What to do if the husband constantly plays on the phone and computer?

Leathering, in modern families, it is not uncommon for a husband to dedicate his free time not to you and children, but to play on a computer or phone. In the evenings you see only the back of your loved one, you are desperate to win the battle for attention. Let’s see what to do in such a situation.

What does play mean to a husband?

Before deciding on an action, it is necessary to find out what the game means for the husband.

This is a harmless hobby or gambling addiction, which can be identified by the following signs:

  • In other words, it’s up to you to say that the camera is on the phone. Plays for many hours in a row.
  • It is difficult to distract him from the game. Your requests are not being fulfilled. He tries to do everything possible so that the request is fulfilled later.
  • He gets irritated if he is distracted from the game. And it doesn’t matter if it’s your request or if the computer is “buggy”. My husband’s reaction is the same.
  • On no track of time. As a result, he is always late for some meetings, meetings.
  • Spends a tidy sum every month on the purchase of licensed games.
  • Forgets about food while playing.
  • Plays a lot of time every day. Goes to bed late. Can play all night.

In these cases, you can not do without the help of a specialist. The man got into gambling addiction, which is a very serious matter.

If a man is not addicted to gambling, he manages to make a career, achieves success, then with the help of the game from “disconnecting” he rests from reality, stress, then there is nothing terrible. In this case, he:

  • does not spend much time playing computer or phone, no more than 1.5 hours on weekdays and 2–3 hours on weekends;
  • after turning off the computer does not become irritable;
  • does household chores;
  • first fulfill your request, then sit down to play;
  • he has other hobbies besides playing;
  • replaces bad habits, such as alcohol, by playing the computer;
  • does not watch movies on the computer, this time is spent on the game;
  • with the help of games, he freed himself from a dubious social circle.

What to do if the husband constantly plays on the phone and computer?

First of all, calm down. Answer honestly to yourself the question: “Does your family’s income suffer from your husband’s games, do you or your children suffer from a lack of his attention?” If you answered no, then you don’t need to do anything.

My husband plays computer games, but I want to communicate …

When you do not have enough attention from your husband, or you are worried that the situation will turn into a form of dependence, then you can use simple recommendations.

  • Talk to your husband.

Just choose the most suitable moment for this. The husband should be full, free, be in a good mood, not “sit” at the computer. To that it is not necessary to say, that is to say that it is only possible to say.

During the conversation, do not say that you see a problem in computer games. Find out what your husband is missing. Talk about his interests, dreams, plans for the future. At the same time, try on his desires for yourself.

Try to see yourself next to his interest. Share your fantasy. Perhaps you will be able to open the way to another world that is interesting for both of you, where you will find common ground, you will have common conversations.

  • Copy your husband’s behavior.

Try to completely copy the behavior of your husband. Come home from work and sit down at a computer game, phone, watch SERIAL. Of course, children need to be fed, watered, cared for. And the husband needs to be put on a strict diet.

If there is an opportunity, it is better to send children to close relatives for a week, to immerse the husband in the full reality of the “wife-sarah”. No, do your household chores. After a very short time, the husband will get tired of this situation, he will get tired of dirty shirts and sandwiches.

Now the husband’s task will be to fish you out of the virtual world. On the other hand, it is psychological that it is unpredictable, but it is two years old that is in person. When a man reaches the point, it’s time to deliver an ultimatum – no games at home to anyone. Say that you don’t like his behavior either.

  • Take care of your husband.

If your husband has a lot of free time after work, he wastes it aimlessly on computer games, then you are M. M. Ask him to help you with cooking dinner or go grocery shopping together in the evening, make a general.

The ideal solution is to keep the component in the room. Choose the best value in the store by the people. Connect your husband to solving the issue of changing colors. Repair is a laborious task that requires a lot of time.

  • Organize a vacation together.

Go on vacation together in your free time. Try to distract your husband with an interesting activity not only for you, but also for him. Prepare for it on the film in the film, in the cinema, theater, concert, or other people.

If the husband likes spending time together, then he will make a choice in favor of his wife, and not toys. Arrange such events regularly, every weekend, so that your husband gradually weaned from the computer.

In order to save money in the room or in the room. When he sits at the game, send him a candid photo. A man loves with his eyes. Remove tightness from bed. EXPERIMENTIOUS with intimacy.

What can replace games?

Find out what genre of games your husband plays. This may reveal his preferences.

  • It’s only on interested strategists, to those who are familiar with it. Try to give him a ticket to career development courses or business training.
  • If a man is interested in shooting games, then he lacks adrenaline. Think about active pastimes: skiing, go-karting, horseback riding. Make a choice in favor of cycling.
  • If a man prefers team games, then try to organize training in a marathon in the direction that interests him. In this case, the competitive moment is important for the husband. Pay attention to the addition of “light” in intimacy.
  • If a man prefers role-playing games, then you have a dreamy nature in front of you, which in games moves away from reality. Try organizing a trip out of town, visiting an exhibition, hiking in the mountains.

If you want your husband to be distracted from computer games and the phone, then do not get between him and the game. It won’t help you resolve the situation. On the contrary, it will lead to the appearance of conflicts. Show your husband that you respect him, but there are other options for spending free time.

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