Two mistresses in the kitchen will never take root. Then and there are two children and two stars that are severely divided. This way you will have less conflicts.

  • No copy in yourself negative.

If you need to merge the native, then use the method of unsent letters. Put everything on paper, speak out, not embarrassed in expressions. But don’t send letters. Don’t get into open conflict with the guy’s mom.

How not to behave if the guy’s mom is against you?

There are popular mistakes that many girls make when building a relationship with a guy’s mom.

  • Streamline you where the mother.

You blame yourself for the situation, trying in every possible way to please her. You have nothing to do with it. No take on that wine by the prosecutor. The guy’s mom will not like all the girls who are next to her son. All of them will be worthless.

If you try to please the guy’s mom, then she realizes that you understand who is in charge here. On that, you will find it in your role and you will receive it on your own: manipulative.

  • You show that you are not interested in the opinion of your mother.

This is another common mistake, the exact opposite of the first. You show with all your appearance that you are not interested in the opinion of your mother. You do vs vice versa. This situation is reserved for the new scandal. The guy will be torn between two fires. And it is not known who he will choose.

In many ways, your relationship with your mother will depend on the guy. If he obeys her, is afraid to say or do something without agreeing with her, then your relationship is already doomed. Mom will give it to you on the storage room.

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